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10 Reasons why soundphilosophy sounds better

1. Extremely accurate sound- The sonic transparency of our loudspeakers allows the music to come alive and envelopes the listener with passions and emotions intended by the musicians.

2. Huge sound- "Sounds much bigger than they are.", is perhaps the most common initial complement when our loudspeakers are auditioned for the first time. Big sound that fills the whole listening area is a necessary ingredient to an involving musical or theatrical experience.

3. Ideal for all kinds of application- A good loudspeaker is a good loudspeaker. If a loudspeaker is accurate with jazz it will be accurate with rock, classical, pop, rap, blues, gospel etc. And for that matter, it will also be accurate with movie soundtracks like dialogue, music and sound effects.

4. Super light and amazingly stiff diaphragms- Woofer diaphragms are made from a composite blend of Graphite and Aramid fibers. Stiffness eliminates nonlinear distortion caused by driver breakup (when the cone material flexes). The result is an eerie realistic listening experience.

5. Extremely fast (start/stop) transducers- The lighter cone has less inertia, allowing it to respond faster to transient signal and stop faster after the signal is over for maximum dynamic impact. Our exceptionally fast transducers do not allow precious nuances of dynamics to escape.

6. Compact cabinets- With less panel surface area, the sound is radiated more freely as reflections generated from the front of the cabinet are reduced to negligible level.

7. Superior mechanical stability- Smaller cabinets with smaller surface area are inherently more resilient to distortions caused by cabinet vibrations. Also, our compact cabinets are made from ¾ inch MDF (medium density fiber) material, with interlocked bracing to further silence this problem.

8. Cabinet front baffles are rounded to eliminate edge diffraction- Diffraction is a re-radiation of sound energy when the sound encounters a discontinuity, such as the edge of the cabinets. Rounding the edge of the cabinets eliminates this problem.

9. Sand chamber in FHT-Tower model- At the bottom of our FHT-Tower model you will find a separate chamber designed for filling with dry sand. A simple way of improving bass articulation and cabinet stability.

10. Optional bi-wiring/bi-amping- Bi-wiring / bi-amping is possible on our FHT-Tower model. Allowing even the most discerning audiophile further freedom and flexibility in system integration