Welcome Bangai O Spirits players from around the world.

Straight to the point: even though Youtube, Soundclick and Soundcloud have helped us in the past to share the Sound Files for Bangai O, I always felt there was the need to have a more organized place to share the Sound Files.

So, I created this site. Feel free to come as often as you like and be sure to tell your friends. Here, unlike the sites mentioned above, you can upload and download any sound file of any extention, even .wma.

You are strongly encouraged to get in touch with other players. If you want to be named and contribute, feel free to contact me at reneponcecarrillo at gmail; I sometimes lurk at gamefaqs.


Sound Load Archive: the spine of this site, this is where all the Sound Files of the community will be stored. Bring it on as one of the ideas that fuels this project is to collect a minimum of 100 levels so we can unnoficially announce the availability of an expansion pack for owners of Bangai O Spirits. I hope this will see the light of day.

That is it, now, bring the missiles on!