2016-05-06: May Newsletter

posted May 6, 2016, 10:46 AM by Sound Training   [ updated May 6, 2016, 10:51 AM ]

Coach's News

*** Fitness Studio Updates ***

We've updated to our Spring and Summer schedule here at the SOUND Training and Racing Fitness Studio! We have more classes throughout the week - mornings, afternoons, and evenings! Our simulation rides will highlight the Lake Meridian Triathlon course throughout May and the beginning of June. On the weekends, when we're not racing or participating in a supported ride, we'll continue to have the Ironman 70.3 Victoria course and IM Canada (Whistler) courses available to ride!

Our running workouts now include a tempo run starting from Westside Bicycle heading towards Alki, and a Thursday morning track workout at West Seattle Stadium. The mornings have been absolutely beautiful for running, and the view of Mount Rainier from the track is inspiring! These track workouts start with an extended warm up including strides and drills to help ensure that everyone continues to improve on postural deficiencies and continues to get stronger to support a faster running pace! Come join us!

The Saturday Group Swim Lessons have been going well, and we just found out about extending morning hours at the pool, which opens up additional opportunities for private swim lessons! 

*** NEW: SOUND Trisuits ***

We're also very excited to showcase our new team uniforms by EpixGear! Super cute and comfortable!
New Trisuits!

Monthly Coffee Talks & Clinics

*** Preparing Your Bike For The Race Season: Cleaning, Maintaining, and Flat Repair ***

The second Monday of each month (ie, THIS MONDAY!) we are holding a team meeting in the mornings (6am) and a talk in the evening (7:00pm). 

The morning team meeting is open to everyone! It's a great way to hear more about what we have going on and to get to know people. And yes, we will have coffee available! The agenda for the morning meeting is sent out to registered team members in the days before the meeting; and meeting minutes are updated after the meeting.

This month, our evening talk will cover how to prepare your bike for the race season. The first 10 people to register will be able to bring in their bike and set it up on a trainer so that we can easily clean them, point out different parts of the bike and explain how it works and how to maintain them. Since so many of us carry around a flat-kit, but don't know how to use it, we'll have a demonstration about how to replace a flat tire tube, and then a little challenge to see who can change theirs the fastest! Sign up here for free before all the spots are taken!

Upcoming Events

*** Fitness For Vitality: Lincoln Park Trail Race (2.5k, 5k, 10k) ***
WHEN: May 14the
Come support West Seattle's only race director for an absolutely fun time in our lovely Lincoln Park! This is a great opportunity to connect with runners of all abilities and find more training partners!  From the Fitness For Vitality page: "Even if you can't physically see the results in front of you, every single effort is changing your body from the inside." Come join us in Lincoln Park, and celebrate the joy and positive changes that exercise brings to us all! 
* STR Members, don't forget that we have a discount code available! ;-)

*** Swimtastic: All Things Open Water (Dry land swim clinic) ***
WHEN: Saturday, May 21st, 10-11am
WHERE: Register to find out!
Our friends and sponsor at Say YES! to Life Swims will be putting on a dry-land clinic on open water swimming, and we'll be helping out with triathlon and wetsuit tips! If you're comfortable in the pool, but nervous about Open Water Swimming (OWS), Say YES! to Life Swims will help put you at ease and you'll learn to enjoy the peace that can be found in the water. BONUS: Most of their events have some form of chocolate at the end!

*** West Seattle 5k ***
WHEN: Sunday, May 22nd
Come out and support the West Seattle High School, and have a fun racing with your fellow STR teammates! If you'd like help preparing for the race, we have a special offer - become an annual member of SOUND Training and Racing, and we'll give you a free personalized training plan for the 5k!

Recent Results

*** Mount Rainier Duathlon ***

Congratulations to all our teammates who competed in the Mount Rainier Duathlon! For many of them, it was their first duathlon, and we are proud of them for trying something new! They were up against some big competition as well, because this race was also the USA Triathlon Pacific Northwest Regional Championship! We'd like to recognize our teammate Abby Sargent for being named a 2016 USAT PNW Age Group Regional Champion! She was #1 in the Female 30-34 Age Group, and 5th overall female! Congratulations Abby!

See more details of finishing times, and lots of photos on our Facebook page!

2016-04-01: April Newsletter

posted Apr 1, 2016, 2:53 PM by Sound Training   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 12:30 PM ]

Coach's News

*** Fitness Studio Updates ***

Welcome back athletes! It's been a while since we last sent out an update, and there is LOTS to report on! First and foremost, the SOUND Training and Racing Fitness Studio is now up and running! Er... should I say spinning!?! We're hosting morning and evening CompuTrainer cycling workouts throughout the week. If you haven't been to the studio yet, come check us out and get your First CompuTrainer Class Free! On Sundays we've been doing a longer simulation ride - where the computer dynamically changes the resistance of the trains to simulate the terrain of some of our favorite courses! The rain and darkness hasn't kept us off our bikes! Throughout April we'll riding the Mount Rainier Duathlon course, as we prepare for that race on May 1st. The Mount Rainier Duathlon, hosted by our sponsor BuDu Racing, is also the USA Triathlon Pacific Northwest Regional Duathlon Championship! There's sure to be great competition there, but Sound Training and Racing will be ready for it!

In addition the CompuTrainer workouts, we've been hosting very popular group swim lessons on Saturdays 12:30-2:30pm at Evergreen Community Aquatic Center. This is absolutely the best deal around for having a USAT Certified Coach (or two!) giving you personal feedback on your swim stroke and being able to practice the drills that will help you improve. We've had all abilities from very beginners to lifetime swimmers - everyone is welcome! Sign up here for our next session!

Of course no triathlon would be complete without some running! Tuesday mornings you'll find us running up and down Avalon Way, building strength to prepare ourselves for faster intervals on the track in a few weeks. Thursday mornings we meet along Alki near Starbucks & Top Pot Doughnuts for a more steady-state aerobic or tempo run. Our long run is on Saturday morning; it leaves from the studio and heads down through Lincoln Park as far as you need to go before heading back to the studio. If you're feeling a bit chilled after your run, our neighbors at Harry's Coffee Joint have a fantastic homemade chai tea and other great treats! All of our runs are free to attend, so we do hope you'll join us! Just make sure you sign up online so that we know you're coming!

Monthly Coffee Talks & Clinics

*** Daily Nutrition for Athletes ***

The second Monday of each month we are holding a team meeting in the mornings (6am) and a talk in the evening (6:30pm). This month, we'll have teammate and nutritionist Jasmine Azpiri of
Whole Self Nutrition discussing how to meet your daily nutrition needs, and how to incorporate proper nutrition to support your athletic workouts. You'll know what you should be eating on your recovery days, and what to eat on your heavy workout days. Ever feel starving after a long workout? We'll give you tips to solve that! Are you gaining weight even though you're working out more now than you were before? We'll give specific examples of what you can eat before, during, and after your workouts to help you benefit from the workout, and still make progress towards your weight-related goals! Sign up for free!

Upcoming Events

*** Mount Rainier Duathlon ***
WHEN: May 1st
Several of us will be racing there, and it would be great to have other friends volunteer! Let us know if you'd like to participate in one way or another!

*** Swimtastic: All Things Open Water (Dry land swim clinic) ***
WHEN: Saturday, May 21st, 10-11am
WHERE: Register to find out!
Our friends and sponsor at Say YES! to Life Swims will be putting on a dry-land clinic on open water swimming, and we'll be helping out with triathlon and wetsuit tips!

*** West Seattle 5k ***
WHEN: Sunday, May 22nd
Come out and support the West Seattle High School, and have a fun racing with your fellow STR teammates! If you'd like help preparing for the race, we have a special offer - become an annual member of SOUND Training and Racing, and we'll give you a free personalized training plan for the 5k!

Recent Results

*** USAT National Challenge Competition ***

USAT National Challenge

Each year our teammates participate in the USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition, which encourages us to continue swimming, cycling, and running through the Winter months. Our miles are tallied up and we're ranked against teams of similar size. We're proud to say that in our second year of participating as Sound Training and Racing, not only did we win Run Month (February), but overall we WON Division V! It was truly inspiring to watch all our teammates get in their workouts and stay dedicated to the sports they love during the dark and wet winter months. Some people primarily swim, others bike, and others only run, but together we stayed motivated!

Although the challenge ended in February, we're continuing to encourage one another with an "April Ab Challenge" this month and will have coming throughout the year! Participation is open to all Sound Training and Racing annual members who are also USA Triathlon members. Contact us if you'd like more information on participating!

Sponsor Space

Infinit Nutrition
We're happy to announce Infinit Nutrition as a supporter of SOUND Training and Racing! Infinit is the only customizable sports nutrition blend that allows athletes to personalize their sports drink to meet their exact nutritional needs. Almost every aspect of Infinit can be tweaked - overall calories, carbohydrate content, protein, electrolytes, even how strong the flavoring is! Use discount code "INFINIT-6GPQS" to get $5 off your first order, or 5% off all follow-up orders!

2015-11-05: November Newsletter

posted Nov 5, 2015, 12:44 PM by Sound Training   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 11:41 AM ]

It's been weeks or even months since your last race, you've probably taken some time off from workouts to enjoy life and spend time with friends and family, and you've starting to think about your plans for next year. Here at Sound Training and Racing, we've been doing the same and have a BUNCH of exciting training opportunities to help you find your potential!

Coach's News

*** Sound Training Fitness Center ***

First cycling workout in the new studio!
We are SUPER excited to share that we'll be opening a new Fitness Studio in West Seattle! We got access to the space on November 1st and have been very busy repainting the main studio room to match our team colors! This morning, we got in our first small group workout when a few of us brought in our trainers and did a 1 hour "Drills & Hills" ride. We're planning to take November and December to finish updating the studio, and then be fully up and functional for the middle of January! In addition to indoor cycling workouts (BYOB: Bring your own bike), we've talked with instructors who are interested in offering yoga, bootcamp, TRX, and various forms of group and personal strength training! There are so many opportunities on the horizon for ways we can help West Seattle become healthy and strong! 

Like our Facebook Page to receive more updates and announcements about our Fitness Studio and training opportunities!

You are also welcome to stop in and say hello! Our new address is: 6030 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98136

*** Annual Membership Period ***

For those of you who are STR Members, this is a reminder that the current membership period is expiring at the end of November, and we encourage you to rejoin! We made some changes to our annual membership process in order to help build our training community. First, we've lowered the membership rate by 50%, to an incredibly worthwhile $75! This is the lowest rate of any coached triathlon club in the greater Seattle area! Additionally, with the opening of our Fitness Studio, STR Members will receive the lowest rates for any of our classes and clinics, and we'll have special workouts just for our team members!  We welcome everyone to become an STR Member!

Upcoming Events

*** USAT National Challenge ***

WHEN: Starts December 1st, through February 29th
We want to unite athletes in the Seattle area. Whether you swim, bike, run, or any combination of those sports, or perhaps you're interested in exploring new ways to gain fitness, we can help you! Join us for the USAT National Challenge and get extra motivation and workout challenges during the months of December, January, and February!

*** Small Group Adult Swim Lessons ***

WHEN: January 12th - February 11th (Tuesday & Thursday 7-8pm)
WHERE: Evergreen Community Aquatic Center, 606 SW 116th St. Seattle, WA 98146
If you're an adult who does not know how to swim, please know that you are not alone! We've talked to so many adults that never learned to swim as a child, and they are often embarrassed to admit this to other people. We believe that everyone should experience the joys of swimming, and want to promote a friendly atmosphere where you can learn to swim with other adults who are overcoming the same hesitations.

*** Ironman & Ironman 70.3 Team ***

WHEN: Starts February 15th, continues 4-6 months
WHERE: West Seattle, WA
WEBSITE: Ironman Team; Ironman 70.3 Team
It seems there are many of you interested in training for Ironman 70.3 Victoria and/or Ironman Canada (Whistler), and are looking forward to having coached workouts and group training. Our Ironman Team and Ironman 70.3 Team are designed for you! The more people who join, the lower the price becomes, but we're limiting each team to 10 people, so you should reserve your spot now if you plan to join us!

Race Results

Karen Lam running in Fitness For Vitality series
*** Fitness For Vitality 5k /10k ***

Abigail Sargent - 1st Overall, 1st Female, 1st Age Group (5k Run: 18:48)
Peter Lohrmann - 2nd Overall, 1st Overall Male, 1st Age Group (5k Run: 18:52)
Jennifer Santoyo - 3rd Overall Female, 2nd Age Group (5k Run: 21:11)
Jasmine Azpiri - 4th Overall Female, 3rd Age Group (5k Run: 21:44)
Mariana Greene - 6th Overall Female, 5th Age Group (5k Run: 25:08)
Karen Lam - 13th Overall Female, 4th Age Group (5k Run/Walk: 28:41)  * So Far, winning the Most Improved Award!
Erin Lee - 22nd Overall Female, 6th Age Group (5k Run: 33:19)

Sponsor Space

We recently got approved as an REI Affiliate! This means that you can support Sound Training and Racing by placing your REI orders online through our special link! Money earned through the affiliate program will be used to fund awards and prizes for STR Members throughout the year! The more you shop, the more awards we can give!

2015-10-09: October Newsletter

posted Oct 9, 2015, 12:33 PM by Sound Training

The ITU World Triathlon Grand Final, held in Chicago, marked the end of the triathlon season for Sound Training and Racing members. It's amazing to look back at the year and realize how much everyone has accomplished - we've had teammates learn how to swim, overcome their cycling fears, complete their first triathlon, tackle a new triathlon distance, set a bunch of new personal records, celebrated numerous podium finishes, compete in this year's USAT National Championship, ITU World Championship, Ironman 70.3 World Championship, and also several qualifiers for next year's championships! From day to day we may not realize the changes that take place, but with the consistency and dedication that everyone has shown this year it's clear to see how far we've all come. We have all experienced our own highs and lows throughout the year, but together we have adapted, pushed through, and come out smarter and stronger on the other side. This is important to remember as we look ahead towards next year and identify our goals. In addition to those big ticket achievements we want to experience, there will be many smaller challenges that we will overcome without necessarily recognizing them as accomplishments. I encourage you all to take some time to reflect on the many little accomplishments you achieved this year, and give some thought as to what led to those situations. What can you do to be more prepared for, or to avoid, those same challenges next year? After some proper recovery time, the off-season and pre-season are about laying a solid foundation on which to build for next season. Below, we'll share some of our suggestions about how to train during this time of the year.

Coach's News

*** Off-Season Training ***

Our big races are over and after some initial recovery, we try to get back into our normal routine.... but.... what routine? What are we training for? OMG... WHAT DO I DO NOW?!?! Relax. Relax? You want me to RELAX?!?! I don't know how to RELAX! I AM RELAXED!!! Haha! Some version of this dialogue happens every year. For most of the year we are in such a time-consuming fitness routine that we really don't know what to do when there isn't an goal in the immediate future. Since you've been working out for more than 6 weeks, all of that fitness "is in the bank" and it will easily come back even after a few weeks off. Sure, it may not be in your pocket ready to whip out at an impromptu race, but with a little training, you'll get it back. So even though your training hours have dwindled to minutes, and you feel more rested because you are more rested, that doesn't mean that you're out of shape! Avoid the a far too common pitfall though - in fear of gaining weight athletes tend to through themselves head-first into some other high intensity activity - a plyometric program, heavy weight training regimen, daily yoga, etc. While these are all reasonable ways to train, this is NOT the time for such activities. After such a long season, it's important to let the body recover completely so that you'll be at full strength heading into the next season. It's generally recommended to take a full month off from your regular routine. That doesn't mean you can't workout, but it should be unscheduled, unstructured, and most importantly, LOW intensity. If you think in terms of the typical five heart rate zones, it should be zone 1 - recovery! Instead of practicing three sports, use this time to practice an 8 hour sleep schedule and proper healthy meals. If you can make those two items a habit, you're well on your way to a successful season!

After a month of good sleep, healthy meals, and an occasional recovery workout, you'll be in a prime state to begin Pre-Season training. We'll talk more about this next month, but since some people ended their season sooner than others, this a worthwhile topic to bring up now. The most important thing during this time, is to proceed gradually so that you avoid injury! There are MANY ways to improve during the pre-season, and also many ways to push too hard and get injured. If you work too hard now, you'll plateau before the season even begins. If you work slow and steady, you'll gradually build to an even higher level of fitness and will have a stronger foundation heading into your peak workouts next year!

Upcoming Events

*** End of Season Party ***

WHEN: Saturday, October 10th
WEBSITE: Facebook Event Invite, or contact us
The triathlon season has ended, and there is so much to celebrate! We can't wait to see everyone! Note: The Ironman World Championships in Kona are also today - so if you can't join the party, I hope you're watching the race!

*** Fitness For Vitality 5k / 10k ***

WHEN: Sunday, October 11th
WHERE: Alki Beach Park, Seattle, WA
The first race of this series was a great success, and now we're gearing up the for race number 2! The Fitness for Vitality 5k / 10k series is a GREAT way to get into a good running habit before the holidays begin!

*** Lake Wenatchee Weekend Getaway ***

WHEN: October 16th-19th
WHERE: Lake Wenatchee, WA
WEBSITE: Facebook Event Invite, or contact us
One of our teammates was nice enough to invite us out to their family's cottage along Lake Wenatchee for a relaxing weekend, which also has great hiking / running / cycling routes nearby if you're feeling ambitious! Come join us for a fun filled weekend!

Race Results

*** Black Diamond Triathlons & Half Marathon ***

Peter Lohrmann - 7th Overall, 4th Age Group (Half Iron) 4:46:39 (Swim: 31:00, Bike: 2:34:02, Run: 1:39:00)
Gail Rudee - 25th Overall Female, 3rd Age Group (Sprint) 1:35:27 (Swim: 18:58, Bike: 39:53, Run: 28:27)

*** ITU World Triathlon Grand Final ***

Abby Sargent - 278th Overall, 43rd Age Group (Olympic) 2:23:08 (Swim: 28:45, Bike 1:04:51, Run 42:43)

*** Fitness For Vitality 5k /10k ***

Peter Lohrmann - 2nd Overall Male, 1st Age Group (5k Run: 18:40)
Jasmine Azpiri - 2nd Overall Female, 1st Age Group (5k Run: 21:07) * New PR!
Jennifer Santoyo - 3rd Overall Female, 2nd Age Group (5k Run: 21:42)
Tina Bergman - 4th Overall Female, 1st Age Group (5k Run: 22:45)
Karen Lam - 19th Overall Female, 10th Age Group (5k Run/Walk: 37:35)  * Great return from surgery!

Sponsor Space

Sensoria Logo
We have been working closely with Sensoria as they continue to add new features to their mobile app and online dashboard, which help runners monitor foot-strike, stride, and cadence among other metrics. Using their unique Fitness Socks and mobile app, athletes receive real-time feedback on whether they are landing on the ball of the foot or are heel striking. For the runner who is just starting out or looking to increase their distance, this technology can help you avoid injury by letting you know if your running form is starting to deteriorate due to fatigue. Adhering to this warning and progressively increasing your distance or pace over upcoming weeks will help ensure you reach the starting line safely! Another great product they've developed in the Sensoria Fitness Sports Bra, which has a built-in heart rate strap! Avoid the uncomfortable chafing caused by traditional HR straps! For the men, there's also a compression shirt with built-in HR strap! I've personally tested this shirt on a HOT, sunny day and was really impressed with how comfortable it was! We believe these products can have a positive impact on your workouts and well-being, so check out Sensoria, and as always, feel free to ask us questions about any gear you're interested in!

2015-09-02: September Newsletter

posted Sep 3, 2015, 11:45 AM by Sound Training   [ updated Sep 4, 2015, 12:50 AM ]

The sun is starting to rise a little later, the temperatures are cooling off, and weather is starting to shift. Fall is in the air, but it's technically still Summer and there are still a few more big races this season! It's important at this time to year to remember that we can't control Mother Nature on race day, and we should be prepared for anything to happen - there could be a surprise heat wave, or there could be a heavy downpour. If you have a long ride or long run planned for a day that has unpleasant weather, don't get discouraged and shy away from your training, but instead use it as an opportunity to test your gear and prepare yourself for the possible challenges of race day. Safety should always be your #1 priority, so don't put yourself in a dangerous situation or one where you feel unsafe, but don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Make yourself visible by wearing brightly colored clothing, reflective gear, and head lights & tail lights - which are useful for both running and cycling! Going for an OWS (ie, Open Water Swim) is also okay when it's raining, but stay near shore so that you can exit the water in case of lightning, and bring along an orange safety buoy if you have one to make you more visible to other swimmers and any boaters who may be on the water. Don't let the change in weather take away from your final race(s) of the season, train smart, stay focused, stay committed, and have a fun and successful race!

Coach's News

*** End of Season Celebrations ***

Thanks to the generosity of one of our teammates, we'll have two End of Season Celebrations this year! One will be a fun weekend getaway along Lake Wenatchee in October; the other will be our Official End of Season Party and will be held locally so that hopefully everyone can attend. Dates and details are still to be determined, so please stay involved in our discussions in the STR Members page and keep an eye on Sound Training and Racing's Facebook Page for the final event announcements!

*** Consistent Training ***

As the reality sets in that our final races are just a few weeks away, it is good to look back at the season and evaluate how your training and races have progressed. If you've been consistent with your training, then you are no doubt on a successful path for your goal race. If your training has had some ups and downs and you don't feel like you're at the fitness level you were hoping for, then you may feel panicked and frantic to make up for missed workouts. In these final weeks leading up to your goal race, there are many ways that you can accidentally sabotage your race, so it's important to stay consistent and stick with your training plan. During the final 14 days before your event, going to any extreme - cutting back calories to lose a few extra pounds before the race, hitting the weight-room extra hard to build more strength, even attending an impromptu yoga session - can throw off your body enough to have a negative impact on race day. These final two weeks are when it is most important to strictly stick to the training plan as your coach will be trying to dial-in your fitness specifically for your race. The workouts are very strategically planned to keep your fitness high and your body sharp, while also optimizing your recovery so that you feel ready to give it your all on race day. No matter whether you've had a phenomenal season, or if you've had some hiccups in your training, stay in communication with your coach, and you'll be prepared for race day!

Upcoming Events

*** Black Diamond Triathlons & Half Marathon ***

WHEN: Sunday September 13th (Sprint, Long Course Triathlon, Half Marathon)
WHERE: Nolte State Park, Enumclaw, WA
We had a great time competing as relay teams at this event last year, and are excited to go back this year competing as individuals! We have teammates competing in both the sprint and long course triathlon (i.e. half Ironman). We're in for a great treat this year as the event has changed owners and is now being organized by our good friends at Raise The Bar!

*** ITU World Triathlon Grand Final ***

WHEN: Tuesday, September 15th - Saturday, September 19th (Olympic Distance)
WHERE: Grant Park, Chicago, IL
For many of us, the goal of our first triathlon is clear and to the point - to finish. With so much to think about and prepare for, we forget that we're taking part in something that is much larger than just the race on that day. Many of the courses we race on have been sanctioned by USA Triathlon, which verifies the distance of the course and means the top 10% of athletes in each age group will qualify for the USAT National Championship (aka "Nationals"). If an athlete does well enough at Nationals (top 18, with roll-downs going to top 25), they are eligible to compete as part of Team USA in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final (aka "Worlds"). You truly feel that you are representing the United States of America when competing in this world class event. It is an amazing experience, a great honor, and completely changes one's perspective about competing in the Sprint and Olympic distances. We're excited to cheer on our teammate Abby as she races in Chicago!

*** Fitness For Vitality 5k / 10k ***

WHEN: Sunday September 20th
WHERE: Alki Beach Park, Seattle, WA
Our teammate Annette is also our most favorite race director! Fitness for Vitality has another 3-race series being held Sept 20th, Oct 11th, and Nov 8th, where athletes can participate in either a 5k or 10k running race, and if you pre-register through the 3-race series you'll not only get a discount, but also be entered in the most-improved contest! Whether you're looking for new endeavors as triathlon season winds down, or if you're starting to get back in shape before the holidays, the Fitness for Vitality series is a GREAT way to measure your progress! We hope to see you there!

Race Results

*** USA Triathlon National Championship ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 7th AG (Olympic) 2:16:30 (Swim: 25:25, Bike: 1:04:47, Run: 41:47)
Peter Lohrmann - 35th AG (Olympic) 2:10:44 (Swim: 22:13, Bike: 1:05:29, Run: 39:41)
Jennifer Santoyo - 7th AG (Sprint) 1:11:15 (Swim: 14:18, Bike: 32:37, Run: 20:30)
Peter Lohrmann - 19th AG (Sprint) 1:08:19 (Swim: 12:23, Bike: 32:19, Run: 19:42)

*** EuroGames Stockholm Track & Field Championship 2015 ***

Barbara Mahoney - 2nd AG (1500m) 6:39.08
Barbara Mahoney - 1st AG (400m) 82.63
Barbara Mahoney - 2nd AG (800m) 3:10.84
Barbara Mahoney - 2nd Overall (4x400m)
Tina Bergman - 1st Overall (5000m) 22:33.26
Tina Bergman - 1st Overall (4x400m)

*** Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 1st Overall Female 4:49:30 (Swim: 31:01, Bike: 2:42:15, Run: 1:32:23)
Peter Lohrmann - 13th AG 4:56:19 (Swim: 29:08, Bike: 2:51:40, Run: 1:31:53)

*** Lake Meridian Triathlon #2 ***

Gail Rudee - 1st AG, 31st Overall Female (Sprint) 1:49:15 (Swim: 18:19, Bike: 55:01, Run: 28:23)
Abby Sargent - 1st AG, 5th Overall Female (Olympic) 2:27:28 (Swim: 27:47, Bike: 1:14:45, Run: 42:10)
Denise Quarles - 2nd AG (Olympic) 2:46:13 (Swim: 30:38, Bike: 1:20:01, Run: 52:37)
Jasmine Azpiri - 9th AG (Olympic) 2:49:42 (Swim: 34:33, Bike: 1:24:14, Run: 47:37)
Mariana Greene - 12th AG (Olympic) 2:58:20 (Swim: 31:05, Bike: 1:26:19, Run: 56:58)

*** Ironman 70.3 World Championship - Zell am See-Kaprun ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 40th AG 5:25:46 (Swim: 32:33, Bike: 2:55:01, Run: 1:46:39)
Peter Lohrmann - 145th AG 5:01:33 (Swim: 29:19, Bike: 2:36:22, Run: 1:45:39)

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ActiveAdvantage logo
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2015-08-03: August Newsletter

posted Aug 3, 2015, 9:20 PM by Sound Training   [ updated Aug 4, 2015, 11:26 AM ]

The end of race season is drawing near, and that means everyone is busy, tired, and trying to get in their last few peak workouts before heading into their top priority races! We're excited to see the outcomes of everyone's hard work this season! Keep in mind proper hydration and nutrition before, during, and after these key workouts. One of the best tips we learned recently is to take advantage of the body's ability to use evaporative cooling. What's that? The body sweats so that the droplets of water can absorb body heat and then evaporate away, leaving the body slightly cooler. In hot temperatures like we've had in Seattle recently, athletes may not sweat enough to sufficiently cool the body and sweating too much can cause severe problems with dehydration and overheating. One of the best ways to assist the body is to pour cool water on your head, arms, and back. Your body heat can dissipate much more quickly with cool water poured over it, than with sweat. In a race, grab two cups of water at the aid stations and dump one over your head and drink the other. This will help your body temperature under control and you'll be able to focus your energy on getting to the finish line!

Coach's News

*** Computrainers ***

We're excited to say that we now have two Computrainers available for cycling power and threshold testing, efficiency training, and for course simulation rides. For those of you who are not familiar with Computrainer, it is an indoor cycling trainer which can be used with any bicycle and is connected to a computer so that it can either measure your power output, or automatically adjust the resistance to simulate riding the ascents and descents of an actual course. We can also design specific workout intervals & intensities to make sure the rider is performing the workout appropriately for their individual ability.

*** Sensoria Ambassadors ***

We believe in using data to confirm our improvements over time, and Sensoria has developed a new line of fitness products that allow us to gather new metrics in the world of running - foot strike patterns. They have released a pair of socks that have special sensors which can measure the pressure applied to the fabric, and using a Bluetooth transmitter to send the data to a smart phone, you are able to monitor your foot strike patterns in real time while you are running. This should be of particular interest to people who are recovering from injury, or who suffer frequent joint pains while running, as this technology will allow us to determine if the athlete is favoring one leg over the other (indicating they are not biomechanically balanced and have not properly recovered from a previous injury), or if the athlete has a tendency to under- or over-pronate which can lead to an injury. We received our first pairs of socks this week and are looking forward to collecting more data! Sensoria also has a line of technical shirts and sports bras which have a heart rate monitor built-in to the chest, so you'll no longer have to wear a separate HR strap! Their transmitter will also work with both ANT+ and Bluetooth devices, allowing it to be paired with almost any smart watch or smart phone! The material is slightly on the thicker side and I'll admit to having some concerns when I wore the compression shirt for the first time, but even after 7 miles in hot temperatures I was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the shirt was! We've joined up with Sensoria because we believe these products will help keep our athletes healthier and stronger. Check out their website for more information on their fitness gear, and let us know if you're interested in their products!

Upcoming Events

*** USA Triathlon National Championships ***

WHEN: Saturday August 8th (Olympic Distance); Sunday August 9th (Sprint Distance)
WHERE: Milkwuakee, Wisconsin
This event marks the 3rd year that the USAT National Championships will be held in Milwaukee. While the Sprint Distance event is open to all competitors, qualification for the Olympic Distance requires that athletes finish in the top 10% of a USAT Sanction local event, or the top 30% of a USAT Regional Championship. The top 18 finisher in each age group of the National Championship qualify to be part of Team USA on the 2016 ITU World Series Circuit, including the 2016 ITU World Championship which will be held in Cozumel, Mexico. We wish all the best to our athletes who are competing!

*** EuroGames Stockholm Track & Field Championship 2015 ***

WHEN: Wednesday August 5th - Sunday August 9th
WHERE: Stockholm, Sweden
EuroGames Stockholm is a sport, cultural and political event which encourages participation from all individuals, with the aim to offer a safe environment for LGBTQ competitors and participants. In addition to competitions in 29 sports, there are a variety of activities and attractions, even a film festival! We're excited to cheer on two of our teammates as they compete in the Track & Field Championships this weekend!

*** Lake Tye Triathlon ***

WHEN: Saturday August 8th
WHERE: Lake Tye Park, Monroe, WA
The Lake Tye Triathlon is a fantastic local event featuring youth, sprint, and olympic distance races on one of the flattest and fastest courses in the area. PLUS, enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast post-race!   

*** Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens ***

WHEN: Sunday August 16th
WHERE: Lake Stevens, WA
Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens is the closest and most popular Ironman 70.3 event in this area. We just previewed the bike and run course last weekend, and it's easy to see why it is a favorite! The tree lined country roads are scenic, well paved, and fast, however the hills in the latter half of the bike route require intelligent riding in order to have enough energy in the tank for the sunny, exposed, lakeside run.

*** Lake Meridian Triathlon #2 ***

WHEN: Sunday August 23rd
WHERE: Lake Meridian Park, Kent, WA
Many triathletes in the area prepare all season for the second Lake Meridian Triathlon. With two triathlons at this location, and several Friday Night Swim Races, Raise The Bar has perfected the swim portion of this event. Once out on the bike, athletes head out on a very long false flat, and often reach the turn around relieved to find out that it is a downhill return, but also a bit more depleted than they should be. The run course takes you along various paved and unpaved paths, and also up and down steep hills that often bring people to a walk! It's a challenging, but very rewarding course, with another great pancake breakfast after the event!

*** Ironman 70.3 World Championship ***

WHEN: Sunday August 30th
WHERE: Zell am See Kaprun, Salzburg, Austria
Our two coaches Jennifer and Peter will be travelling to Austria in the last week of August for their first Ironman 70.3 World Championship. This is the first year the event is taking place outside the United States, and it will certainly be a unique experience - the bike course includes a 9 mile climb through the Alps with grades reaching upwards of 12%! Luckily the remainder of the course, including the run, is mostly flat! Congratulations to our coaches on this amazing accomplishment and we wish you a great time in Austria!

*** More Upcoming Events ***

August 15th: RSVP (multi-day bike ride)
August 23rd: IronGirl (Super-Sprint)
August 23rd; Lake Meridian Triathlon #2 (Sprint and Olympic)
September 5th: Bonney Lake Triathlon (Sprint)

Race Results

*** ChelanMan Olympic Triathlon ***

Abigail Sargent - 3rd overall female! 2:30:00 (Swim: 29:09, Bike: 1:15:56, Run: 42:12)

*** Seafair Triathlon ***

Sherrie Crow - 7th AG 1:26:30 (Swim: 18:50, Bike: 36:26, Run: 26:28)
Denise Quarles - 4th AG 1:22:46 (Swim: 16:22, Bike: 38:11, Run: 24:54)

*** Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage ***

Jasmine Azpiri - 3rd overall Female Team! Leg 1: 4.82mi (8:15 pace), Leg 2: 7.73mi (7:54 pace), Leg 3: 5.86mi (7:54 pace)

*** Ellensburg Sprint Triathlon ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 1st overall Female 1:00:31 (Swim: 6:08, Bike: 34:32, Run: 17:49)
Peter Lohrmann - 4th overall Male 57:37 (Swim: 5:28, Bike: 34:00, Run: 16:35)

*** Whisky Dick Olympic Triathlon ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 1st overall Female 3:01:17 (Swim: 28:58, Bike: 1:49:28, Run: 42:24)
Peter Lohrmann - 5th overall Male 2:53:54 (Swim: 27:11, Bike: 1:43:57, Run: 40:51)
Sherrie Crow - 2nd Relay Team (Run: 55:42)

Sponsor Space

Although often overlooked, we'd like to remind everyone about the discounts that USA Triathlon has negotiated for all athletes that hold USAT memberships. In particular, offers 15% off when you order with the discount code found on the back of your USAT Membership Card. If you're in need of any equipment and don't have time to get out shopping, is likely to have it in stock, and their shipping is very quick! Also, check out the USA Triathlon Member Discount Overview for a bunch of other great offers!

2015-06-01: June Newsletter

posted Jun 1, 2015, 2:13 PM by Sound Training   [ updated Jun 3, 2015, 5:34 PM ]

May was a busy month with beautiful weather and many great training opportunities, but now that we're headed into June, there are frequent racing opportunities for all ability levels! We're super excited for our relay teams at the Issaquah triathlon, an upcoming transition to open water swims, and being able to cheer on our teammates at all the upcoming races!

Coach's News

*** Summer Training Schedule ***

Now that the weather is more reliable and we have more hours of sunlight, we'll switch to a new training schedule starting on Tuesday June 16th. Details are still TBD, but this will include a morning open water swim workout at Madison Park, where the water is relatively calm, clear, and there is a long shallow area which is perfect for those who are new to open water swimming. There are also buoys a bit farther out for those who are comfortable in open water and are looking to do longer intervals. If you're not an active member of Sound Training and Race but would like to join in the fun, please contact us!

*** LA Fitness Memberships ***

Several of us will be joining the new LA Fitness in West Seattle. They've extended an offer to our group that will waive the initiation fee, and the ONE-DAY registration will take place tomorrow, June 2nd. Even without being part of the group, there are great deals available (particularly for families), so we encourage you to consider joining as well! 

Upcoming Events

*** Team Pasta Dinner ***

WHEN: Friday, June 5th, 2015 @ 6:30 PM
WHERE: The Old Spaghetti Factory (downtown Seattle)
Get to know your other teammates while you carb load before the Issaquah Triathlon Relay Event or meet your fellow teammates of SOUND! Plus receive your race packets, go over the course, sort out carpooling, and talk about what to expect on race day. Friends and family are welcome, so please let us know if you plan on attending so that we can update our reservation!

*** Issaquah Triathlon Relay ***

Come cheer on your teammates on Saturday, June 6th! We've got four relay teams entered into the Issaquah Triathlon, and a few others who may be racing the full distance. The races start around 7am, but arrive early to make sure you don't miss out on the excitement!

*** More June Events ***

* Special discount available to Sound Training and Racing members! 

Race Recaps

*** Ironman Texas - May 16th, 2015 ***

Congratulations to Erich Knaak on completing his first Ironman! Erich registered for the race nearly a full year in advance, and overcame all the normal obstacles that come with endurance training, plus various personal challenges, and arrived ready to battle the sun, heat, and 140.6 miles that Texas had to offer! It has been a great pleasure getting to know Erich along his Ironman journey, and we look forward to training with him more in the future! Congratulations Erich on an amazing accomplishment! For all the details, check out his great Race Report!

Erich Knaak crossing the finish line of his first Ironman IN STYLE!

*** Capital City Half Marathon ***

Congratulations to our very own Coach Jennifer for finishing 2nd overall female in the Capital City Half Marathon! What an amazing accomplishment and impressive comeback from a broken ankle in early December! Your diligence with physical therapy treatments and exercises, and patience with returning to running has paid off dividends! You are back and well positioned for a fantastic season! Congratulations on a fantastic race!


Sponsor Space

Raise The Bar Events
This month we'd like to highlight Raise The Bar Events for organizing fantastic events - like Lake Meridian Tri, Friday Night Swim Races, and Black Diamond Long Course Triathlon & Half Marathon. Our race season would not be the same without their hard work and commitment to hosting quality events. We've been friends with them from early on, and are greatly appreciative of the discounts they provide to our athletes! Thank you Raise The Bar, and we look forward to racing with you very soon!

2015-04-30: May Newsletter

posted Apr 30, 2015, 7:34 AM by Sound Training   [ updated May 1, 2015, 10:55 PM ]


April has been a great transition month in many ways - we've seen bright sunny days, the weather is warming up, we've introduced four athletes to new varieties of races, and we've stepped up our training with weekly track and pool workouts! Now we are looking forward to the fun-filled month of May and there are some FANTASTIC training opportunities on the horizon!

Coach's News

*** Team Calendar ***

Stay informed of all our upcoming workouts and races by subscribing to our new Team Calendar! If you'd like to join in the fun one of these days, please send us an email or use the contact us form so that we know who to expect!

*** Weekly Swim Workouts ***

We've coordinated with Evergreen Community Aquatic Center to reserve a few lanes on Thursday evenings from 7-8pm so that our team can get together for swim workouts. We've already held two workouts there and everyone seems to be pushing themselves and enjoying the feedback that we're providing! Note, there won't be a workout this week as the facility is performing some upgrades.

In order to help us cover the lane rentals for the regularly scheduled pool workouts and ensure that we can keep this opportunity available for you, we're implementing a 10-swim "punch card" system. For STR-Members, the rate will be $7 per swim ($70 total, paid in advance) and non-members are welcome to join for a $10 drop-in rate.

Upcoming Events

Speaking of swim workouts.... May has all sorts of fun swim events going on!

*** Wetsuit Try-athlon with Say YES! to Life Swims ***

We wanted to bring you an opportunity to try on wetsuits before you buy one, and are excited that our sponsor Say YES! To Life Swims was able to take on the logistics of coordinating and hosting such an event, in the form of their new Wetsuit Try-Athlon! Held on May 30th from 9-11am, Speedy Reedy will be bringing a variety of wetsuits to try on and anybody that purchases a wetsuit at the event will receive a 10% discount, while Say YES will provide tips to help you overcome nervousness about the open water, tips for swimming in a pack, and advice on sighting while swimming. 1/4 mile swims will allow you to test out the wetsuit and all the advice you've learned! You'll need to REGISTER HERE in order to find out the location for this clinic!

*** Swim Speed Secrets Clinic with Sheila Taormina ***

Sheila Taormina is an ITU Triathlon World Champion, 4x Olympian in 3 sports, and an Olympic Gold Medalist. At just 5 feet 2 inches tall she is not your typical swimmer, but knows how to get the most power of the freestyle stroke and is happy to share those swim speed secrets with all of us! Sheila has an amazing attitude and an inspiring personality. There is currently a waitlist for the May 22nd-24th clinic, but contact Ali Meeks to be added to the list, and it seems they may add another full session to the clinic! Check out the Swim Speed Secrets website for more details.

*** More May Events ***

May 3rd: Bloomsday 12k
May 8th: Skagit Spring Century Ride
May 17th: West Seattle 5k
May 17th: Capital City Half Marathon
May 25th: 7 Hills of Kirkland Century Ride (shorter options are available)
May 30th: Flying Wheels Century Ride

Race Recaps

*** Mercer Island Tri (MI Tri) - April 12th, 2015 ***

On April 12th, Gail Rudee completed her first triathlon at the age of 57. Gail's story is very inspiring and we highly recommend you read the recap of her event if you want to get inspired yourself! Recap: Mercer Island Tri

*** Mt Rainier Duathlon - April 26th, 2015 ***

This year's Mt Rainier Duathlon was featured as part of the USAT Duathlon Series and was also the Pacific NorthWest Regional Duathlon Championship. The event is open to all athletes, which allowed three of us the opportunity to turn this into our very FIRST duathlon! Congratulations to Peter, Tina, and Jessica for exploring the world of duathlon, and to Jennifer and Annette on their continued success in the sport! Read the Mt Rainier Duathlon Recap for details on everyone's fantastic performances!

Sponsor Space

Say YES to Life Swims Logo
This month we'd like to highlight Say YES! to Life Swims and Guila Muir as our joyful partner for open water swim excursions. Say YES! organizes numerous open-water swim events in the Seattle area, and can often be found in the waters along Alki sans-wetsuit! We met with Say YES! and shared that many of our athletes are new to swimming and have yet to find a wetsuit. We pitched the idea of an open water swim clinic where the attendees could try on different wetsuits and actually take them for a swim; much thanks to Say YES! for bringing the idea to life with the Wetsuit Try-Athlon with Speedy Reedy, being held on May 30th. Say YES! has also organized Wednesday Night Swims in July, and all Sound Training and Racing members get a $30 discount on the three-swim package!

2015-03-30: March Newsletter

posted Apr 1, 2015, 10:30 AM by Sound Training


March has been a very busy month, and race season is officially underway now that we've completed the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico, Mercer Island Half Marathon, and the third Fitness For Vitality 5k/10k! Read on for more details from all the races! We've also got some exciting news to share with everyone; planning for upcoming races; and would like to highlight one of our team sponsors. Thanks for being a part of Sound Training and Racing!

Coach's News

*** Red Cross Lifeguard Certification ***

We're excited to have passed the Lifeguard certification course! Not only will this help us ensure your safety during our swim workouts and open water swim practice, but it also allows us to more easily gain access to various pools in the area so that we can provide you with more group swimming opportunities. We're already in communication with Evergreen Community Aquatic Center, so we hope to have more news on this soon!

*** Tuesday Track Workouts ***

Instead of trying to schedule around other free workouts that are happening in the area, Peter will start attending West Seattle Runner's Tuesday Track Workouts at 6:15pm (meet at the store). The workouts are written by a member of the Seattle Running Company who has won the Seattle Marathon 4 times! At the most recent workout, there were men and women of all abilities, so everyone should feel welcome! Workouts are not defined in preparation for a particular race - some people are just running to stay in shape, others are preparing for marathons, and others for 5k and 10k races - and it's okay to shorten the workout if you feel it's getting too long for you. One of the most important parts about participating in any group workout, is that you RESPECT YOUR BODY and don't push it through something it isn't prepared for. Be smart with your training, and each week I'm sure you'll be able to got a little faster or a little farther.

Upcoming Events

*** Mt Rainier Duathlon & Recon Ride ***

The Mt Rainier Duathlon is April 26th and we'd love to get a group from Sound Training and Racing to have a presence there! For those that aren't sure what a "duathlon" is - it is a two-sport race that is split into three legs, typically in the order run-bike-run. At Mt Rainier Duathlon there will be both a short course (1.64 mile run, 14.44 mile bike, 3.79 mile run) and long course option (5.12 mile run, 28.88 mile bike, 3.79 mile run). We have a lot of relatively new swimmers in the group, so if you want to get a feel for triathlon without the worry of having to start with a swim, this is a GREAT option!

We're also planning to do a recon ride of the course next Saturday April 11th. We'll carpool down, planning to leave West Seattle at 8am and probably return 12-1pm (or later if we stop for lunch after the ride). If anybody is interested in joining us, please let us know either via Facebook, email, on the STR Members forum, or the contact us page!

*** Issaquah Triathlon (Relays!) ***

It's time for another triathlon team relay! We were excited to see that Issaquah Triathlon is planning to have a relay category for the race this year! This is another FANASTIC way to get introduced to a triathlon race without having to complete it all yourself! The Issaquah Triathlon has only the sprint distance, but is beginner friendly with a 1/4 mile (440yd) swim, 14 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. Each relay will consist of 3 people, each do a different part of the race - one person swims, one person bikes, and one person runs. Let us know if you're interested in participating and we'll get you added to a team!

Race Recaps

*** Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico ***

We had 4 Sound Training and Racing athletes in attendance for IM 70.3 Puerto Rico. We had fantastic support from friends and family while in Puerto Rico, and in an unexpected turn events, two of our members were able to form a relay team! Check out the Race Recap for the story!

*** Mercer Island Half Marathon ***

Mariana Greene was determined to get back to the Mercer Island Half Marathon after a tough season following the race last year. She was incredibly dedicated throughout her training and had a fantastic race! She finished in 1:52:41, over 17 minutes faster than the previous year! Congratulations Mariana!

*** Fitness For Vitality 5k/10k Evolution Run ***

The third race of the FFV series was a huge success! It was great to have so many people from the team at the race, and to see so many smiles on the course! Check out the Race Recap for details, and our Facebook album for photos (you shouldn't need to log in to view the photos).

Sponsor Space

We'd like to highlight Biojunction Sports Therapy and Lora Clothier as our #1 go to physical therapist for all running related aches and pains. They have been amazing at diagnosing and treating various hip, leg, and foot pains that were inhibiting our athletes, and have seen great results from the strengthening exercises they prescribe. If you're looking for a reliable, trustworthy physical therapist, look no further than Biojunction Sports Therapy!

2015-03-07: February Wrap Up

posted Mar 7, 2015, 11:45 AM by Sound Training   [ updated Mar 22, 2015, 11:45 AM ]

*** Sound Training and Racing Website ***

We're proud to announce that our website is now live! If you're here, then you already now that you can now find us at! We've uploaded all of our past newsletters, added links to our sponsors, and information about some of the services we offer - team membership, swim instruction, and training series. More content is on its way, and we're open to ideas if there is something you feel we should add!

*** USAT National Challenge Competition ***

With February coming to an end, so has the USAT National Challenge. This was Sound Training and Racing’s first year participating in the challenge, and I think we did a FANTASTIC job! Overall as a team we were in close competition with team PRSFit, but we stepped up and took over 6th place by only 95 points! There were 24 teams in our division and to finish 6th in our first year is awesome! Congratulations to everyone who participated over the past three months! You Rock!

National Challenge Overall Results

Running was the featured sport of February and we accumulated 1996.68 points. Our top five runners were:

  1. Matthieu Marescaux  154.86 miles = 465.58 points
  2. Peter Lohrmann   72.7 miles = 218.10 points
  3. Judith Sentz   65.25 miles = 195.75 points
  4. Tina Bergman   64.5 miles = 193.5 points
  5. Annette Herrick   54.5 miles = 163.5 points

Overall we’ve had some very impressive personal performances. We had six members with over 1000 points! G

  1. Gail Rudee   1917.8 miles = 2367.44 points
  2. Matthieu Marescaux   1078.43 miles = 2036.19 points
  3. Peter Lohrmann   1008.98 miles = 1720.13 points
  4. Judith Sentz   832.33 miles = 1415.7 points
  5. Tina Bergman   773.08 miles = 1246.4 points
  6. Rob Cavanagh   699.42 miles = 1200.09 points

A very special congratulations to both Gail Rudee, who finished 5th in her age group (by only 4.5 points!), and Judith Sentz who finished 9th in her age group! INCREDIBLE! You should be very proud of your accomplishments and we’re looking forward to following you throughout this year!

*** Hot Chocolate 15k/5k - March 1, 2015 ***

The Hot Chocolate 15k/5k was an impressively organized and fun event that catered to participants of all abilities and ages. Aid stations were stocked with water, sports drinks, and special treats such as chocolate chips, strawberry marshmallows, and chocolate marshmallows! Registration goodies included a grey hood sweatshirt with bright green or bright pink accents, and all finishers were treated to a delicious cup of hot chocolate and bowl of chocolate fondue! YUMMM! 

5k results:
Jennifer Santoyo 24:20 - Excellent first race and run after your broken ankle!

15k results:
Peter Lohrmann 1:01:30 - Great race after a recent rough patch!
Mariana Greene 1:22:15 - Over 20 seconds per mile faster than last year!
Sherrie Crow 1:27:20 - Great negative splits!
Judith Sentz 1:35:51 - Came back to finish strong!
Erich Knaak 1:42:16 - Aggressive start, but good finish!


*** Fitness For Vitality 5k/10k - Seward Park - Race #2 - February 22, 2015 ***

Congratulations to Nana Greene, Barbara, Peter Lohrmann, Tina Bergman, and Leo for their fabulous run this morning! As always, it's a great joy to watch you all shine! Another BIG thank you to Annette Herrick for hosting yet another amazing event!

5K Results:
Tina Bergman: 4th overall female / 1st age group (50-59) in a time of 22:09 (7:08 pace)  
- :55 faster than the first race; impressive improvement for a 5K!

10K Results:
Peter Lohrmann: 2nd overall male / 2nd age group (30-39) in a time of 39:50 (6:25 pace)
– Amazing time after being sick/out for 2 weeks!

Nana Greene: 10th overall female / 2nd age group (30-39) in a time of 49:46 (8:01 pace)
- 1:57 faster than the first race; and another PR!!!

Barbara Mahoney: 23rd overall female / 4th age group (50-59) in a time of 55:07 (8:53 pace)
- 1:38 faster than the first race; stupendous time!

*** Membership Renewal ***

Many of you joined Sound Training and Racing using our initial 3-month trial membership, which is now coming to an end. We’ve gone though a lot of changes over the past three months and we appreciate the patience and commitment you have all shown. We love the community that you have built with one another and that you are all reaching out to one another to coordinate workouts and share information. 

We know we've been a bit quiet lately, but know that behind the scenes we are working to provide you with great training opportunities. We're working on our website which we hope to have live very soon; coordinating open water swim sessions; and in just a few weeks we'll be taking a Lifeguard Certification Course so that we can more easily access Evergreen Community Aquatic Center to host group swim workouts! 

We hope that you’ll continue to be a part of the Sound Training and Racing team and will renew your memberships for the remainder of the year. If you initially signed up for the 3-month trial, you can renew your membership using this form:

*** Upcoming Sound Training Series: Lake Meridian Triathlon ***

Sound Training and Racing is hosting an 8-week triathlon training series designed for beginner and experienced athletes who are looking to build confidence in the sport and are motivated by working out with a small group! Entries are limited so that we can ensure everyone gets personal attention! We promise that you’ll get to the starting line safely and be in shape to finish comfortably! Click here for more information and the registration page! We hope you'll join us!

Happy Training!

Peter Lohrmann & Jennifer Santoyo
Sound Training and Racing, LLC


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