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Switzerland 2018

Sound Company is Going to Switzerland!


When are we going?

·       June 15-22, 2018 (Friday – Friday)


Who Can Go?

·       ETC, Seniors (2017-2018 season)

·       SC Seniors (grades 9-12) can go without an adult

·       SC ETC child (grades 6-8) - either a parent/guardian must also go or prearrange for an adult that is going to be in charge of their child. This agreement must be provided to Sound Company in writing, and be signed by all adults involved.

·       Younger sibling of ETC or Senior can ONLY go if parent is going. Younger sibling must be with his/her parent at all times.

·       Juniors who are in 5th grade for 2017-2018 (will be in ETC for 2018-2019 season) may go, but a parent must come.

·       Parents serving as chaperones. All parents going will be considered chaperones and have duties assigned to them.

·       Recent Sound Company alumni may go

·       If there is room after the commitment date in January, 2018, Juniors with a parent also going may be allowed to come.


Approximate cost: $2000-2500/person

·       Costs include: airfare (currently about $1600), some food, admissions, ground travel

o   Host choir will arrange some meals for us, which will be covered in the cost.

o   Travelers will be responsible for the cost of their meals eaten at restaurants, souvenirs, and extra costs such as admissions, equipment rentals

·       Scrip can be used to offset the costs

·       Sound Company will collect approximately $600/person (can be paid in full, or by designated installment payment dates, see below). This money will be used to pay for costs in Switzerland. Any amount left over after costs are calculated and paid to StimmWerkBande will be reimbursed or applied toward 2018-2019 tuition (choice of family)


Tentative Payment Timeline:

·       Money for costs other than airfare (most food, admissions, group t-shirt, ground travel) will be paid to Sound Company. Amount will be approximately $600 per person and will be paid in up to 4 installments.

·       Initial Deposit of $150/person is due by Monday, October 23, 2017

o   This deposit is refundable until January 22, 2018

o   Deposit can be paid:

      • via check to Sound Company (write the names of persons traveling on the memo line). Please make sure to get a receipt.
      • via cashier’s check made out to Sound Company
      • cash. Please make sure to get a receipt.
      • via Paypal (see option on this page) (a $4.05 service fee will be added)

      • via Paypal using a credit card reader that Alice Peterson, treasurer has (a $4.05 service fee will be added)

·       Additional payment dates:

o   $150 per person due on Monday, January 22, 2018. This payment will be considered commitment to travel and refunds will not be given.

o   $150 per person due on Monday, March 5, 2018

o   Final balance will most likely be due Monday, April 30, 2018

·       Airfare payments will be made directly to travel agent according to their schedule, which will be determined after the contract is initiated.

o   For families extending trip, alternate air travel can be made through the travel agent or independently, but you must meet the Sound Company group at specific times and locations once in Switzerland.

o   Travel insurance can be purchased through the travel agency for approximately $50-100 per person depending on level of coverage. You are welcome to secure travel insurance independently as well.

o   Travel agent can book block of tickets together. No guarantee of same flights if booked separately.


Potential Draft Itinerary

·       Friday, June 15-Friday, June 22, 2018

·       Most likely flying out of Knoxville and into Zurich.

·       Sound Company will likely be performing in approximately three concerts while in Switzerland. The concerts will be joint concerts with StimmWerkBande. One concert may be at an open-air market.

·       Activities may include:

o   Hiking,

o   Alpine slide (see and

o   Day trip to Lucerne or Zurich

o   Visit to a school

o   Some families may choose to extend their trip on either end, but will be required to meet with the SC group at specified places and times.


Important Notes:

·       Every person going will need a passport. This can take a few months to obtain, so start the process early. Existing passports will need to expire after January 15, 2019 to be used on the trip.

·       Chaperones will be assigned groups to keep track of and have other duties while in Switzerland.

·       Sound Company will likely be performing in at least 3 concerts while in Switzerland. Concert blacks/vests and silver/black dresses will be worn. Performers will be responsible for bringing their performance blacks/dresses in their own luggage.

·       Medical release forms and insurance information will need to be provided for all performers.

·       Additional documentation and information will be required for minors traveling (i.e. copy of passport, affidavit to travel, emergency contact information, etc.). Some of these documents will need to be notarized.

·       Sightseeing trips will be planned.

·       All families and individuals on the trip need to stay with the group during planned activities.

·       Costs in Switzerland are higher than in the U.S. Bring own money for souvenirs and extraneous costs. Travelers are encouraged to have credit/debit card that can be used internationally and the ability to withdraw cash from an ATM. Switzerland uses Swiss francs as currency, and it is not known how much cash travelers will need.

·       Travelers may arrange with personal cell phone providers if international cell service is desired. At least 2 of the adults traveling will have active service for emergencies. Some host families may have wi-fi, but such service is not guaranteed.

·       Temperatures in Switzerland in June can range on average from 50-70 F. Summer is also the rainy season. Temperatures can be colder at higher altitudes.



·       All performers will be staying with host families arranged by StimmWerkBande.

·       We are staying in Tamins (or nearby towns). There are no local hotels, so all travelers will stay with host families. Closest town with possible hotel-type accommodations is Chur (approximately 8 miles away). If non-performers choose to stay in Chur or other town, they are responsible for their own transportation and must meet the group at specified times and locations.