Project Description

The project focuses on identifying innovative practices and approaches for the development of learning, which focus on including humour, by paying particular attention to the most up-to-date models and good practices in the field of adult education. This learning partnership will be co-managed by three European organizations (Spain, Sweden and Turkey) working in the adult education field, who face the problems derived from the difficulty of involving and improving the attention of their students daily.

SOS Project would like to bring your attentiont to some selected instructions, including adjustments in the curriculum, materials and approaches to help face the problems that could arise while teaching and managing adult classes with may have any range of age and cultural backgrounds.

The objectives that will be fulfilled are: 
  • Exchange of experiences about partners’ curricula in order to discuss how to manage classes whilst including humour.
  • Identification and exchange of good practices in order to motivate students and to help them to face problems related to the interpersonal skills during adult learning, and consequently their cultural integration. 
  • Discovery of innovative and suitable practices to help administrators and trainers to manage difficult situations and to train them with appropriate methods.