Who is three day blog?

My name is Rachel B. and I am the writer here at three day blog. I am a 30 year old SAHM who also likes to play at a little web design.

 I started this blog  in April 2007 because I thought there was a need for my brand of humor on the web.  So what if there are a million plus people out there with tons of  talent and loads more style---I knew no one could underachieve in this field, all the while procrastinating her life away, better than I could!  Hence the birth of three day blog--which is so named for my propensity of not lasting more than three days on any one thing.  Some people call it detrimental to living.  I call it adorably annoying.  

So here I am, baring my soul to you.  Laugh with me or at me--I don't care.  I take any and all laughter.  We aren't snobbish here at three day blog.

Now let me introduce you to the cast of characters.


Named are left unchanged.  Why protect the guilty?




  Edgard:  My patient and understanding husband.  I am lucky that he loves me unconditionally because that means that I can make fun of  him till the end of time.  And I do...constantly.

Edgard was born and raised in Mexico City to a C.P.A. Dad and stay-at-home Mom.  He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters.  He is the baby of the family.   Now...I bet you are thinking that he might be spoiled as a result.   You would be correct. 

He is also a musician---first and foremost being a drummer.   But he successfully dabbles in every other part of music that he possibly can.  For actual money, he is a certified automotive painter.   The ironic thing about that fact???  He is color blind.


Anthony:  My first born son and my first mate in silliness.  He is 7 and very smart for his age.  I know every mother says that.  

It's true.  

Brilliant...absolute genius...I pinky swear! 


 He is also main protector over his sister and guardian against the use of table salt.  What can I say, I like salt a lot. (kindly remind me never to tell Anthony anything negative about any foods  if I ever want to indulge in them again)


Irene: Last, but never least, is the other female in the household.  What can I say about her except that she is like dessert.  Sweet, nice to look at, but if you have too much...you are likely to get a pain in the stomach.  We all adore her and in turn she allows us to.   Yet, if you look very close... through her tough girl routine, you are liable to discover a very well hidden part of her personality that is very loving, caring, and quite funny.