What is it?


During the process, people describe events from their lives (past, present or future), then watch them re-enacted on the spot by the group members. 

Actors are chosen by the Teller of the Story, and the “scene” is set with the guidance of the director.

Anyone is free to participate in any way they feel comfortable including, for instance, providing musical background.

Afterwards, the director, players and audience, discuss the process.

There is as much healing in telling about your life as there is in listening to someone else's story.It is never a coincidence when you are chosen to play play a role.


It is NOT necessary to have theatrical experience or talent!



Why ?


We live in a world where “getting the stage” to speak is a rare occasion. And yet, everyone has important and meaningful stories to tell. How can we listen if we do not get to speak as well?

There  is a lot of healing and discovery in speaking about your own life.

Listening is an important part of this process.


It is my belief that connecting with each other is essential.


* We could have lots of fun; humor is an important ingredient

* Your story is as important to you as it is to others

* Enjoy being together in a new and creative way

* Connect to each other from the heart and thus create community

* You have the rare opportunity to be “Center Stage”