Chronic Pain / Chronic Illness

As the population ages, an ever greater number of people will be faced with chronic and terminal illness.The illnesses, issues and emotions facing these populations, may present emotions for us as well

 I can help you face your unexplored fear and issues around this, either your own or that of a loved one.

 It is important to realize that different cultures think differently on how to approach illness or death.Western cultures by and large have difficulty with accepting illness or death as part of life, either because of seeing illness or death as a failure or because it is not assumed appropriate

 Fear and denial will cause a lot of extra conflict for everyone involved, which in turn can cause depression or worse.


There are few things that are important to work with

                1)   compassion

                2)   companionship

                3)   supportive presence


Recommended reading on this topic are the books by Elizabeth Kubler Ross. She laid groundwork for understanding these stages of life and identified specific feelings that are typically involved.