INSANITY LIVE! Strength & Conditioning Workouts

We're excited to have an INSANITY LIVE! Certified Instructor available to teach strength & conditioning classes at our studio! These live classes bump up the intensity from the Insanity DVD series that you might be familiar with, and new moves get introduced regularly to keep you on your toes! Say goodbye to your regular routine, and break free from your limits! INSANITY will elevate you to a new level of a fitness! Come In, and Get Fit!

Not sure if you're "in shape" enough for INSANITY? Don't worry! Our certified instructor will provide cues to explain how to modify the moves to reduce the range of motion or intensity so that everyone can get in an appropriate and safe workout. Remember - "Form over speed" - we want to make sure you practice proper technique before pushing the speed or intensity too high. Once you've got the technique down, there's NO LIMIT to what you can accomplish! Come try out one workout for FREE to see if INSANITY is for you! It just might change your life!

Team Rentals of the CompuTrainer Studio

Bring your team in for a time trial, FTP Testing, or simply to get in a group workout! Send us a message and we'll be happy to arrange a time for your team to come in at a special group rate! We'll help you get the workout setup, so that you can focus on coaching your team!