CompuTrainer Series

CS 1: Aerobic Base Training

These 8 week series are ideal for beginners and those returning to cycling after an extended period off the bike. There are no fitness assumptions coming into this class, so everyone should feel welcome!
With each progressing week you'll develop your cycling skills and aerobic base to help you ride farther and more efficiently. We'll cap off the series with a 20-minute Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test that can be used for the baseline of future training series.

CS 2: Strength & Power

These 8 week series will build strength and power to help you climb those steep Seattle hills! Knowing your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) prior to this series will help ensure that you're getting the most out of every workout!
Low cadence climbs and high cadence intervals will develop the skills you need to become a Super-Powerful cyclist, which we'll unleash in the second half of this series as you maximize your Functional Threshold Power! We'll finish off the series with an FTP test to measure your improvement!

CS 3: Strength Endurance

These 8 week series will extend the strength and power you developed in CS 2 so that you can ride even farther and faster! Where the previous series helped you improve your maximum power, this series will help you maintain a sub-maximal power for events lasting between 1-3 hours. 
Knowing your accurate Functional Threshold Power (FTP) prior to this series is required to ensure that you're putting in the right level of effort for a longer event. Although we're not focusing on increasing your maximum power, your overall fitness will improve and you're still likely to see an improvement in your FTP which we'll measure at the end of this series.

CS 4: Maximum Aerobic Endurance

If you're looking to compete in a 140.6 or IRONMAN distance triathlon we'll be happy to help you plan out your final 8+ weeks of training in "CS 4: Maximum Aerobic Endurance". Due to the extended duration of the rides, we don't have them pre-scheduled on our calendar, but will be happy to consider adding them on an as-needed basis.