Personalized Training Plans

A personalized training plan allows for an unmatched level of one-on-one attention compared to any of the generic training plans that are available elsewhere online.
So... How do we personalize a training plan?

First, let's analyze a fairly common week which we've seen in free training plans, "pre-packaged" plans, and also in paid plans...
 Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday    Friday  Saturday  Sunday
45-min Swim 60-min Spin,
20-min easy Run
60-min Core 60-min Track,
45-min Swim
 Rest 90-min Z2 Bike,
30-min easy Run
60-min Z2 Bike,
30-min easy Run
Aside from assuming that you're able to swim for 45 minutes, run for 60 minutes, and bike for 90 minutes, there is absolutely nothing personalized about the above plan! This cookie-cutter week could be handed out to ANY athlete training for a Olympic distance triathlon or longer.
  • So what's wrong with the week above?
    • Should you just swim for 45 minutes straight? Or should you do intervals?
    • How fast or what cadence should you use for a "Spin"?
    • Should you worry at all about pace or heart rate on the runs?
    • "Core" is a very general and often misunderstood term. Should you do crunches and planks for an HOUR?!?!
    • Do you know what your zone 2 is on the bike? Should it be zone 2 of heart rate or power?
All workouts should include three characteristics - duration, intensity, and specificity. The lack of specific details above is the sign of a lazy coach who wants to do as little work as possible, but still provide something to their athlete. If you're currently paying for a training plan that looks like the one above, CONTACT US!

So... How do we personalize a training plan?

* A Thorough Introduction

After completing our online questionnaire, we'll meet with you to discuss your goals, your strengths, your athletic history, and find out about any past injuries or health-related problems that may affect your training.
  • What did we learn?
    • You're a 48 year old female, who started running 5 years ago and have a half marathon personal best of 1:45 last year.
    • You are planning to race an Olympic distance triathlon, but don't know which one would be best for you.
    • You own a triathlon bike, have a heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor, and just bought a Garmin 920XT watch.
    • Due to long work meetings and a stressful job, you need to take Wednesdays off from training and would prefer to keep Friday nights free.
    • You've taken some swim lessons and can swim for an hour in the pool with some breaks, but you're not sure how many laps you do.
    • Your longest recent bike workout was an intense 60 minute spin class with an extra 30 minutes of recovery riding afterwards (the spin bike read 100 watts, whatever that means).
    • Your longest recent run was an hour at 10:00 pace while chatting with a friend the whole time.

* We Understand That This Is Your Training Plan

This is your training plan, designed to help you reach your goals. Using the information gathered during our initial meeting, we'll work together to develop a weekly training routine that is designed around your schedule, and based upon your fitness level to ensure that you progress safely through the training.

* Training At Intensity Levels Based On Your Fitness

Early on in the training program we'll use special workouts to identify your initial level of fitness. This will allow us to establish proper training intensities for different types of workouts. Periodically we'll repeat these special workouts to re-evaluate your fitness level and allow us to fine-tune your training. As you progress through your training, we'll make sure you're provided a balanced training plan that works all energy systems and heart rate zones to get you into peak condition for your event. 

  • Based on our evaluations:
    • You have good balance and rotation in the water, but need to practice your catch and timing of your arms. Your threshold pace measured at a pace of 1:42 / 100yds.
    • On the bike, you have a threshold heart rate of 158 bpm and a functional threshold power of 230 watts.
    • You have run a half marathon at 8:00 pace, but are currently at an 8:02 threshold pace, which suggests an ~9:20-10:30 easy pace, and 0:51-1:50 splits for various interval workouts.
With this latest information, we can provide you with a Personalized Training Plan:

 Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday    Friday  Saturday  Sunday

45-min Swim:
Keeping this easy due the high mileage weekend!

WARM UP [300]:
6x 50 drill / 50 free (any pace)
* Sculling
* 6-Kick, 1-Pull
* Left Arm Drill
* Right Arm Drill
* Fist Drill
* Kicking

5x300 Free @ 1:47 pace (5:21 split)
w/ :20 rest

COOL DOWN [200]:
100 Flutter Kick
100 Free (any relaxed pace)

60-min Bike:
WARM UP [10 min]:
Get HR to 127bpm and cadence up to 85-90rpm

2x 16 min at 128-135 HR (130-170 watts if on spin bike). Keep cadence around 90rpm!

COOL DOWN [10 min]:
10 minutes at 110-120 HR

20-min Run:
Brick run off the bike, get comfortable with the cycling feeling in your legs!
Goal HR: 135-140bpm (~10:00 pace)


60-min Track:
1 mile warm up (~9:30 pace)
Dynamic Stretching with group

5x800m at 7:20 pace(3:40 split)
w/ 200m recovery jog (~2:00 rest)

1 mile cool down (~10:00 pace)

45-min Swim
WARM UP [300]:
6x 50 drill / 50 free (any pace)
* Sculling
* 6-Kick, 1-Pull
* Left Arm Drill
* Right Arm Drill
* Fist Drill
* Kicking

5x200 Free @ 1:47 pace (3:34 split) w/ :15 rest

MAIN SET [500]:
5x100 Free @ 1:37 pace
w/ :20 rest

COOL DOWN [200]:
100 Choice (not Free)
100 Free (any relaxed pace)

60-min Core:
Your gym as a core cardio workout from 7-8am. Get that in before work, and enjoy your evening!

90-min Bike:
Get outside for a 90 minute bike ride on a mostly flat route. We're still working on your aerobic base, so keep your heart rate in the 128-135 range.

30-min Run:
In the evening, go out for a 30 minute run. Don't worry about pace, but keep your heart rate in the 135-140 range.

60-min Bike:
Another outdoor ride, this time pick a route with rolling hills. Goal average heart rate is 128-135, but it will fluctuate a little higher and lower with the rolling hills.

30-min Run:
Immediately after the bike, get out for an easy brick run.
Goal: 135-140 HR (~9:30 pace)

See how much of a difference specificity can make! Now THIS is a personalized training plan! Just imagine what you could accomplish if you got the individual attention that a plan like this could offer! We're excited to get to know you and help you achieve your goals! If you want a personalized plan like this, send us a message to get started - you're on your way to becoming a Sound Athlete!

* Adjusting To Bumps In The Road

Almost inevitably, there will be bumps in the road - an illness, an injury, a busy schedule, vacation, unexpected travel, broken equipment, or even lack of motivation - something may come up that will cause you to miss a couple workouts. We understand, we've gone through it, and we'll help you bounce back, safely. We encourage communication throughout your training so that we can make adjustments and ensure to give you the workouts that will suit you best. We'll develop your training plan about one week ahead of time, and will monitor your progress throughout week. If you've had to miss a few days for one reason or another, we'll adjust the upcoming workouts to ease you back into your routine. We can even completely change the routine if that's what your schedule requires. We're here to help you over the bumps and through the rough patches, so that you can get back on the road.

* Helping You Stay Focused

There are many events out there, each one has unique appeal, and we want you to experience and enjoy all that you can! However, it can get difficult to know which races you need to taper and prepare for and which ones can be included as a fun workout while still helping you progress towards your main goal. We can help you incorporate these other events, give advice on which ones may the best options, and give you targets to aim for during the event.

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