Become a Better Person

Become a Better Person: Being Better Every Day

Author: Katherine Nagy

What does it mean to be a better person? Who comes to your mind when you think about "better people," and why? What would it mean for you to be "better?"

Most of us would find wildly different answers to these questions. The answers have much more to do with each of our personal vantages of the world than anything else. In light of this, perhaps the best definition of how to be a "better person" is through the act of improving yourself every day. This might sound like a daunting task but surely not an insurmountable one. If you really want to make a change in your life you will be willing to invest your time and energy into it.

Human beings use goals to organize much of their lives. You will wake up every single morning on time so you won't be late to work or school. You invest time in your hobbies because you enjoy them and enjoy bettering them for their own sakes. Setting goals allows for you to be able to track what improvements are being made in your life.

1. Set Goals. This is the first and most important thing you will do. You must discover what it is you want in life, regardless of how unreasonable it may seem. We each may have many years ahead of us and any number of things may happen, more things than we could possibly hope to expect or plan for. So don't be afraid if your dreams sound ridiculous, as long as you have measurable sub-goals by which you can gauge your success.

2. Make a plan. After you've determined your goals, make a plan to reach it. This is your personal development plan. A good plan should act as a guidepost, telling you how you are coming along and at what part of the process you are at currently. It should include something that can be practiced every day.

3. Action! A plan will do you no good if you fail to implement it. Press forward and be optimistic at all times. Never allow a bad situation to dissuade you from your goals. If you find it difficult to start, try making small, simple starting steps to let you build some momentum.

Once you have set your personal development goal, you can organize a routine which will encourage your progress and build good habits. These habits must be followed every day with a positive attitude and action; it is a constant process of development. This is what it means to be better every day.

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Katherine is a mother of two gorgeous girls and lives on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Australia. Katherine is also a businesswoman and devoted student of personal development. She is founder of Frontline Leadership and is a successful LifePath Unlimited Authorised Representative. Find out more at

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