Frequently Asked Questions:


By involving your co-workers, family, friends, neighbors, and anybody else who thinks education is important enough to become involved.


Ongoing for as long as it takes.


An ongoing movement in support of education.  This means reformation without penalizing the ones responsible for educating our future leaders, the teachers!  Too many teachers have been getting pink slips, too much focus has been put on implementing programs that judge the teachers' performances without giving them the proper resources, and teachers are becoming more and more of a target of negativity and less and less of an important, respected part of society.


Because now is the time.  Now is the time for change, for progress, and for fighting to gain our respect back.  Teachers have taken their blows for far too long while continuing to work far too hard for far less money than they are worth--only because they know that if they didn't do it, who would?  Teachers work as hard as any other profession, and much harder than most because they care about what is right, not about their paychecks.  But there comes a time in everyone's life when enough is enough.  Teachers need to step up to the plate and, as one unified body, tell the ones making the decisions that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Instead of sitting down and taking it, teachers need to stand up and face it!  Not just for themselves, but for their current students, students of the future, and for society.  


Everywhere across the United States of America and the worldwide web.