Seven Oaks Sanctuary for Wildlife

Rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for Jamaica's endangered parrots, snakes and other wild species.

Blackbilled parrot (Amazona agilis) - endangered species endemic to Jamaica


 Hummingbird rescue 10/Nov/07


The Jamaican Boa (Yellow Snake) and ALL native Jamaican birds are PROTECTED SPECIESUnder Jamaica’s Wildlife Protection Act, the penalty for capturing these animals, harming them or having any part of them in one’s possession, living or dead, is $100,000 and/or a prison term of up to two years.

Jamaican boa (Epicrates subflavus) in coastal forest


Seven Oaks Sanctuary for Wildlife (SOS-Wildlife) is a non-profit wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility in Runaway Bay, St. Ann, which receives and cares for various species of Jamaican wild animals, such as Jamaican parrots, parakeets and snakes, as well as some domestic animals and exotic species of wildlife.  SOS-Wildlife is operated under the auspices of Northern Jamaica Conservation Association (NJCA).

SOS-Wildlife is actively involved in combating the illegal capture and trade in Jamaican parrots and parakeets, which like ALL indigenous birds, are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act.  Since 1990, the sanctuary has been caring for protected species rescued or confiscated by Honorary Game Wardens or the Police.  There is an increasing demand for the services of SOS-Wildlife due to habitat destruction (which forces wildlife such as snakes into built-up areas, where they are often killed or injured), the illegal trade in Jamaican birds, and the deliberate injury of some wild animals due to ignorance or superstition.

NJCA is dedicated to the protection and wise use of natural and cultural resources in Jamaica, through education, advocacy and environmental conservation activities.  NJCA has designed and implemented several educational programmes about Jamaica’s unique biodiversity, using live wildlife exhibits, nature walks on the woodland trail, audio-visual presentations, and school outreach activities.

SOS-Wildlife is authorized under Section 22 of the Wildlife Protection Act to receive and care for protected species, but it receives NO government funding.  Over the years we have had some project funding from donors such as the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, CIDA and USAID.  However, the costs of daily care and feeding of the animals, rescue assistance, veterinary care, utilities, improvement and maintenance of the infrastructure, cages, facilities and grounds are currently borne by Wendy Lee, with occasional donations, which are always welcome. Electricity, water, transportation, wildlife care and grounds maintenance costs are also substantial.

Goals:  There is much interest among the public in visiting SOS-Wildlife to see and learn about the rescued animals.  However, the sanctuary is not equipped to deal with groups at this time, as there are no visitor facilities such as bathrooms and no education staff to host visitors.


Executive Committee (NJCA):  Wendy Lee – Executive Director (volunteer position), Elke Macdonald – Treasurer,  Sheilah Forward – Secretary, Barbara Zampelli  Director.


Members:  NJCA consists of a network of over 200 members, more than half of whom are from rural communities in northern Jamaica.


Partners:  We collaborate with the Hope Zoo, Montego Bay Animal Haven, the JSPCA, NEPA and other partners to rescue wildlife from all over the island.  We have been working towards strengthening a national wildlife rescue and education network as part of our efforts to promote the conservation of Jamaica’s biodiversity.  Other partners include Jamaica Environment Trust, Windsor Research Centre, Seow’s Supercentre in Ocho Rios (our most generous donor of in-kind support), NGOs, schools, NJCA members, individuals and companies.  Our Jamaican boa conservation efforts have received assistance (beautiful posters) from overseas organisatons such as the Durrell Wildlife Preservation Trust, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and the European Studbook Foundation.  In February 2007, Junior Plus School in Montego Bay chose SOS-Wildlife as the beneficiary of its annual fundraiser, and raised over JA$300,000 which was used to build a security fence and new cage stands.  We are extremely grateful for all contributions!