Anything that sounds this good has to be a SIN!

                                                                                                   Welcome to SIN pickups!
  All SIN pickups are hand wound in the USA! We offer several "stock" models based on artist sound or pickups from the past. We also
build custom pickups made to your specs!!!! You choose the type of magnet, wire size, resistance, bobbin color, or you can tell us the
 "sound" your looking for and we will work with you in making these choices to maximize YOUR tone! All of our pickups are gauranteed
 100% your satisfaction is our top priority!
Stock Models
EVP - For that "Brown Sound" that became so popular in the late 70's and early 80's
             The EVP is a BRIDGE pickup, but can be used in the neck position as well. These
             sound great when paired together, or with a higher output bridge pickup.  
EVWG - For the modern "Wolfgang" sound. The EVWG comes as either a 13k neck or a 15k
                  bridge pickup.
PAF  Classic - Sin Pickups PAF Classics  Hand Wound to PAF SPECS (50mm Standard Gibson Spacing)
                            The Sinbucker classics feature a nice vintage PAF warmth with pronounced mids and a sparkle on the top end. 
                            Superior Clarity and clear as a Bell sound.Like Ever SIN Pickup  the  Sinbucker classics are wound by hand to
                            achieve that "one of" Tone" and the Highest of Quality that can be found.  Potted to reduce micro's
                            The Classics specs are
                             - 42awg Plain enamel wire
                             - Rough cast PAF spec Alnico 2 magnets
                             - Solid Nickel Silver Hardware and Covers
                             - Vintage Braided Leads
                             - Solid Wood Spacers
                             -  OutPut - Resistance   Neck 7k  Bridge 8k

Sinbucker LT - These are my own creation. Kind of a crossbreed of the paf and the evp.
                               They have Alnico 3 magnets and are wound to 9K neck and 11K bridge.
Sinbucker DT- These offer a little more power and more punch in the mids. They are wound to
                               11k neck and 13k bridge.
Seventh Sin -  These offer balance coils with alnico 4 magnets and are wound to 15k
Axis Clone -
P90 single coil  - Alnico 3 magnets and wound to 7.5k neck and 9.6k Bridge
Custom Built - Built to your specs!
Options -
Braided Leads or 4 wire for coil tapping
Bobbin colors are available in Black, Cream, Vintage White or Zebra/Reverse Zebra
Other Colors may be available on request.
Hand polished raw nickel covers are available as well!
To order send me a detailed email to on exactly what you want. I will give you the information needed to
send payment via Paypal invoice. We use this method of payment because of the detailed nature of our pickups. This way we can work
closer with you to build the pickups you truly want.
Special Thanks go to Jason L. for donating the test guitar, installing the pickups, and for building the website.
Special Thanks go to Brian E. For making the videos and his awesome playing ability!
Thanks guys for all your time and effort!
Chris Carter 
Sounds Of Sin
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