Swim Instruction

We offer private swim lessons for all levels of adults. Whether you're just trying to get comfortable with the water, learning to swim, or working towards a new personal best, we are happy to help you achieve your goals!
Saturday Swim

Out of the three sports in triathlon, swimming is by far the one that humans have the least natural talent. It's also the sport that demands the most from proper technique and less from aerobic fitness. In fact, often times the best distance runners have the most struggle with swimming. Also, swimming is an activity that many people feel very uncomfortable with due to the risks involved. We have experience coaching athletes of all ages and all abilities - from very beginners to elite athletes - in both the pool and open water. If you're just getting started and are nervous about getting in the water, then we encourage you to sign up for one of our private swim lessons, which are billed by the hour, but we can split them up into two 30-minute sessions to help you get the most out of the lesson. Once you've gotten the basics of the technique down and are comfortable in the water, we recommend having a video analysis done to help bring your swimming to the next level. Being able to see yourself swimming is an eye opener for many people, and it will allow you to visualize what technique changes need to be made to improve your streamlined position and increase your hold on the water. Both of these services can be used in conjunction with our personalized training plans above to ensure your continued improvement.

Saturday Small Group Swim Lesson: $25 / 2hr session

Join us for a Saturday Swim!

On most Saturdays, we offer a 2 hour small group swim lesson from 12:30-2:30pm at Evergreen Community Aquatic Center. This is available for all swimming abilities - from beginner to advanced - and is a great opportunity to have one of our coaches provide personalized feedback on how YOU can become more comfortable in the water and improve your swim technique. Participants are grouped into lanes of similar ability and the coach (or coaches) will cycle between the lanes providing feedback and advising on which drills should be practiced next. This is absolutely the best deal you can find on a 2-hour coached swim practice.

1-Hour Private Lesson: $70

Schedule Swim Lesson

One-on-one attention is the best way for you to get personalized feedback on your ability in the water. You'll have a careful eye watching over you to make sure you're safe, and to pick out inefficiencies in your stroke or body position. Swimming is a complex skill which requires careful timing and collaboration between your arms and legs. We often find that what people THINK they are doing is actually different than what they ARE doing, and you'll never know until someone watches you and gives you feedback. Schedule your private swim lesson now!

Swim Video Analysis with 1-Hour Follow-Up Lesson: $140

The video analysis package includes two sessions in the pool. The first session is typically 30 minutes during which we'll use an underwater camera to record your swim technique from various angles. We'll take the next week or so to review the video footage, and write up a detailed document with images from the videos to showcase areas of your technique that are good or that need improvement, and will provide a set of drills to help you improve on those areas. We'll send you the video files and document for review prior to the second swim session. During the second session you'll practice all the drills with our guidance to ensure that you're doing them correctly and will get the most benefit out of them. Being able to watch yourself swim is often a very transformative moment for many people as they realize that their body is not doing what they think. Use the form below to contact us about a swim video analysis. We'll get in touch with you shortly after to review our schedules and find a time to meet!