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Peter and Jennifer at ITU Grand Final Edmonton

Jennifer Santoyo:
Originally a Varsity Track & Field sprinter, Jennifer started racing triathlon in 2011. Although Jennifer had been working out regularly and was quite fit before starting her training, taking on the sport of triathlon was no easy feat, as Jennifer had to first overcome a fear of bicycles which stemmed from a very bad accident as a young child. With the safety of her thick-wheeled mountain bike, she did indeed complete her first race, held by Danskin, and was very inspired when the first place female came over and congratulated her on her finish and told Jennifer that she had a future in the sport. How right she was! Jennifer has long since upgraded her bike, and cycling is now her strongest sport!

Jennifer's coaching experience began long before her introduction to triathlon, when she received a certification in heart rate based training. She combined her experience in Track & Field and her new found knowledge of using heart rate to monitor exercise intensity and duration, to help numerous people achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals. It also helped tremendously as Jennifer started her own venture into endurance racing and triathlon! Through her own endeavors, Jennifer competed in the USAT 2013 National Championships and qualified in both the Sprint and Olympic distances to compete as part of Team USA in the 2014 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final to be held in Edmonton, Canada. In the summer of 2014 Jennifer became a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach, and in the sprint distance race at that world championship Jennifer was the top USA female in her age group, finishing in 4th place; with the fastest bike split!

Sound Training and Racing was founded towards the end of the 2014, and Jennifer hopes to use her USAT Level 1 Certification to empower more women to discover their potential through athletics and the sport of triathlon. Since becoming a certified triathlon coach, Jennifer has won her Age Group at Ironman 70.3 Victoria, was 1st overall female at Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens, competed in the 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Austria, and has qualified for the Boston Marathon, the New York Marathon, the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final, and the 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championship. All of this success came after having suffered a broken in ankle in December 2014, but Jennifer's patience, dedication to rehab, and persistence in training have been key contributors to her 2015 season.

Peter Lohrmann:
Growing up, Peter participated in all different sports, but felt a particular connection with running. In team sports, Peter was never a top athlete, but was always recognized for his hard work which helped to raise the rest of the team to a greater level. The beauty he saw in running was that you got out of it what you put into it, and dedication to training could directly translate to faster times. Throughout school Peter was on the Varsity Track & field teams and has competed in almost every event. Upon graduation, Peter methodically built up his running endurance over several years, competing in 5k road races, then 10ks, half marathons, and in 2010 ran his first marathon in a Boston Marathon qualifying time!

In 2009, Peter became a Road Runner Club of America certified endurance running coach and later joined the Track & Field coaching staff at his alma mater, providing workouts and strength training to the sprints and relay teams. Working with such dedicated athletes renewed a competitive spirit within Peter, which encouraged him to pursue his own dreams of racing triathlon and hopefully one day qualifying for the World Championship in Kona Hawaii. In 2012 Peter left his position as an assistant coach so that he could dedicate himself to triathlon training. Surely as an athletic runner, the swimming, and cycling would come easy, right? It turns out that swimming was much harder than Peter thought! After a few weeks of practicing on his own, he decided to get himself a swim coach in order to ensure that he would not develop bad habits. That first session with the coach was an incredible eye opener! Now having proper guidance in the swim and making good progress, Peter then needed to buy a bike... definitely important to own a bike for training and racing in triathlons! Aside from doing backstroke in the middle of the 400m swim, that first race went smoothly, and Peter knew he was hooked on the sport! By applying the endurance training philosophies that he knew for running, Peter was able to improve his swimming and cycling enough during that first season to complete several sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, and even finished off the season with a half Ironman distance race, in which he won his age group and was 4th overall!

In early 2013, Peter spent some time in Seattle for work, and met many great athletes (including Jennifer) during his time there. Together with Jennifer, Peter competed in the USAT National Championship and qualified to compete as part of Team USA in the sprint distance race at the 2014 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final. As he continued training, the desire to return to coaching stayed with Peter, and after officially moving to Seattle in 2014, he became a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach.

Sound Training and Racing was founded towards the end of 2014, and Peter hopes to use his USAT Level 1 Certification to help people discover their potential and achieve goals they may not have thought were possible. While competing in Ironman 70.3 Victoria, Peter earned a slot to the 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championship; and was able to accomplish the 70.3-version of his ultimate goal of competing in Kona, Hawaii. While he methodically works towards making his dream a reality, he is excited to help others accomplish their dreams.

USAT Certified Coach     IRONMAN Certified Coach
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