The One Rule

"You may only pick locks you own or those you have been given explicit permission to pick."


Introduction with videos: LifeHacker
Lock picking supplies: Without A Key
Information on Locksport: Locksport International
Welcome to the website for the Southampton lock picking society or LockSoc for short. 
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Locksport is the practice of picking locks or more generally circumventing security systems for fun an an increased understanding of security. I must stress that this club does not condone lock picking for illegal purposes and engaging in these activities with your new found skill will result in a ban. Rather this club is to make people aware of the security they are using. For example I can now recognise locks that are harder to pick than others by examining the key and was rather horrified at the level of security on several others.

We do not just do locks here by the way it is any kind of security such as handcuffs and room safes too.
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Dexter Lowe,
8 Dec 2011, 15:35