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Applied Physics Letters

Journal of Applied Physics

Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology

Journal of Materials Research

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of Materials Science

Elsevier: Thin Solid Films
              Applied Surface Science
              Journal of Crystal Growth

Springer: Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing
            Materials Research Innovations
            Journal of Solid State Chemistry

Advanced Materials and Processes

Annual Review of Materials Science

Journal of Advanced Materials

Journal of Electronic Materials

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions




Materials Research Society

American Ceramic Society

American Vacuum Society

American Institute of Physics


Periodic Table-all elements with their various physical properties

Physical Constants

Materials Properties and Data

MatWeb: the Free materials information database with property data

WWW Virtual Library : Technical Ceramics

Materials Science Education

Crystallography World Wide

Web Directory : American Crystallographic Institutes

Web Directory : Particle-Surface Resources on the Internet

Challenge of Materials : Materials Science Museum

Learn about materials and their structures

Materials Technology: Strategic Industry Reports on Advance Materials

R & D Online magazine

Materials Information Sites made by NRIM (National Research Institute of Metals) in Japan