Anoek is a very entertaining speaker who can captivate her audience by her open heart, wisdom and humor.
She can adapt her speaking engagements to her audience: time and place is flexible, length of the presentation can be adjusted.
Some of her favorite themes are
Spirituality in the Workplace 
Communication and Conlict Resolution
Stress and Selfcare
Aging Gracefully
Trauma  and Abuse 
Ethics, Morals, and Values
The Art of Love: Tantra and how to live it
Animals, Nature, The Earth : The Council of All Beings
 Speaking History

National Business Exchange (NBX)

Barton Oaks Business to Business Exchange (BOBBE)

Your Local City (YLC)

North West Business Women (NWBW)

CCMT: Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy

Long Ridge Elementary,Stamford, CT.

Murchison Middle School, Austin, TX

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church,Austin,TX

St. David's Episcopal Church Austin,TX

Ethical Society of Austin (ESOA)

First Unitarian Universalist Church (FUUC), Austin, TX

Gandhi's Birthday at the Capitol in Austin, TX

National Association for Professional Organizers (NAPO)


College for Health Sciences, New York City (teaching position)


Spirituality in the Workplace

To read further I first need to clarify my definition of Spirituality

Spirituality is the inner knowing that we are all connected, to other people, animals, and everything around us. You can call it The Source, The Universe or God, or any other name. In the workplace this means that we not only work for ourselves, but with others and for others, as thus we can make a difference and feel fulfilled. When we are in touch with our own Spirituality, we feel in balance, we have a purpose, we are self-motivated, we respect ourselves and others and most importantly: we have a desire to help others to grow and learn.

How can Spirituality show up in the Workplace?

* Compassion

* Empathy

* Health and Wellness information is readily available

* Forgiveness

* Family is included and supported

* Leadership programs for all

* Diversity and acceptance of different values across cultures

In a capitalistic environment, we tend to see the material rewards we receive from our work. exclusively. In a spiritual workplace there are many, many different kinds of rewards for the work we do, for instance like feeling connected, accepted, motivated, healthy and rewarded. In order to develop individual spirituality and spirituality in the workplace, one must acknowledge that on-going attention must be given to the subject and in many cases the help of a Coach or Counselor is necessary.

Communication & Conflict Resolution
This presentation is for anyone who wishes to improve speaking and listening skills, as well as address conflict resolution, in their personal life or in business.

We will take a closer look at how we communicate with ourselves and others, and what is required to resolve conflict.

We will study how to pay attention to self and others and investigate some of the obstacles we encounter in the way in which we communicate.In the process we will observe how to be Present and how to stay Present.

Functional communication has been proven to increase productivity and motivation.

I believe that communication in a supportive environment leads to understanding, education, reconciliation and compassion.It is the foundation of relationships based on respect and mindfulness.

Stress & Self Care


Stress is a feeling that's created when we react to particular events.It's the body's way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness.

The events that provoke stress are called stressors,

They cover a whole range of situations - everything from outright physical danger to making a class presentation or taking a semester's worth of your toughest subject.

During the presentation I will ask the following questions:

  • How do you contribute to your own stress?
  • How do you approach your stress?
  • How do you nurture yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?
  • How do you control your own stress?

We will also discuss some signs of overload or over-stressed     such as:

Eating disorders    
  • Negative thoughts (you are what you think)
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Over-scheduling (cause and effect)
  • Physical ailments
  • Insomia
    Aging Gracefully
    The purpose of this worksop presentation is to examine if we live our lives in such a way that we can maximize aging gracefully, rather than become old in a way that seriously impairs the quality of your life.

    The presentation will be a combination of lecture, personal inventory and discussion. The purpose of this work is to examine if we live our lives in such a way that we can maximize aging gracefully, rather than become old in a way that seriously impairs the quality of your life. I expect we can inspire and help each other in this process.

    We will discuss how the aging process occurs in a very different way in various communities in the world We will also explore our personal and cultural attitudes about aging, what our "unchanging essence" is and the 12 steps to aging well, per Dr. Andrew Weil.

    Trauma and Abuse 

    This presentation is designed to help you understand how to define trauma, what happens physiologically in the body during trauma and what is Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS)

    We will discuss the various ways on how to recognize sign and symptoms of trauma and address the process of how to heal trauma

    Trauma is perhaps the most avoided and misunderstood cause of human suffering. Consequently, trauma goes untreated in 20% of people being traumatized.

    It is fair to say that most of us have experienced trauma, either directly or indirectly.

    Perhaps the most important thing to understand about trauma is that people, especially children, can be overwhelmed by what we usually regard as every day events.

    I will also explain how, with body work, we can address the re-organization of the nervous system, thus, discharging the trauma and returning the nervous system back to base line

    Ethics, Morals and Values

    In this lecture we will begin by defining ethics, morals and values.

    What is the difference and where dpo they overlap?

     We will make the connection with Religion and church and also explore concepts such as dual relationships, client/therapist (if pertinent),employee/employer, sexuality, confidentiality, medical practice and politics.

     * Is it possible to have a reasonable set of morals and poor ethics or vice versa?

     * Under what circumstances will we still be ethical?

    This presentation can be interactive  and topics will be tailored to the audience and their specific interest and needs.

    Animals, Nature, The Earth : the Council of All Beings

    Every creature is important

    Animals enrich our lives in important ways, dogs rescue us all the time..

    They can be a source of love, joy, consolation, support and a learning process for anyone.

    Consequently, they take an important place in our healing process.

    Statistically, people with pets live longer and happier

    I believe we are all connected to all things alive around us, so we need not only take care of ourselves, but also of everything

    and everybody around us.

    It is not merely a "tree hugging idea", to be kind to trees, it is the very essence of our survival and at the very least, the essence of

    the quality of our lives.

    Rather than talk about the state of the world is in, we will create a short, hands-on experience (if desired) that will leave you with a very different

    way you look at nature