Life Coaching / Body Work / Trauma Healing

If you would like to make changes in your life, or want to change an aspect of your life, I can help you reach your goals and dreams. My work is direct, deep and compassionate.

My work is a combination of conversation and working with the body, focused on the re-organization and relaxation of the nervous system.

Trauma is a charge to the nervous system cause by a perceived threat of the integrity of Self. It is the accumulation of such charges to the nervous system that will create symptoms commonly known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD

As you deepen your awareness about yourself, you will increase productivity, creativity and feel more fulfilled. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health will increase. It is not always necessary to work on issues for long periods of time. 

Change can come in a day!

We engage in a process of personal growth and I will help clarify how you can create a path to a healthier and a brighter future. I would be honored to walk that path with you for a while.


I am inspired by the work of Peter Levine (Trauma),Moshe Feldenkrais(awareness through Movement), Neale Donald Walsh ("Conversations with God")and many others.
I am a licensed Massage Therapist since 1987 and studied the Alexander Technique, Bio-Energetics and various forms of Body work
In my work I look at the connection between Body-Mind -Spirit (Soul) and work on harmony between them.

"when the student is ready, the teachers arrive. That sums up my experience with Anoek . My spirit was ready, and she nourished it."

"Anyone who wants to grow and face those issues in their lives that are keeping them from peace and happiness might find benefit from Anoek's teaching. It is with admiration and respect that I recommend her coaching. She will help unblock and unlock those areas within, that are keeping you from finding your highest good."