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Soul On The Bayeaux’s

Recession Menu


May 14, 2008


Please accept these menu items as a way to ease your worries during these harsh economic times we are facing We realize that we are in a recession and gas is high and that caused everything else to go up of course we know  we have to buy those things in order to feed you.

I decided to put together a menu to help me help you.





1) Po Man’s Special: Catfish Sandwich with a hand full of fries   $4.75

2) Cheeseburger with hand full of fries $4.75

3) Pancake with Meat (bacon) & Cheese Omelet inside $5.95

4) Fried Pork Chop Sandwich with a hand full of fries $4.95

5) Small Fish & Shrimp Platter 1 catfish fillet and 5 medium shrimp (fried only) served with a hand full of fries 8.95

6) Half of any of our creole salads $5.95

7) Half of any Po Boy with a hand full of fries $5.95

8) 8 Medium fried shrimp with hand full of fries $8.95

9) 2 Piece Catfish with 1 side (keep in mind these are the 3-5 oz fillets) 7.95

10) 4 Medium Shrimp and a cup of gumbo for $10.95




Our Food is Made From Scratch on a Daily Basis




Prices are subject to change without notice!!

Our All U Can Eat Catfish is available everday of the week

Everyday All U Can Eat Catfish is $15.95

Family Packs are Now Available!!!

Lunch Features Now Available!!!

Ask about our delicious chopped fish salads

(Catfish or Tilapia) Fried or Grilled



:: Gator - Golden Fried Gator    $8.95      




:: Gumbo - Try a cup of our famous Ultimate Gumbo Chicken, Sausage, Crab and Shrimp

Cups of gumbo are available only for dine in customers only.  cup $5.95 Large $7.95

We sell Large and XLarge Orders Gumbo to Go  XLg $10.95 

:: Chcken Tenders - Our Golden Creole Spiced Chicken Tenders are the best





:: Creole Chicken - A creole spiced grilled or fried breast of chicken over a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and cheese


:: Creole Fish Salad - A creole spiced catfish fillet either fried, grilled, or blackened, over a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers with cheese.


:: House Salad - Bed of green leaf & romaine lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese



****This is a new favorite menu item******

Try our Bayeaux Grilled and stuffed burger- grilled to your specifications and stuffed with Cheddar Cheese served

with grilled onions, lettuce and tomato and a side of fries        $7.99




:: Gator - golden fried gator stuffed into a buttery toasted po-boy with lettuce and tomatoes. Sides are not included. Add fries for $1.00 more




:: Catfish - Creole spiced and golden fried to a crisp catfish fillet stuffed into a buttery toasted po-boy. sides are not included.. Add fries for $1.00 more


:: Shrimp - Perfectly fried collosal shrimp stuffed into a buttery toasted po-boy topped with lettuce and tomato. Try adding cheese. Sides are not included... Add Fries for $1.00 more


:: Oyster - Golden fried creole spiced oysters stuffed into a buttery toasted po-boy. sides not included


Soul Food

** When You Arrive Check the Soul Food Board to see what we cooked up today!!! 

:: Smothered Chicken Wings - Creole spiced thick gravy this item is available on the lunch or dinner menu lunch features rice & gravy with 1 side. Dinner features 2 sides

Lunch $8.99 Dinner $10.95

:: Smothered Pork Chops - Creole Spiced Chops with our famous gravy, this item is also available in a lunch or dinner. Lunch is rice & gravy with 1 side and Dinner features 2 sides.

Lunch $8.99 Dinner $10.95

Smothered Oxtails - Creole spiced in a dark gracy withh rice and 1 side


Our Famous Sides


:: Soul Food Sides - Okra & Corn, Mixed Greens, Yams, Red Beans & Rice, Green Beans & Sausage

$2.75  if sold seperately

Ultimate Gumbo

:: Ultimate Gumbo - Our ultimate Gumbo features chicken, sausage, shrimp, and crabs.

Large $7.95 Xlarge 10.95



:: Crawfish - Sauteed crawfish in our secret sauce served over a bed of rice.

small $8.95 Lg $10.95

:: Shrimp - Shrimp sauteed in our secret sauce served over a bed of rice

small $9.95 Lg $11.95

:: Catfish or Chicken - Sauteed in our secret sauce served over a bed of rice

small $8.95 Lg $10.95

:: Crawfish and Shrimp - Combination sauteed together to fuse the two flavors served over a bed of rice

small $10.95 Lg $13.95



****New*** CATFISH STRIP BASKET w/ Fries Only (No Substitutions )   $8.99

:: Houston's Best of the Best Catfish -

2 Catfish Fillets w hand full of Fries $7.95  (recession Menu item)



:: Grilled or Blackened Catfish - Grilled or Blackened with a side of your choice     Dinner


Lunch 13.95




:: Fried Shrimp - Golden fried and creole spiced shrimp served with 1 side  These are not fantailed shrimp they are fresh and plump and juicy Collossal shrimp

(6) $12.95 (8) $13.95 (12) 16.95

:: Grilled or Blackened Shrimp - Grilled or blackened to perfection served with our own lemon butter sauce and a side of your choice

(6) $13.95 (8) $15.95 (12) $18.95

:: Shrimp Three-io - 4 fried 4 grilled and 4 blackened with 1 side

Special of $18.95

:: Twice the Shrimp - 6 fried shrimp and shrimp etouffee




:: Twice the Crawfish - Golden Fried and creole spiced crawfish served with our famous creole spiced secret etouffee sauce with sauteed crawfish swimming in it.


:: Fried Crawfish Dinner - Creole spiced and golden fried to perfection with a side of your choice




:: Alligator (Seasonal) - Alligator (Cocodrie)- Tastes like a cross betwen chicken and veal- high in protein, low in fat, served with a side of your choice. Gator can also be blackened for and additional charge.


Seafood Combinations


:: Fish & Shrimp - (2) Fresh Catfish Fillets lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown with four colossal shrimp and 1 side of your choice.


:: Fish & Shrimp (Lunch Portion) - 1 Lightly breaded catfish fillet and 2 collosal shrimp served with a bed of rice and gravy. No substitutions please...


:: BAYEAUX PLATTER - The best plate in the house with (2)#1 fried catfish fillets (4) butterflied collosal shrimp and (6) oysters all of this with 1 side


:: Grilled or Blackened Tilapia (lunch or dinner) - Lunch served with 1 fillet and etouffee (no subsitiutions) Dinner served with 2 fillets and crawfish etouffee or your choice of 1 side

Lunch $10.95 Dinner $ 14.95

Soft Shell Crabs


:: Soft Shell Crabs - Wonderfull seasoned and fried totally edible crabs served with your choice of 1 side




Drinks & Side Orders


:: Coke Products - no refills


:: Raspberry Iced Tea - refills available


:: Bread - cornbread muffins $.50 garlic bread $2.50




:: Our Famous Peach Cobbler - Rated best Peach Cobble in Texas by the My table magazine

small $3.50 large $5.95

:: Our Specialty Cakes - Homemade Sock it to me German Chocolate, 7-up

slice $3.75

:: Sweet Potato Pie - The chronicle says it's to die for

slice $3.50 


The Ultimate in Creole Dining

Tired of Processed Food? Well you have arrived

Voted Houston's Best of the Best Soul Food 2007-2007 by the Houston Press

Houston Press 2005 names Soul on the Bayeaux #1 Catfish, Houston Chronicle 2005 names the Gumbo the Ultimate. My Table Magazine 2005 names Soul on the Bayeaux the #1 Peach Cobbler in Texas. As seen in the August and September issues of the Texas Monthly Magazine also featured in the New York Times. Featured in 2005 Gourmet Magazine. Listed in the 2007 weekly Chronicle Dining Guide as a 2 Star ** Critics Pick!!!