Why You Should Join Our Group

Sight Of The Night is an active Facebook Group where like minded people share / attend / are able to host social events. Within the group, a variety of events are hosted, from trekking to physical training, diving, climbing, kayaking, as well as other social events such as dinners, drinks, get together, BBQ's, Dancing, so on so forth.

The main aim of the group is to be active, thus coming to events hosted within the group. There's no point staying in the group and never actually join an event. The privacy of the Facebook group is set to Closed: for who is not familiar with groups, it means that 'Anyone can find the group and see the members that are in it, but Only members can see posts/events/any other content.

Joining the group is pretty simple... Once you attend any event of Sight Of The Night you will be granted access in the Facebook group. This serves to get acquainted with some of the members before actually joining the Group. Friends of friends are always welcome, the more the merrier. A list of events can be seen by clicking on the Calendar, which is also found on the left hand side navigation column.

What's the Best About Our Club?

Being active, hosting fun events for all to enjoy, a social community where IF you don't find the event you are looking for, then you can always create it yourself and others will join :)