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Your book, from Design to Printing and Self-Publishing...

My primary focus is the self-publisher looking for help in laying out their book, creating a cover and publishing print-on-demand (POD) on Amazon. 

I'll take you through the steps and understanding the steps involved in:
  • ordering your ISBN
  • setting up an Amazon account
  • design and layout of the book
  • launching on Amazon
  • buying your copies
No minimums to buy with POD.  No inventory to warehouse and the author owns the rights to their book! 

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-Patt Davis 661-477-2736 (USA Cell/Text)

Self Published . Design to Printing Examples

Clay Grant is an exploited 80's child star, now on the run from the media, paparazzi, and his past. But he can't stay away forever; a fight with a camera man turns physical, and Clay finds himself in jail. With nowhere to turn, Clay accepts the help of motivational pastor Reagan Mitchell, despite his reservations. He arrives in Cliff Falls at Reagan's invitation, where he wrestles with the question of what it means to be truly human. What Clay discovers will change his life, and perhaps yours.

Printed: Paperback hard copy and Kindle on Amazon.

Bill at Rainbow Bridge is a modern family classic, written for all who love animals, and illustrated by the renowned artist Peg DuVal. This heart warming story will fill you with hope--and will make you "cry for happy." It also makes the perfect gift for the pet-lover in your life.

Printed: Paperback hard copy and Kindle on Amazon.