Specifically designed for center channel application of a multi-channel home theater system. With excellent tonal balance and imaging.

 Retail per unit $495.00
 DIY Kit w/o cabinet $295.00

Parts List:
1 3/4" MDF cabinet enclosure
2 Audax woofers - 4 inch graphite and aramid fiber composite, magnetically shielded 
1 Audax tweeter - 1 inch textile dome 
1 Passive crossover network
 1 Detailed plan for FHT-Center cabinet in PDF
 set Screws and gaskets


Specifically designed for center channel application, focusing on optimum sound dispersion for dialogue anchoring 

Hand-crafted care and precision using 3/4" MDF for cabinet construction including braces.

Corners are rounded to minimize edge diffraction 

Fully magnetically shielded for audio video application (can be placed near televisions) 

Super-light, super fast drivers using graphite and aramid fiber composite diaphragms

 Frequency Response:  35Hz-22Khz (+/- 2.5 dB)
 Recommended Amplifier Power:  50-175 watts
 Sensitivity at one meter:  89 dB/watt
 Impedance:  4.8 ohms
 Woofer:  2x4" graphite and aramid fiber composite, magnetically shielded (100 mm)
 Tweeter:  1" textile dome (25 mm)
 Finish:  textured charcoal gray lacquer MDF cabinet
 Dimensions: 584x165x228 (23x6.5x9)HxWxD, (mm) (in)
 Shipping Weight: 8.75 Kg (19.29 lbs)

Sound Philosophy Acoustics reserves the right to modify the specifications above without notice.