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About me


Born in The Netherlands in 1948, Coming into a world of grief, loss , anger and post-war Holland, laid the groundwork for later developing trauma/ptsd work.  I moved from Amsterdam to New York City in 1980 and promptly fell in love with  the city. 


    I  have two adult children and a small mini poodle called Yoda

     I love animals and feel  especially bonded with

     dogs and horses and believe that they are an essential pert 

     of our well being.        




I grew up in a family disconnected from feelings and from each other.
I felt isolated  was always in a lot of pain, both physically as well as mentally and emotionally and I desperately wanted to change. I  began to chart a road to self discovery that led to the work I do now.

My first step was to become a massage therapist, which evolved in studying all sorts of body work (bio-energetics, feldenkrais, alexander and others) and late I became a counselor and minister.


In my private practice I use a variety of modalities, according to what you may need and want. 

Trauma (see link) is an important part of my work. I am currently teaching "Trauma and Abuse" as well as "Chronic Pain/Chronic Illness" at the College for Health Sciences in New York City. I think resolving trauma is very important, since it will carry over in all aspects of your life. 
Unfortunately traditional medicine has not found an effective way to do so.
Thanks to the work of Peter Levine and others there are alternatives.

I am a Poet and perform my work all over the city (see link for some of it)

In 2001 I started studying aware of Tantra (see link) and have followed a variety of teachers: David Deida, Margot Anand, Charles and Caroline Muir and Carla Tara.
I understand that the the Art of Loving is finding fullfillment through connection with the other. 

I wish to  make a difference with the work I do as well as with the poetry I write.