Sound Designer

The sound designer is a synthesizer for the production of sound samples and Sound Fonts. With a touchscreen keyboard it can also be used as a music instrument. It can play the sounds with midi files and produce audio files of the songs.


The sound designer is based on the technology of the advanced additive synthesis. The sound waves are produced by the addition of overtones and processing by complex algorithms to make the sounds dynamic.

You can adjust the sounds in 4 different ways:

1. Manual setting on the slider of the overtones.
2. Load and modify a prefabricated presets.
3. Construction of the overtone spectrum by selection rules.
4. Analysis and resynthesis of the overtone spectrum of a natural sound.



A collection of hundreds of ready-made presets (parameter settings) can be used as the basis for the sound design.


This preset collection can also be accessed when using the synthesizer as keyboard. The keyboard is 32-voice polyphonic. From this page you can also start playing a song, and try out different sounds during playback.


The SoundDesigner is not just a sound generator, but also consists of modulators and effect generators. The development of the sound volume durind the tone is adjusted by means of a generator and an ADSR envelope modulator. The different effect functions modify the sound signal and thus produce sound effects.


There are two types of sounds: sustaining sounds and percussion sounds. Instruments, which are excited continuously with energy, such as organs, wind instruments and string instruments produce a sound with more or less constant volume and any duration.
Instruments, which are excited once, such as piano, guitar and vibraphone fade out slowly after a fast attack.
Synthesizers can adjust any volume envelope. The "Attack Time" determines how long it takes for a sound to get from zero to the maximum volume. Short attack times (piano, organ) can lead to hard sounds. Long attack times lead to soft sounds (strings, flute).
The decay time determines how quickly a sound fades out.

FX Effects


The detune effect produces two or more slightly detuned sound signals, which are then overlaid to produce buzzing beat effects.

Via pitch effect the frequency of the wave is modified. So you can generate a vibrato by using an LFO Modulation  or specify the frequency change during the transient of the sound. Portamento provides a smooth transition between notes.

The Exciter enhances the harmonics and thus lightens the tone. The expression of this effect can be modulated during the tone.

Distortion amplifies and curtails the sound signal, which leads to a acid sound.

A filter can filter out groups of overtones or strengthened them by use of resonance. The frequencies of the harmonics can be moved during the tone causing a shift or sweep effect.

The Phaser produces several phase-shifted signals, which generates in the subsequent superposition interference effects.

The chorus effect is caused by the fact that multiple voices are trying to play the same sound but do not make it exactly. Each voice produce a tone that is slightly offset in time and slightly shifted in frequency. When these sounds are then superimposed, a chorus-like sound results.

Delay effect makes one or more copies of the audio signal overlay them with a certain delayed.
The echo effect works similar but the echo times are much greater than in the delay.

Reverberation is caused by a thousand-fold reflection of sound waves on the walls of a concert hall. With complex algorithms a synthesizer can mimic this thousand-fold superposition of time-shifted signals. Almost every sound should contain a certain amount of reverb, because without reverb most notes sound pretty empty.
Produce a song
With the Producer you can arrange a MIDI song to produce a new cover version. You can attribute a new sound to each track  and adjust the volume and balance of each voice. Finaly you can set the desired tempo and publish the new song to your MusicLibrary.
You can load and save your own projects. A project stores the settings of all voices of a song.