Aims and Scopes

The SOU Criminology and Criminal Justice Department is pleased to announce the new student journal, The SOU Student Journal of Criminology & Criminal Justice, which highlights your scholarly work!


The mission is to advance knowledge and thought in the field of criminal justice through the publication of scholarly student journal.  We seek papers that address issues about criminal justice related topics such as crime, delinquency, legal issues, corrections, and policy.

If you have written a paper you would like to share with CCJ students and faculty, please email it to  You paper will undergo a peer and/or faculty review, and if accepted, will be published in our online journal in the Spring term. 

Papers should be 8-10 pages in length, although shorter papers relating to a salient criminal justice topic will be considered.  APA format required. 

Questions?  Contact Dr. Alison S. Burke at or call 541.552.8288.


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