About Us

Sound Philosophy Acoustics began in June 1999 with a dynamic consumer-first philosophy. As a former recording engineer, President and Chief Designer Cedric Salcedo was already well acquainted with the discipline of sound engineering when he joined Camber Canada Inc. (then Plateau Camber) in July 1991. Camber is famous for their professional loudspeakers still used today as standard monitors by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Camber has also won numerous Sound&Vision - “Critic’s Choice Awards,” and the Consumer Electronic Show - “Innovation - Design and Engineering Awards.” 

In August 1997, Cedric Salcedo left his post as Chief Loudspeaker Designer at Camber Canada Inc., and joined the Software Quality Assurance team of Matrox Graphics Inc. as the audio specialist in multimedia, before formally opening Sound Philosophy Acoustics.

The Loudspeakers
Sound Philosophy Acoustics builds their products on the basis of sound design philosophies that put the emphasis on solid, non-voodoo, time-tested theories of loudspeaker design.


The FHT-Series models use ultra stiff, ultra light, ultra fast low frequency transducers employing diaphragms made from a composite blend of graphite and aramid fiber. The FHT-series loudspeakers have extremely fast and accurate driver units with a carefully controlled horizontal dispersion. These key design points render the “Sounds much bigger than they are” characteristics of the FHT-Series reference loudspeakers.

Sound Philosophy’s prime directive in design can be summarized by Occam’s Razor, “Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate,” meaning, “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.” At Sound Philosophy Acoustics there are no “secret proprietary technologies” that will “revolutionize your life forever,” or any other pretentious claims. What Sound Philosophy Acoustics has are great looking, non-hyped, no-nonsense, superb sounding high-end loudspeakers that are available to consumers at a fraction of what it would normally cost them if the products were to be sold through normal retailers.

To test the value of our loudspeakers, we recommend that you simply compare their sound with loudspeakers in the same price range. But, to evaluate the superiority of the design, we challenge you to compare Sound Philosophy Acoustics loudspeakers with loudspeakers double, or even triple the price.

Everyone loves Sound Philosophy Acoustics loudspeakers! In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of your SPA products for a hassle-free return.