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We offer either 'dry hire' - the sound system only - or you can book a qualified sound engineer. We can supply anything from an easy to operate mini-PA for speech and background music, to a hi-power 'rock rig' for live bands at larger gigs, with all the fx units, bells and whistles.

Established in 2001, we have fulfilled over 350 engagements. We've worked in the region's most prestigious venues: hotels, country houses, wedding venues, HM Forces bases and major arenas such as The English Riviera Centre, Plymouth Pavilions, Silverstone Formula One Circuit and The Great Hall of Exeter University, as well as innumerable marquees, village halls, clubs, fetes and pubs. Very probably, we already know the location you have in mind.


Until recently, SoundHelp worked almost exclusively for Devon's acclaimed functions band Limited Company. Our professional public address hire services are now available to other musicians, artists and anyone planning a party or corporate event - at a price that won't bust your budget! Other past clients include The New Mastersounds - probably the tightest UK jazz-funk outfit you'll ever hear, Girton College May Ball Cambridge, and most recently the up and coming Jo Harman & Company - surely about the best soul / blues acts to emerge from the UK onto the festivals scene in recent years.


SoundHelp also offers live recording and affordable demo disc production, plus in-house attractive graphic design for your CD / DVD - ideal for economical small quantity demo batches. In addition we can transfer recordings across a wide range of media and file types - digital AND 'old school' analog . We have considerable experience with the restoration of valued recordings on old analog tape. Our recording / transfer equipment includes professional Sony DAT, MiniDisc, Mac and Windows based hard-disc, hi-end 2 and 4 track audio cassette and a variety of stereo and multitrack reel-to-reel tape recorders, including our superb Studer A807 quarter-inch mastering machine, a classic tape recorder still on the roster of major professional studios.


2014 saw our restored Ferrograph 4A tape recorder make its debut, with some smouldering live takes of The Jo Harman Company. If you want the rich warm tones of 50s and 60s, look no further: only red-hot valves and analog tape saturation can deliver


SoundHelp has simple 'point and shoot' HD cameras with tripod offering basic video recording for your gig. Even used in a 'fixed and forget' position, a few minutes of simple, easy-edit footage - or leave it to us - puts you ahead of the competition.
These days your band's potential clients expect to see as well as hear you, an audio CD alone is unlikely to impress. 


In addition to various sizes of PA up to 2KW we offer 6, 12 and a 24-track Allen & Heath GL2400 mixing desks. We have a range of outboard processors for live and post-production work, including an Aphex 204 optical compressor / enhancer, 2 and 4-channel analog compressors, FX units, frequency-controlled gates, parametric equalizers, 31-band analog and digital graphic equalizers (with automatic 'sample, analyse & adjust' option) and feedback destroyers for difficult venues.


our range of microphones covers the needs of live performance and includes the ever-popular dynamic mikes by Shure, types SM58 and SM57. Our AKG D880 (vocal) and D770 (instrument) neodymium models offer a sweeter top-end particularly suited to female and higher-register male voices. The AKG D112 is considered the 'industry standard' for kick drum and miked bass applications. We also offer several electret and large-diaphragm condenser types for sizzling hi-end percussion, crisp vocal recording and transparent choral applications, as well as a certified matched electret pair for x-y 'direct to stereo' recording.


we have a 20-channel 100ft multicore ('snake'), and a very large stock of non-tangle broadcast-grade balanced jack and XLR  cables by german manufacturer Sommer, ranging from short patch cables for outboard processors to longer-reach 3m 6m and 12m versions. We have a full range of good quality standard and low-type microphone stands, adaptors and stereo bars.


careful and creative lighting will enhance your performance, without resorting to the distracting manic flashing parcans all too common at pub gigs and bad discos. This year we have upped our game with powerful second-generation LED floods, offering instantaneous digital full-colour control. Better still, they produce practically no heat, so you can perform and 'stay cool' without being fried to death by swelteringly hot banks of old-school 1000 watt cans.


As well as the ubiquitous 4 and 6-way strips our robust mains hardware includes heavy-duty 15, 20 and 30m reels, capable of handling both audio and hi-current-demand 'PARCAN' lighting rigs, plus industrial 'blue' 16 and 32 amp adaptors to allow for connection to large portable generators often found at outdoor events. All our mains equipment is PAT tested and comes with RCD safety trips.

alternatively call Duncan Hutchinson on 01626 361708 / mobile 07999 597 837
email us:  hucksoundhelp@gmail.com

Our address is: 20 Keyberry Road  Newton Abbot  Devon  TQ12 1BU
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