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As the name implies,


“ S O U N D A R Y A  L A H A R I ”




 “waves of  beauty that sets one’s heart on fire” ”



It has generally been accepted that the


Soundarya Lahari


is written By Sri Jagad Guru Adi Shankara.



The legends are that  it was written on the walls of Kailasa

and variously that:


1)Shankara Acharya brought it down to the earth;


2)Gouda Paadar,

brought it  down to the earth who handed it over to

Govinda-Acharya ,

 who handed it over to his

Shishya,Sri Sankara.


This is probably only to impress the reader why

most of it, is beyond 

the comprehension of  the


 Human mind.





The emphasis in many verses in the Soundarya Lahari  is how God can be worshipped in almost any way possible. 




Shankar- Acharya is popularly known as the founder of the

 Advaita Siddhanta:


That s because most people

 are unaware that


“ Advaita ”


comes from the Vedas.


Though the West has named India as the country

with many Gods and Goddesses

 India is a country with

many , many names for the

One God

 that created the whole universe.


For eg:


“ Aham brahma sharva-s-cha jagatah kaaranam param

Aatma-eswara upa dr’shtaa swayam dr’g-visheshanaha”



I, (Vishnu) am Brahma and Shiva,

the self, illuminating every living being,


the lord of the worlds,

the uninvolved sole witness,

the source and cause of the universe,

and what illuminates the world”


अहं ब्रह्मा च शर्वश्च जगत: कारणम् परं


आत्मेश्वर उपद्रष्टा स्वयं दृगविशेषण: "


Sri-mad Bhagavata (4:7:50)


                               Also :     

“To those who have known,

 it is

‘the only one everlasting knowledge / truth’,

 others (those who rely on the Upanishads) use the word


the bhaktas say,‘Bhagvan’,

some-others  ‘param-aathama’.

 It is all one and the same 


( Sree-Mad Bhagavatam: 1: 2: 11)


“Some people say ‘Karma’,  some, character,

 some say,‘time’

 some, ‘God’,

 some, ‘the desire of  Man’  ”.


(Sree-Mad Bhagavatam: 1: 2: 11)



The greatest attack on  Shankar Acharya is that he has said:


“Brahma-eva satyam, Jagat Mit'thya”




This has been greatly mis-interpreted as:



“The world is a myth;

it really does not exist;

it  is untrue.”




However, what this truly means is  said to be:


“It is only God that exists. 


The whole world is only a manifestation of the eternal truth.”



At Shankar Acharya’s level, he could see the entire world as a manifestation of God. (See  Sloka 35 :Slokas: 31-40 ) 


943 rd name in the
The one who is the wealth and glory of the entire universe .

The one in the absence of which, nothing in this universe can exist in the present state.

"What ever exists that is glorious or with much greatness, or full of strength,

You must know all of them as a minute manifestation of my greatness and glory"
Bhagavd Gita : Sloka 41, 42: Chapter 10




210th name in Lalita Sahasra Naama 



The one with great glories