Amplifier V1

(monochip, stereo)
The amplifier is based on TPA1517NE from Texas Instruments 6W stereo audio power amplifier (datasheet attached).
Maybe a bit underpowered but with some fixes very low distortion can be achieved.

  • Very big decoupling capacitors (10000uF) are for preserving low frequencies.
  • Capacitor between power and ground are for a slow going-up when turning on amp. Must fix this with a slow going-up voltage circuit. Those capacitors also reduce electrical noise.
  • Resistor between power and ground is for discharging capacitors when turning off amp.
  • Resistors between inputs and ground are for avoiding noises when inputs are disconnected.
  • Optionally, a very big value resistor can be added between decoupling capacitors to avoid nasty sparks

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