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Who are we?

SOS Levasseur is composed of citizens with diverse origins and complementary talents. All our volunteers share the same deep wish that René-Levasseur Island becomes a protected area where no industrial activities are allowed. This environmental movement started in 2003 as the coalition "Sauvons l'île René-Levasseur". Since 2006, the group is defined as a non-profit organization ''SOS Levasseur'' in order to coordinate the initiatives of each other in a coherent way.
In its legal structure, SOS Levasseur recognizes its members by their involvement and their presence. Any person who participated in one activity organized by SOS Levasseur can be a member if they make a request to the Board. This way, the movement stays inclusive and horizontal, as long as each member pursues the mission of the organism : to protect the integral ecosystem of René-Levasseur Island.

Through the last decade, about a hundred people got involved with SOS Levasseur. They either participated in a demonstration, a photo exposition, an environmental festival, a meeting, a scientific expedition, etc. Nowadays, a stable nucleus of 5 active members keep the organism and its cause alive. Our present mandate : to deliver our Request for a Protected Area to the Quebec Government and to make sure it is accepted.

And you, dear forest lover, animal protector, if after reading those lines you would like to join our team, there is a place for you! Just contact us and tell us what your talents and motivations are!
We are joyful and respectful people, meeting once a month, and we love to share Labrador tea with new members.

Marilyne, Maude, Geneviève, Charles et Christine
The team of SOS Levasseur