Rev. Anoek van Praag Inbar is originally from The Netherlands and moved to New York City in 1980. She lives in New York her dog and not far from her two adult children. She  speaks five languages.

Anoek is an Interfaith Minister, licensed Massage Therapist (NY), Mediator and Certified Life Coach.

She teaches at The College for Health Sciences and has a private practice in New York. She will work in person or on the phone.


Professional qualifications 

  • Rotterdam – Holland. Graduate of the Institute for Communication – the Dutch equivalent for a degree in Counseling/Coaching  
  • Amsterdam Holland. Trained in many modalities, including Bio-Energetics (Alexander Lowen, Stanley Keleman ), Gestalt Therapy Ilana Rubenfeld), Psychodrama (Neil Young ), Psychosynthesis (Al Pesso) and Massage Therapy. 
  • New York - Trained in Playback Theatre in New York (Rebecca Walters and Judy Swallow), including training in multiple modalities of psychodrama.  
  • New York State and Connecticut State licensed Massage Therapist  
  • New York - Certification in Essential Peacemaking , Dynamic Group Supervision and training in Compassionate Listening.  
  • New York - Ordained as an Interfaith Minister through the Universal Brotherhood.
          Austin - received certfication as a Mediator at the Dispute Resolution Center
          Austin - participated in a year long Playback Theatre Project
          New York - member of the Feldenkrais Institute and participating in on going studies and classes

          Vancouver - taking on going trauma therapy session to further her own personal growth as well as enhance her teaching skills on the subject     

Coaching/counseling/teaching experience 

  • New York/Connecticut - Teaching faculty and students at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT)   
  • New York/Austin - private practice as a massage therapist
  • Austin - Taught at the Lauterstein / Conway School for Massage (TLC) 
  • Austin - Founded the Mentor Program for high-risk teens at a Middle School in Austin,TX. Anoek was in charge of training, counseling and trouble shooting and worked in the school for 6 years. 
  • Austin - Playback theater workshops in elementary and middle schools as well as at First Universal Unitarian Church (FUUC) 
  • Austin – Conducted many workshops on Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution, Aging Well, Stress and Self-Care and Spirituality in the Workplace. 
  • Austin - During the last five years she has been the co-facilitator of "Conversation Café" in Austin, Texas, a dialogue group where people can practice their speaking and listening skills. 
  • Austin - Led Interfaith Passovers at the First Universal Unitarian Church (FUUC) 
  • Austin – Performs Interfaith weddings
  • New York City: Currently teaching "Trauma and Abuse" at the Swedish Institute for Massage in New York City and have a private practice

Speaking engagement examples: 

  •  Gandhi’s birthday, October 2nd 2005 at the steps of the State Capitol in Austin, 20.000 people.  
  •  St Andrew’s Presbetarian Church, Austin
  •  St. David’s Episcopal Church, Austin
  •  City Council of Austin
           Toastmasters Regional Conference

           Your Local City Board members

           International Coaching Federation Austin chapter

           First Unitarian Church Austin, TX