SOUND Transformation Programs
Helping YOU Become A SOUND Athlete!

When we started SOUND Training and Racing, it was with the vision of giving personalized attention to anyone who is dedicating themselves to improving their health, fitness, and striving to reach a goal. We recognize that everyone is unique, and in order for you to reach your greatest potential, all aspects of life need to be considered - physical activity, workout nutrition, daily nutrition, sleep, and stress from other sources (work, family, relationships, etc). We are here as your coaches to help you manage all aspects of your fitness, and will refer you to other professionals as needed so that you get the assistance that you deserve. And you deserve only the best!

We're also committed to building a community atmosphere. You're not just attending a class, or going to a workout, you are joining a team. We all support and encourage one another, and we feed off each other's energy, excitement, and successes! Don't be afraid to share your struggles. We all struggle from time to time and we get stronger by overcoming those limitations. Your coaches and teammates will help you break free and discover your potential!

Our SOUND Transformation Programs are all-inclusive programs centered around: Fitness, Nutrition, and Community.

Every SOUND Transformation Program has Strength & Conditioning Sessions as a foundation. We want YOU to be in control of your body (not your body to be in control of you!) and these semi-private sessions allow us to watch your movements and give you specific feedback to help you build control, coordination, stability, strength, and eventually speed. You must be able to do things correctly before you can do things fast. Staying under control prevents injury!

Depending on how we've designed your transformation program and your personal goals, the Strength & Conditioning Sessions may be the entirety of your Fitness program, or you may only be doing them once or twice per week if accompanied by other forms of training. Such as:

 * Coached Strength & Conditioning Workouts (included)
 * Coached Indoor Cycling Workouts
 * Coached Adult Swim Lessons
 * Coached Swim Workouts
 * Seasonal Coached Running Workouts
 * Online Personalized Running Workouts

There's a saying: "You can't out-train a bad diet" and we entirely believe this. Nutrition is a complicated topic, and there are countless books and magazines telling you what you should and shouldn't be eating. As your coaches, we filter through the articles, find the information that is supported by science, and then help you apply that information to your daily eating habits. Many of us have developed a routine where we eat out of habit, or even worse out of impulse, rather than being able to consciously decide when and what we are eating. As a result, your body may truly be confused about where to get its energy from and you may experience this as having cravings, feeling tired or lethargic, or not being able to focus. I'll admit, that I've been there myself!

Your Transformation Program will start with a week of nutrition education, so that you can better understand why we are making certain nutrition recommendations. Over that week, hopefully you'll start to make smarter, more conscious decisions on your own about what foods to eat and when you are eating them. We will then provide you with a thorough 4 Week Meal Plan (complete with shopping lists and recipes) that can be followed to practice healthy eating habits and provide your body with lots of nutrient-rich foods! (See disclaimer below) During this initial period, we strongly encourage you to avoid sweets. Don't worry! We'll help you build strategies to allow you to add the treats back in later on ;-) We DO want this to be a sustainable eating habit!

Different workouts also have different nutritional demands, and what you eat will be dependent on your personal goals. For this reason, in addition to your daily eating habits that we worked on above, we'll also help you identify a training nutrition plan for your workout days.

Let's be honest, as much as we all love our alone time, we really do perform our best when we are in the company of other like-minded people! You're here, so you've already found a team that is willing to commit to your success! Step one? DONE! Once you sign up for your Transformation Program, you'll be added to our private Facebook group. You'll have 24/7 access to all of our motivated, goal-seeking, health-improving teammates! This is where you can ask questions, share your struggles, and celebrate your victories! The more active that you are within this group, and the more you participate, the more you will benefit from the camaraderie of being part of a team!

We'll also have Accountability Sheets at the studio for you to track your consistency and progress, and we'll personally check in with you if you're not making it to your workouts, or if things aren't trending in a positive direction.

Consistency is one of the most important aspects to getting great results out of your program, and we want you to achieve AMAZING results! All of our Transformation Programs are based on a 12-week schedule so that you have enough time to build healthy habits, and chances are good that you may even experience some setbacks during that time, and that's okay, we'll help you get through them! We WANT to give you those tools so that even after you graduate from your first SOUND Transformation Program and become an official SOUND Athlete, you'll have the confidence, control, and consistency to see continued success in all aspects of life!

12 Week Health Transformation Program

We welcome you to apply for this program at any time! Every participant receives personalized and focused attention, and spots are limited! During your initial Transformation Session we'll do a fitness and nutrition assessment, guide you through an introductory workout so that you get immediate feedback on how we can help you tone up and feel great! We'll then discuss a personalized training program to help you reach your goals! The Health Transformation Program also includes detailed nutrition guidance to help you clean up your diet, while still allowing the occasional treat ;-) Submit your application below to find out how SOUND can help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

12 Week Complete Cycling Program

Our USA Cycling Certified Coach has developed a 12 Week Complete Cycling Program to help you boost your overall strength and cycling fitness! This in-studio training program is the complete package - everything you need to help you clean up your nutrition, lose excess weight, build strength, and (most importantly) get faster and stronger on your bike! Spots are limited, and this is a program that you DON'T want to miss out on! Note: You must have your own bike to participate in this program.

12 Week Complete Triathlon Program

Our USA Triathlon and IRONMAN University Certified Coaches have developed a coached, all-inclusive 12 Week Complete Triathlon Program to bring your triathlon training to the next level! This program is perfect for all ability levels - beginners will get the coached, in-person attention needed to develop proper technique and good habits as you prepare for your first race, and advanced athletes will receive the right amount of challenge to move them to the next level in their triathlon career! Plus... we'll include nutritional guidance to help you clean up your eating habits, and identify the best daily and training meal plans to help you reach your goal race weight. If you're serious about reaching your goals, then this is the program for you!

** DISCLAIMER ** If you have medical or dietary restrictions, or are unsure of any food sensitivities, we have several Medical/Nutritional Professionals that we can recommend to help you. We are not doctors nor registered dietitians and thus cannot prescribe diets or supplements to treat medical and clinical conditions, cannot prescribe diets to treat symptoms of said conditions, nor diagnose medical conditions. We can however share resources obtained from recognized nutrition organizations and educate you on the pillars of good nutrition and make suggestions on how to augment your eating habits to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. [1] **

[1] Dr. John Bernardi, Ph.D."Can personal trainers and health coaches give nutritional advice?". Precision Nutrition. Web. Dec 21, 2016. <>