• Educational Opinion Blogs
            Education Policy Blog --  "...a multiblog about the ways that educational foundations can inform educational policy and practice!         
                                                                          The blog is written by a group of people who are interested in the state of education today..."

                  Schools Matter -- "This space explores issues in public education policy, and it advocates for a commitment to and a re-examination of the
                                                       democratic purposes of schools

                  Fred Klonsky's Blog -- "Daily posts from a public school teacher." 

                  Walt Gardner's Reality Check -- "Walt Gardner taught for 28 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District and was a lecturer in
                                                                   the UCLA Graduate School of Education."

  • Political News, Opinion, & Updates
          Daily Kos --  "The State of the Nation"

              Congress 101 --  "...a handy reference guide you can use to get up to speed on how Washington works."

                  GovTrack  --  "A civic project to track Congress."

                  OpenCongress  -- Another site that let's you keep track of important bills, see how representatives have voted, and much more

                  EdMoney --  " is the economic stimulus reaching America’s schools?  EdMoney tracks spending in public schools across the country  to find out."
                        Visible Vote  - -  A site that let's you search for bills, vote on them, and send the results to your representatives.  There is also a mobile app for this site.
                        Legislative Action Center - - A site from the NEA that helps you to easily email your representatives on important education issues.
  • Other Interesting, Enlightening, and Informative Articles & Websites
            We Must Fire Bad Doctors  - -  An  article by David Reber that  does a fantastic job of spelling out the absurdity of some of the public's perceptions  of teachers.
                      Public Vs. Private: A View From The Blackboard - - An article pointing out the differences between public & private education.