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Collecting the Fingerprints of God

by Ron Rose



There were twenty strangers standing around, coffee in hand, scanning the crowd for familiar faces. We were all waiting for the training program to begin. "They call me 'Buzzard,' the guy next to me blurted out, "not sure how it all got started but over the years I've grown used to it ... my mother even calls me Buzzard now." He looked like a normal guy, but I wasn't sure I wanted to continue a conversation.


As soon as I shared my name, he hit me with ... "So, what do you collect?" I know a lot of conversation starters and ice breaking questions, but this one seemed to be more than a little "off the wall." "Wall Clocks," I responded.


Then he proceeded to regale me with the glories of his spider collection.


Lyn and I have dedicated one wall in our family room to a rather pitiful collection of 24 wall clocks, but neither of us would be called collectors. My Dad was a collector; when he died his garage was a museum of junk.


Through the years I have gotten to know people with various kinds of collections: Ken collects native American art, Bud — pocketknives, Joyce — antique glass, Blake — writing instruments, Teresa — shoes, Gene — police badges, and Robert built-on a 20x20 room over his garage to display his Bobbie hats.


Ask a person about what they collect and you are asking them to share something revealing and personal. You are stepping into their private world. Not such a strange crowd breaker question after all. "So, what do you collect?"


Try this answer. "I collect the fingerprints of God. I look for his touches in my life and the lives of others; and when I find them I write about them, and I report them. Not long back ..." (Tell about a time when you saw or felt God in action in your world.)


You can talk about your faith without being religious or offensive.




In April of 2007, USA Today did a short story on Kevin Inciyaki, of Sierra Madre, California. The story focused on Kevin's love for trash. Kevin at the time was 9 years old, and fixated on garbage. He not only likes garbage, but he also likes garbage containers and garbage trucks, garbage books and garbage videos. His room is filled with everything garbage.


Early photos of him in the family scrapbook show an eager youngster inspecting trashcans at Sea World. He even has a photo collection called "Garbage Trucks of the World" taken for him by family friends on trips abroad.


Kevin's mother Marsha said, "It's been garbage since he was 2 years old. You have no idea what it is like having a child who has a passion for trash."


Why not collect something that lasts forever?

Maybe not, but God does.


Why not collect something that lasts forever and makes God proud in the process?




Some collections are reflections of our passions, some take us down a dangerous path, some are nothing more than a diversion, or innocent dabbling, and others become obsessions. What are you collecting?


Join with me in the pioneering venture of building a network of believers who have become collectors of holy fingerprints.


Keep your eyes and ears open. As you travel, work, walk your neighborhood, share meals together, and attend social gatherings, look and listen for the fingerprints of God. He's working everywhere, sometimes in ways that may appear to be strange and bizarre, but he is still touching lives and healing hearts. When you hear an account of his touch ... write it down, save it, share it, and celebrate it. “




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This article talks about what you have to give to others . No matter how little you have , you can always find something to give away. Do you give garbage or do you give help ? It all depends on what is inside of you to give.




 "Give What You Have"



This story comes from the early days of division in East and West Berlin.


One day some of the folks in communist-controlled East Berlin took a truckload of garbage and dumped it on the West Berlin side. The folks of West Berlin could have retaliated and become involved in a garbage war.


Instead, they took a truck of canned goods, bread, and milk, and neatly stacked everything on the East Berlin side. On top of this stack of good stuff, they placed the sign that read, "EACH GIVES WHAT HE HAS."


How true that sign was.


People who are filled with gladness give their joy to others. Others, who have spirits of anger, jealousy, and greed, share those negatives with those around them.


 What do you have to  give ?

 From a devotion originally written for "By the Way"


Here  are some quotes that I thought applied to this article- soulight :


   Luke 6:43-45

For no good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit, for each tree is known by its own fruit. For figs are not gathered from thorn bushes, nor are grapes picked from a bramble bush. The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. 

3 John 1:11
Dear friend, don’t let this bad example influence you. Follow only what is good. Remember that those who do good prove that they are God’s children, and those who do evil prove that they do not know God.





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Please Don't Interrupt Me

What if life is really in the interruptions?

by Roxanne Wieman



I love poetry: to read it, to write it, to get lost in the language and the pictures. To savor the fragment that doesn't seem big enough or long enough, and yet it captures everything.


I love poetry, and in honor of National Poetry Month—and in keeping with the spirit of poetry, a shared, often oral tradition—I want to share with you a poem that has recently captured me. A poem that startled me with its haunting picture of simple generosity. Here it is:




Night Train Through Inner Mongolia


Now the child is a runny-nosed stranger

you've finally decided to share your seat with,

and the whole thing keeps heaving into the dark.


The child sleeps unsweetly hunched against you,

your side is slowly stinging, he has wet himself,

so you do not move at all. I know you.


You sit awake, baffling about a quirky faith,

and do not shift until morning.

This is why you are blessed, I think, and usually chosen.


—by Anthony Piccione, from his book The Guests at the Gate


I want to savor those last lines. They pierce me. I am challenged by this unknown passenger who would sit so silently and generously; who would give up comfort and personal space.


Am I so willing?


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