Educational Seminars

In the evenings on the 2nd Monday of most months, we host an educational session. These are also open for everyone to attend and are often strategically timed to coordinate with training and racing periodization of the season. In other words, strength and preparation early in the season, racing strategy in the middle of the season, and then recovery tips. Sessions are most commonly held at our studio, but may be in other locations at times.

WHEN: 2nd Monday each month @ 6:30pm-7:30pm

 January 11 TBD
 February 2* STR Ironman and 70.3 Teams
 March 13 TBD
 April 11 Daily Nutrition for Athletes
 May 9 Prepare Your Bike For The Race Season - Cleaning, Maintenance, Tire Changing
 June 13 Tracking Your Fitness With TrainingPeaks
 July 11 The Art of Tapering
 August 8 Your Career as an Age-Group Triathlete
 September 12 Planning For The "Off-Season"
 October 10 Next Season: Developing an Annual Training Plan
 November 14 Info Night: USAT National Challenge Competition
 December 12 Dry-Land Swim Clinic

* Date had to be rescheduled