Agenda (UPDATED 3/31/11)

  • Friday, November 26, 2010
        Black Friday Event

  • The month of December 2010
        Public Education Holiday Wishing Tree Now active! Please contribute.        
  • The month of January 2011
        Wear Red for Public Ed Campaign begins
        Start petition to officially make July 30th National Support Public Education Day

  •  July 30, 2011
        SOS Million Teacher March event. Location: everywhere

        July 30, 2011, National Support Public Education Day, will be a day filled with activities from sun up
        to sun down and beyond.  In order to involve the maximum amount of people in this event, it will be
        both a community-by-community event and an online virtual event.  The goal is to get people from
        all across America to participate in this day of national support and activism for the public education
        system.  On July 30, 2010, we had several "mini-marches" in places like Florida, Illinois, and
        Wisconsin.  We also collected shoelaces to represent all of the people willing to march for public
        education.  This year, we will do much more.  Within the next couple of days, I will be posting a
        tentative agenda for July 30th. 
        It is important that every teacher, every parent, every family member, every community member, and       
        every American have the opportunity to participate in this march regardless of their current economic
        situation.  Therefore, this will be an 
event that EVERYONE will be able to attend because it will be
        occurring in your own communities and across the internet.  

        We are currently looking for volunteers to help organize marches in their own communities. If you
        are interested, please send an email to telling where you are from, and
        also be sure to join the SOSMTM Wiggio site.