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Building Habits Is Hard! See How We're Making It Easier...

posted Jun 9, 2017, 11:43 AM by SOUND Training   [ updated Jun 9, 2017, 11:44 AM ]

Before I get into habits, I want to call myself out - I haven't kept up with sending out my emails on a regular basis. Which also means I haven't been helping you as much as I could have.

I could name excuses, "reasons", why I haven't - but I'm not. I'm going to own up and take accountability for my lack of consistency.

But lucky for you, I've learned from my mishaps, and have developed a NEW Healthy Habits Worksheet to help us all make progress! More details below!

Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going!


Build A Habit In Only 21 Days!

You've probably heard that line before, and it sounds great and easy enough!

Unfortunately, I'm sorry to report that is BS for most of us.

You see.. that time-frame came from one cosmetic surgeons observations about the clients he was treating. It was not based on ANY actual research!

When actual research was completed, they discovered that it could take as little as 18 days or as much as 254 days (!) to develop a "simple" habit.

On average, it took 66 days to develop one of these "simple" habits:
  • Waking up at 6am daily
  • Drinking 2 cups of water after lunch
  • Doing 50 push-ups right after waking up
None of these habits require much time, or preparation - set your alarm, have a cup available, or simply remember to do it.

Nothing as complicated as going grocery shopping, or having to find a recipe and cook a healthy meal!

You see, the more complicated the action, the harder it will be to make it a habit.

Thus (to my own defense) fitting in 30 minutes daily to write a daily email is a hard habit to develop, and it could take 2-3 or more months to really make it part of a routine.

You may feel the same way about trying to find 30 minutes to get in daily exercise!

Sometimes we need to have reminders as to why that action is important enough that we want to make it a habit. And at first, because it ISN'T part of our "normal" day, we need to consciously make an effort to do it.

You'll need to consciously set aside other tasks to allow yourself the time to exercise, just as I need to do to write these emails.

Honestly, sometimes we avoid trying to start building a "habit" because we may know that certain challenges are coming up - family visits, work trips, vacations - and we're afraid to be labeled as having 'failed' at the habit. 

But remember that it takes time - 66 days on average - and you don't NEED to be 100% at it right out the gate! If you miss one day, you didn't fail, and don't let that ONE missed day stop you from continuing the next day!

Think of it like being graded at school - if you do it every single day you get an A+, but you'll still PASS if you miss a few days!


Develop New Healthy Habits In The Next 12 Weeks!

Using the new Healthy Habits Worksheet that we've put together, we'll help our teammates pick a few habits that they want to build, and keep track of their daily progress towards those habits.

There are 84 days within a 12 week period, and we probably need 66 of them to turn these "actions" into habits that are part of their normal daily routine.

I've already printed out a bunch of copies of our new Healthy Habits Worksheet and I've set them aside for YOU!

Why printed?
  • Hang it up as a visual reminder of your commitment to self-improvement!
  • Physically check-off each day that you complete your goals!
  • Watch as you continue to make progress on your new habits!
If you want help incorporating new healthy habits into your daily routine, we're here to help you!

You can get your FREE copy the Healthy Habits Worksheet by completing the application below and scheduling a FREE 1-hour Transformation Session with us! We'll talk about your current schedule, your goals, and help you fill out the Healthy Habits Worksheet to get you started on being successful towards your goals!

>>> Click Here to get your FREE Healthy Habits Worksheet! 

We look forward to meeting with you, and helping you get started!

I've added "Help our teammates and fans" to my own worksheet, and I'm excited to get back into a habit of helping you every day! Keep an eye on your email and our Facebook Page to make sure you don't miss any of our updates!

To Getting Better By Working Together!
Peter Lohrmann
Co-Head Coach
Sound Training & Racing | Fitness Studio