Smooth Surface Implants with sharp and cutting crestal threads which engages in the corticals of extraction sockets. The apical compression thread provides perfect stability both in compressed spongious and in cortical bone.

Beces Ex implants may be used both in extraction sockets and in healed bone areas. They are also used in the Tubero-Pterygoid region providing excellent anchorage to full mouth as well as upper posterior segments. They are used for circular bridges and segments with at least three implants. Under adequate loading conditions and if enough implants are splinted, the treatment can be performed in an immediate load protocol.
a) Neck Height : 3.8 mm
b) Neck Diameter: 2mm
c) Max. Endosseous diameter: 3.8 / 4.1 mm
d) Endosseous length: 12 – 29mm

3.5 X 12
3.5 X 15
3.5 X17
3.5 X 19
3.5 X 21
3.5 X 23
3.5 X 26
3.5 X 29
4.1 X 12
4.1 X 15
4.1 X 17
4.1 X 19
4.1 X 21
4.1 X 23