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The #1 Benefit of Having Teammates

posted Apr 21, 2017, 11:58 AM by Sound Training
Even as a coach and motivated athlete, I have bad days.

My hamstrings have been sore through most of the week, and occasionally cramping up when I'd try to stretch when waking up in the morning.

Yesterday, I was in a major funk.

I had meetings throughout the day, and didn't get much actual work done, and I knew that today I'd have to own up to my lack of productivity. In my head, I was torn between working late to get caught up, and taking a nap.

Going for our scheduled run was the last thing I wanted to do. (and that's when you KNOW things are going bad!)

Luckily, Coach Jennifer (who's also my fiancee) was here at the studio and encouraged me to get outside.

"This is the day!"

Once the sun sets, the day is done. I can't go back and do a workout "yesterday". Yesterday would have been written into the all-telling training log as a day that I let work control my life, that I let the funk be stronger than my determination, and my fitness would have dropped instead of getting better.

None of that is helping me towards my goals.

So off we went!

We ran from Harbor Ave, then across Alki Beach and back.

I'll tell ya - it was such a beautiful run!

I felt like I didn't even recognize our own neighborhood! The green grass and blooming trees, blue sky, and a bright sun shining down on us!

On the return trip I realized that I had picked up the pace and had to hold myself back to stay within the goal zone for that particular run.

I run through the funk. It melted away. And I felt fantastic!

"Thank you! THANK YOU for getting me out on this run!"

At the time, I couldn't put into betters words how much I appreciated having a training partner, a coach, and my future wife (all in one!) who knew my goals, supported me, encouraged me, and kept me accountable to putting in the work every day to make progress towards my dreams.

ACCOUNTABILITY - The #1 Benefit of Teammates

Teammates at a track workout

Here at Sound Training & Racing, we provide all of our athletes with personalized training plans and countless opportunities to learn, train, and compete together. Just because we have different specific goals, doesn't mean that we have to train on our own!

By training as a team, we all keep each other accountable to attending the workouts, logging our nutrition, and to work daily towards our goals.

They all recognize the encouragement and up-lifting they get from every one else's presence. They show up not just for themselves, but also for the benefit of others. Even those people that only join us one or two times a week will check out our accountability board to see who has been showing up, and they ask about those people that haven't been here in a few days.

One of our former athletes recently re-applied to start training with us again, and she wrote this on her application: "Group workouts help me be accountable, even if the group is only me and one other person."

That's right, all you need is ONE other person that's willing to commit to helping you. It could be even bigger though - imagine the power of a WHOLE TEAM working together!?!

How to Build your Support System

You very likely already have people around you that will be your support system, but maybe you need to actively reach out to them.

Let your co-workers know what you are trying to accomplish. Back when I worked in an office, my co-workers would ask how my training was going and what goals I had coming up. Eventually, they even started running WITH ME at lunch time, and we did a local 5k together!

Talk to your best friends. Even if they don't run, open up to your best friend or significant other about your health and fitness goals, and ask them to support you in your mission. Have the courage to tell others your goals so that they KNOW what you're trying to accomplish and how they can help. Don't be afraid to share your goals and dreams.

Talk to your family. Sometimes opening up to our family members is easy, but sometimes we shy away from the vulnerability that it exposes us to. Once your kids understand that you have a goal that you're working towards, they'll better understand why you leave again right after you get home from work. You'll inspire them by your dedication, your hard work, and they'll become part of your journey of improvement. As let's face it - once YOU feel better about yourself, YOUR happiness and positive energy will benefit them! Maybe your roommate or spouse doesn't even realize that you have goals, and they just think you're leaving the house and abandoning them at home alone (with the kids). Explain your goals, and get them on-board with what responsibilities you need to share to allow yourself to be successful and how that success is NOT self-absorbed because your positive energy will help the entire house be happier.

Need help?

If you don't feel like you have a support system available to you, or you want guidance with your training, coaching on your technique, and unlimited access to coaches and teammates who will help you reach your goals, then I invite you into our studio for a FREE 1-hour session! Just fill out the application below.


To keeping you accountable to your dreams,
Peter Lohrmann
Head Coach
Sound Training & Racing