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"There is a higher court than the court of justice and that is the court of conscience It supercedes all other courts. "
- Mahatma Gandhi


Editorial : PIL Appeal To Honorable Supreme court of India For Writ of Mandamus


Greetings to all my fellow Indian citizens on the occasion of 61st Republic day of India. We salute our freedom fighters , military personnel & martyrs for all the sacrifices made by them. Let us build a strong , Secular , Democratic India by getting rid off few corrupt  elements , anti nationals , traitors  among public servants.


Information input  forms part of process of one’s expression. One’s expression in any forms – written , oral , etc becomes information input to the opposite person , in turn he expresses his reply. Information & Expression are inseparable parts & form lifeline of a democracy. That is the reason , Right to Expression is the basic fundamental right as well as human right of every Indian citizen. When a person’s  right to expression is violated , his other rights to equality , justice , etc also  are violated. Suppression of Information amounts to curbing of Expression.


In a democracy , people have a right to know  how the public servants are functioning. However till date public servants are hiding  behind the veil of  Officials Secrets Act (which is of british vintage created  by british to suppress native indians). By this cover-up public servants are hiding their own corruption  , crimes , mismanagement , failures , etc. even RTI Act is not being followed intoto by public servants. However the recent delhi high court ruling affirming that CJI is under RTI purview & bound to answer RTI request , is noteworthy.


Our previous RTI request to CJI , union home secretary of GOI, President of India  , DG & IGP of GOK and others were not honored. The information I sought were answers to the following questions mentioned in the below mentioned websites . the questions concerned the past , present continuing injustices meted out to  millions  of Indian citizens , due to wrong / illegal work practices of  Indian judges , police & public servants  .   The  information we sought would expose the traitors , anti-nationals , criminals  in public service.  The information we are seeking are no defense secrets , no national secrets. The truthful information exposes the anti-nationals , traitors in the public service & strengthens our national security , national unity & integrity.


Hereby , I do request the honorable supreme court of India to consider this as a PIL for : “writ of Mandamus” and to issue instructions to the concerned public servants in the following cases to perform their duties & to answer the  questions.  JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM.


Your’s sincerely ,



 Failure of duties & questions not answered by public servants


Circle Inspector of Police , Vijayanagar Police Station , Mysore City , Karnataka

http://sites.google.com/site/sosevoiceforjustice/police-not-registering-fir-complaint  ,




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http://crosscji.blogspot.com/ , http://crossexamofchiefjustice.blogspot.com/
http://crimesofsupremecourt.wordpress.com/ , http://crosscji.wordpress.com/
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http://crosscji.blogspot.com/ , http://crossexamofchiefjustice.blogspot.com/
http://crimesofsupremecourt.wordpress.com/ , http://crosscji.wordpress.com/
http://crossexamofchiefjustice.wordpress.com/ ,



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Questions to honorable chief justice of India , H.E.Honorable President of India , Union Home Secretary , GOI , DG&IG of Police GOK






Q1. Why not death sentence to corrupt police who murder people in in lock-up / fake encounters ?

Q2. Why not death sentence to corrupt police who apply 3rd degree torture on prisoners ?

Q3. Why not death sentence to corrupt police , who connive with criminals & backstabs our motherland , it's national security ?

Q4. Don't the police have suo-motto powers to take action in the interest of public welfare , law & order ?

Q5. Daily we see numerous reports of misdeeds by police , public servants , industrialists , etc in the media . Then why not police taking any action with respect to them ?

Q6. nowadays we see numerous reports of scams , scandals by constitutional functionaries , public servants in the media. Instead of wasting money , killing time by prolonging formation of parliamentary committees , judicial commissions , why not subject those accussed public servants to narco analysis , lie deector test , etc to ascertain truth & provide timely justice ?

Q7. If a commonman files a complaint , police / courts wants evidences , witnesses to take action against the rich & mighty crooks. Where as if a rich person just gives a complaint against a poor chap , he is arrested , tortured eventhough there are no evidences , witnesses. Why this double standard ?

Q8. If a poor chap tries to collect evidences as per his fundamental rights or as per RTI ACT , the public servants don't give full , truthfull information. Still , police / courts don't take action against those public servants hiding crimes. Why ?

Q9.why I was not permitted to appear as an "amicus curie" before jain commission of enquiry or supreme court of india probing late prime minister rajiv Gandhi assassination case ?

Q10. The criminal nexus tried to silence me , by closing my news paper , by snatching away my job oppurtunities in government service, by physically assaulting me , by threatening me of false fix-ups in cases & by attempts to murder me. But no action against culprits , why ?

Q11. Whereas , I was enquired number of times by police & intelligence personnel about this case , but the culprits were not enquired even once , why ?

Q12.who compensates the losses I have suffered due to these injustices ? are not police responsible for it ?

Q13. Is it not the duty of police to protect the lives , livelihood of witnesses & all parties involved , both during case & afterwards ?

Q14. How do you monitor & check corrupt police personnel & increase in their family's wealth year after year ?

Q15. While getting appointed into government service from the rank of peon to IAS officer , police verification is mandatory. While appointing to sensitive defense establishments , research institutes in addition to police verification , central intelligence agencies cross-check candidate's background. However is there no background checks of constitutional functionaries , MPs , MLAs , , who are privy to national secrets ? why ?

Q16. Recently , the opposition parties have made allegations during presidential allegations that close relative of one of the front running candidates have swindled public money by their bank , misused public money through one of their NGO. Is it true ?

Q17.has GOI funded any terrorist outfits in india or abroad ?

Q18.india preaches non-violence , panchasheel principles to the world. In india , more than half the population are poor , people are starving to death. Inspite these background , GOI funded & aided terrorist outfits in former east Pakistan ensuring the creation of Bangladesh , GOI has funded & aided terrorist outfits like LTTE , TULF , ETC in srilanka , MQM in Pakistan. In turn these terrorist outfits have murdered thousands of innocents in those countries. Are these acts of GOI just & legal ? Is not GOI responsible for all those murders of innocents ? has GOI paid any compensation to those victims or their family mebers ? why not ?

Q19.within india , to reduce the influence of certain terrorist groups , GOI has funded & aided couter terrorist groups , is it right & legal ?

Q20. In Jharkhand , chattisgarh , etc , the government has armed , trained & funded "salwa judum" to counter naxalites. Salwa judum cadres are terrorizing innocents just like naxalites. Is this action of government just & legal ?

Q21.in india, TADA , POTA is being rampantly misused by police. Even where there are no problems of terrorism , TADA / POTA is being slapped against innocents , even children. In M.M.Hills of Karnataka state , STF personnel charged tribal people with TADA on frivolous charges of taking lunch to veerappan , stiching dress for the forest brigand, etc. where as the prominent political, film , sports personalities who have links with underworld , anti national elements & attended parties hosted by dawood Ibrahim , other dons in gulf countries , else where. But these hi-fi people are not charged with TADA / POTA ? why ?

Q22. Film actor sanjay dutt had contacts with underworld & fully knowing well the criminal objectives of criminals , hid the dangerous arms & ammunition in his home , which were intended for terrorizing public. However mr.dutt is not charged with TADA / POTA instead he is charged with illegal possession of arms act ( which is normally applied to farmers who use illegal home made guns to scare away animals , birds in their farms ). Why this favourable treatment of mr.dutt by police ? prosecution ? is this because dutt is politically mighty & rich ?

Q23. Law is one & same for all , the public servants, police interpretes , enforces it differentially between rich & poor ? why this differentiation ?

Q24.recently in Bangalore police nabbed criminals belonging to international criminal syndicate selling duplicate nokia mobiles. Every nokia mobile comes with 15 digit IMEI number , this number is also used by police for tracking criminals. In consumer dispute at consumer disputes redressal forum Mysore CD 49/05 , nokia company stated that all it's products come with IMEI number only & stated that the product in dispute sold by tata indicom dealer M/S INTOTO COMMUNICATIONS , Mysore are not their's as it doesn't have IMEI numbers. Further nokia stated they don't have any business relationship with either tata indicom or it's dealer. However the tata indicom dealer stated that indeed his products are genuine , first hand products , but doesn't have IMEI numbers . this proves the dealer in collusion with tata company is selling illegal nokia mobile hand sets & cheating the public. These mobiles are evading taxes , as well as these are without IMEI numbers best buy for criminal elements who want to evade police tracking. What police are doing

Q25. Who , of which rank among police personnel takes the decision to close a case ie to file "B" report , when after certain time limit no leads are found in investigation ?

Q26. How do you monitor corrupt police personnel , who purposefully fail to investigate case properly , so that either the case can be closed with "B" report or the prosecution fails to prove the case in court ?

Q27. Who among police takes the decision to appeal against the verdict of a lower court , when the prosecution fails ?

Q28. Who took the decision , not to appeal against the argentina court order acquitting mr.quatrochi accussed in bofors scandal ?

Q29. Do you treat all the prison convicts same in the prison or does the notorious big time rich criminals get spacious barracks with tv, news paper , adequate food , medical care , etc while small time criminals , poor are crammed into pig sty like rooms with 60-70 inmates without any basic requirements ?

Q30. What is the status of my complaint made to the DG & IG of police , government of Karnataka on 10/12/2004 ? the copies of complaint was released at press meet at patrakartara bhavan Mysore on same day, even copies were given to police & intelligence personnel ?

Q31. Why no action , reply regarding the complaint till date ?

Q32. Our constitutional frame workers gave legal immunity privileges to certain constitutional functionaries , so that they are not burdened with frivolous court cases & can concentrate on their constitutional duties. But these privileges doesn't cover the individual actions of those public servants like rape , murder , dowry harassment , tax evasion , misuse of office , etc. but still law enforcement / police department is bound to send request to home ministry seeking permission & home ministry sits over files for months. This gives the accussed ample time to destroy evidences. Is it right & legal ?

Q33. Does legal immunity privileges cover their official actions alone ? if not what does it cover ?

Q34. What is the time limit for home ministry to give sanction for the prosecution of tainted constitutional functionaries ?

Q35. How many present MPs , MLAs , MUNICIAPAL CORPORATORS , other people's representatives are facing criminal charges ?

Q36. In the past , how many MPs , MLAs , corporators were facing criminal charges , yearwise since 1987 ? how many of them were eventually convicted ?

Q37. How many MPs , MLAs , prominent film , sports personalities have have contacts with underworld , foreign intelligence agencies ?

Q38. How many of them have attended frequent parties hosted by underworld dons in gulf countries , else where ?

Q39. How many MP , MLA , other people's representatives are wanted by police in various cases . but shown in the police records as absconding but in reality are attending the proceedings of the house as usual ?

Q40. When did smt. Sonia Gandhi became a citizen of india ? did she occupy any public office before naturalization ?

Q41. In india , how many MPs , MLAs , MLCs are of foreign origin or have a spouse of foreign origin ?

Q42. Does smt. Sonia Gandhi have citizenship of any other country ?

Q43. Did she occupy any public office while enjoying dual citizenship ?

Q44. How do you monitor public servants who have spouses of foreign origin & while they are on foreign tour , from national security perspective ?

Q45. Is mr. M.S SUBBA member of parliament a citizen of india ?

Q46. What is the status of complaint made by former union minister mr.subramanya swamy alleging that late P.M rajiv gandhi's family received money from foreign intelligence agencies ?

Q47. In many cases like mass riots involving certain political parties , when that culprit party comes to power all the cases involving it's partymen are withdrawn by the government orelse prosecution fails to prove it's case & prefers not to appeal. Just remember Bombay riot case involving shiv sainiks & others , when shiv sena – BJP came to power in Maharashtra , all the cases against it's partymen were withdrawn. Are these type of decisions by government just & legal ?

Q48.what damages has been done to india's national security due to mole in the PMO, as alleged by former union minister mr.natwar singh ?

Q49. What action by the government ?

Q50. How many Indians are in the custody of police / military in various foreign countries ?

Q51. How many foreigners are there in Indian prisons ?

Q52. How GOI is protecting the human rights of these prisoners ?

Q53. Is the government paying any compensation to victims of police failures , fix-ups , , who suffer in jail for years & acquitted by courts upon finding them as not guilty ?

Q54. Do you register murder charges / attempt to murder charges against guilty police officers who are responsible for lock-up deaths , fake encounters & 3rd degree torture ?

Q55. How many cases has been filed since 1987 till date ?

Q56. What action has been taken against guilty police officers , STF personnel who were responsible for gross human rights violations , 3rd degree torture , lock-up deaths of innocents in forest brigand veerappan's territory , based on justice A.J.Sadashiva commission findings ? if not why ?

Q57. I , as a citizen of india as my "fundamental duty" hereby do offer my conditional services to GOI & GOK to apprehend corrupt public servants. Are you ready to utilize my services ?

Q58. Police personnel are always in the forefront of containing crimes , mass fury , riots , etc. they suffer more & even their family members suffer threats from the criminal elements. Do the government provide insurance coverage to police & their family members on the lines of defense forces ?

Q59. What is the amount of coverage to a police constable & his family ?

Q60. Who makes the premium contributions ?

Q61. Do the government provide overtime allowance , food allowance to police who daily work beyond 8 hours of duty ?

Q62. Is the government giving any training to police personnel in public interaction , human rights ?

Q63. Is it right to post professionally trained police to sentry , orderly duties of ministers ?

Q64. What is the ratio of police personnel to total population in india since 1987 ?


Q66. Is the forensic science department which conducts narcfo-analysis , lie-detector test , etc under the control of police department ?

Q67. Is it not right to put it under impartial control of NHRC or like bodies ?

Q68. Is the action of some police officers arranging compromise meetings & subtly insisting the poor to tow the line of rich or else face the consequences , is it right & legal ? this happens mostly in real estate matters.

Q69. Did government make any ransom payments to forest brigand veerappan during his various kidnappings ?

Q70. What action has been taken based on revealations by karim telgi during narco analysis about public servants involvement ?

Q71. How many cases of allegations against judges were made in the media about misuse of office , criminal acts by judges from munsiff court to supreme court of India ? since 1947 till date

Q72. are the enquiry report findings, action taken reports of such cases accessible to public ? if not why ?

Q73. what action has been taken against guilty judges ?

Q74. are the guilty judges legally prosecuted in all such cases ? or has it just ended with their resignation from services or his superior judge not allotting him any judicial work ?

Q75. why some high ranking judges are not legally prosecuted for their wrong doings ?

Q76. are judges above law ? are not everybody equal before law ?

Q77. do the judiciary subject , all the cases handled by accussed / tainted , guilty judges to review , to undo past unjust judgements ?

Q78. how ? if not why ?

Q79. how do the judiciary monitor the net wealth growth of some judges including the wealth in the name of judge's family members ?

Q80. do all the judges file their annual income , wealth statements on sworn affidavits to the higher judiciary ? defaulters how many ?

Q81. how does the judiciary verifies those statements ?

Q82. is such statements made public , on web ?

Q83. when the judgement of a lower court is turned down by the higher court , what action is initiated against lower court judge for making unjust judgement & meating out injustice ?

Q84. when allegations of corruption , misuse of office , etc against judges are made , why the accussed – judges are not subjected to tests like "poly graph , lie detector , brain mapping , etc" , in the interest of justice & truth ?

Q85. judges are not employees of government , so they are ineligible to be the members of "Karnataka state government judicial department house building co-operative society". Then how come , many judges including supreme court judges are admitted as members of this society & allotted prime residential site worth crores of rupees for a few thousands by the said society at said society's – judicial layout , yelahanka , Bangalore ? while the ordinary members like peons , clerks in judicial department are waiting for a site since years , is not the whole thing grossly illegal ?

Q86. in more than 70% of cases before all courts in India , central government or state government or government agency is one of the parties. How many judges or their family members , have received out of turn , favourable allotments of sites , gas agency , petrol pumps , etc by the government ? is not such allotments illegal ? what action ?

Q87. when a person under police custody or judicial custody suffer 3rd degree torture by police , is not the judge of the respective court which is handling that tortured person's case responsible for it ?

Q88. has the higher judiciary legally prosecuted respective judges & the police officers for committing 3rd degree torture , on charges of attempt to murder & murder ? if not why ?

Q89. registrar , Mysore district & sessions court , has called for the candidatures to various vacancies in that court from the public vide notification no : ADMN/A/10825/2003 dated 19/11/2003. Please furnish me the merit ranking list of selected candidates along with my merit ranking for the post of peon.

Q90. registrar , Bangalore city civil court , has called for the candidatures to various vacancies in that court from the public vide notification no : ADM-I(A)422/03 dated 19/05/2003. Please furnish me merit ranking list of selected candidates for the post of peon.

Q91. when a person doesn't get adequate food , medical care while under police custody or judicial custody , is not the respective judge dealing that person's case responsible for it ? what action ?

Q92. how judiciary is monitoring food & medical care to prisoners ?

Q93. numerous accussed persons are suffering in jail under judicial custody , for periods far exceeding the legally stipulated sentence periods. For example : a pick-pocketer is in jail for one year , the judge finds him guilty of offence & gives him 3 months sentence. What about the excess punishment of 9 months. Is not the judge responsible for the illegal , excess punishment of the convict ? what action against the judge in such cases ?

Q94. numerous innocents suffer in jail for years & finally the judge finds them as innocents & acquits them of the charges. What about the prison sentence , the innocent has already served ? is not the judge responsible for this illegal , unjust punishment to an innocent ? remedy ? what action against the judge ?

Q95. does the privileges of judges cover both their official actions & the actions arising out of misuse of office ?

Q96. does the privileges of judges cover both their official actions as judges & their personal actions as individuals ?

Q97. are the fundamental rights of citizens supreme or the privileges of judges , constitutional functionaries supreme ?

Q98. what is the criteria adopted for promotion of judges ?

Q99. what is the criteria adopted for appointment of advocates from bar , as the judges ?

Q100. what is the criteria adopted for appointment of retired judges , as governors of states , members or as chairman of commissions , etc ?

Q101. how many judges belonging to oppressed classes – scheduled caste , scheduled tribe , other backward classes , minorities & women are their in supreme court , state high courts & subordinate courts ? kindly provide specific figures .

Q102. what are the legal measures enforced by judiciary , to enforce the accountability of judges & to check corruption in judiciary ?

Q103. are not these measures a failure , looking at present state of affairs of judiciary ?

Q104. does the judges arrange for distribution of alchoholic drinks at the official meetings , parties , at the tax payer's expense ?

Q105. does any judges have included their consumption of alchoholic drinks , in their hotel bill & claimed traveling allowance ?

Q106. what action has been taken against – selectors ie Karnataka high court judges & newly selected women judges involved in roost resort scandal in Mysore , Karnataka ?

Q107. when common people / tax payers & even government employees are not getting proper health care from government at government hospitals. Is it right & just to provide premium health care to judges , constitutional functionaries at 5-star private hospitals in India , abroad , all at tax payer's expense ?

Q108. are the judges subjected to periodical health check-ups to ascertain their health , mental faculties & mental balance in the midst of all work pressures , emotional tensions ?

Q109. what is the criteria adopted by judiciary for accepting applications seeking public interest litigations ?

Q110. why numerous appeals for PIL by me , were not considered ?

Q111. what is the criteria adopted by judiciary , for appointing "amicus curie" in a case ?

Q112. why my appeal to honourable supreme court , to make me as an "amicus curie" in late P.M Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case , was not considered by the court ?

Q113. what is the criteria adopted by judiciary , for initiating suo-motto action ?

Q114. numerous cases of injustices are reported in the media daily , with supporting evidences . why not the judiciary take suo-motto action in all such cases ?

Q115. legal aid boards pre-judge the cases in the name of taking legal opinion , before providing legal aid to the needy ? is it not needy person's rights violation ?

Q116. is not the safety of witnesses , parties in cases responsibility of the court , both during hearing of the case & afterwards ?

Q117. is the use of 3rd degree torture by police on prisoners , during the police custody / judicial custody / prison sentence right ? what action ?

Q118. when the corrupt police officer & government prosecution advocate together cover-up evidences , conducts improper investigation intentionally to fail the case – to cover-up rich crooks , high & mighty people , what action judge takes in such cases ?

Q119. how does the judiciary monitor the wealth growth of police , government advoctes , tax officials , officials of licensing authorities , to ensure proper & fair prosecution of cases against rich & mighty ?

Q120. what are the status of appeals made by human rights activist NAGARAJ.M.R. to the honourable supreme court of India ?

Q121. corruption is rampant for selection of officers to quasi-judicial positions like district / taluk magistrates , tax officers , revenue officers , land acquisition officers , etc. how the judiciary monitors over their quasi-judicial actions ?

Q122. subject to conditions , I , NAGARAJ.M.R. , editor , e-voice of human rights watch , do offer my free services to honourable supreme court of India , to apprehend corrupt judges , are you – the honourable court ready to utilize it ?

Q123. what are the status of my appeals , sent to the honourable supreme court of India , through government of india's on-line grievance system ( DPG & DARPG ) :

DPG/M/2006/80008 , DARPG/E/2006/00057, DARPG/E/2006/00225 , DPG/M/2006/80021 , DARPG/E/2006/00253 , DPG/M/2006/80032 , DARPG/E/2006/01149 , DPG/M/2006/80047 , DARPG/E/2006/01164 , DPG/M/2006/80043 , DPG/M/2006/80085 , DARPG/E/2006/06704 , DARPG/E/2006/07017 , DARPG/E/2006/07018 , DPG/M/2006/80159 , DPG/M/2006/80162 , DARPG/E/2006/07864 , DPG/M/2006/80165 , DARPG/E/2006/07877 , DPG/M/2006/80167 , DARPG/E/2006/08028 , DARPG/E/2006/08029 , DARPG/E/2006/08032 , DARPG/E/2006/08043 , DARPG/E/2006/08044 , DPG/M/2006/80174 , DPG/M/2006/80193 , DARPG/E/2007/00044 , DPG/M/2007/80003 , DPG/M/2007/80010 , DARPG/E/2007/00164 , DARPG/E/2007/00165 , DPG/M/2007/80014 , DPG/M/2007/80025 , DPG/M/2007/80049 , DPG/M/2007/80055 , DPG/M/2007/80056 , DPG/M/2007/80078 , DPG/M/2007/80082 , DARPG/E/2007/02618

Q124. the appeals made to the honourable supreme court of India , copies of which are available at following web pages

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naghrw/message/182 ,

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naghrw/message/206 ,

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naghrw/message/208 ,

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naghrw/message/212 ,

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naghrw/message/209 ,


what are the status of those appeals ?

Q125. in the media , we have seen reports about judges committing crimes – rape , attempt to murder , swindling government money , untouchability practice , the disrespect to national flag , sale of judicial orders , bail , receipt of monetary gains by way of royalty for books , prime real estate purchase at discounted rate , taking round about long foreign tours along with family in the name of official work , etc. by this way , judges themselves are making contempt of court , constitution of India & citizens of India. How you are protecting the honour of the judiciary , constitution of India & citizens of India ? please answer.

Q126. Is the government giving any facilities / affirmative actions to policemen's family as being given to defense personnel , ex-servicemen & their families , like preferential site allotment , lpg agency , ration depot , reservation in college admission , soft bank loans , etc ?

Q126. if not , why ? after all , the contribution of police to national security is on par with defense forces.

Q127. is not some high police officials addressing their subordinates in singular term , abusing them with vulgar words wrong ?

Q128. is not some police personnel calling public with singular term, abusing public with vulgar words wrong ?

Q129. is it not the duty of prison authorities to protect the health, lives of prison in-mates ?

Q130.what action is taken against police personnel who wrongly charged an innocent person of criminal acts , resulting in his confinement in jail , finally acquitted by court as found to be innocent ?

Q131. is it not right to with hold salary , gratuity , pension to such guilty police personnel & pay it as compensation to victims of police failures & atrocities ?

Q132. does our Indian constitution legally permit a citizen of foreign origin naturalized by marriage to an Indian or naturalized by option , to occupy any constitutional office ?

Q133. during british rule in india & various other british colonies , criminal cases were foisted against our freedom fighters in India & other british colonies. After india's independence what happened to those cases ? did our Indian government close all such cases or did it continue with the prosecution ?

Q134. in how many cases GOI & other state government continued with the prosecution AGAINST OUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS ? why ?

Q135. what about the status of cases against shri.netaji subash Chandra bose ?

Q136. has GOI deported any freedom fighters to Britain or it's colonies , to face prosecution after India gained independence ? HAS GOI RECEIVED ANY REQUEST FROM BRITAIN TO THAT EFFECT ? if yes , why , whom ?

Q.137. the honourable supreme court of India failed provide information to me as per my RTI request appeal no : 91 / 2007 in response to your letter no : F1 / RTI / A.91 / 2007 dt 13.12.07 , why ?

Q138 . the honourable union home secretary failed to give me information as per my rti request , he transferred my application to others , in turn they transferred the application to some others. Finally , complete truthful information was not given , why ? as the union home secretary has got copies of all those replies in response to transferred RTI application , will he send me a consolidated reply to my present RTI request ?

Q139. in a high profile case before the honourable delhi high court , we have seen how defense advocate mr. R.S.ANAND & prosecution advocate mr. I.U.KHAN made a secret pact to win the case in favour of rich criminal , totally manipulating prosecution witnesses , evidences & prosecution stand , totally making mockery of justice system . how you are ensuring the delivery of justice , there being numerous such advocates in practice ?

Q140. Smt. Sonia Gandhi is person of foreign origin , she wields enormous clout more than the Prime Minister himself over the government of India being the chair person of UPA. Is she legally permitted to summon confidential official records , minutes of the cabinet , to hold the cabinet meeting of union ministers ?

Q141. As per law , is she permitted to hold constitutional offices like prime minister of India or president of India , etc ?

Q.142. What are the fundamental rights of a citizen guaranteed under the constitution (Article 21) ?

Q143. What are the privileges conferred on legislators & parliamentarians by the constitution of India?

a) Inside the House b) Outside the House

Q144. What are privileges conferred on constitutional functionaries, like

a) President of India b) Prime Minister of India

c) Chief Justice of India d) Chairman of NHRC

e) Central Vigilance Commissioners.

Q145. Are the privileges legal immunity conferred on above mentioned constitutional functionaries ?

a) Cover all their official actions irrespective of merit.

b) Cover both their official & personal actions.

Q146. Are the privileges defined & codified ?

Q147. Are these privileges above freedom of the press ?

Q148. Are the liberty & fundamental rights of the citizens guaranteed by the constitution, above the privileges of the constitutional functionaries or equal or below ?

Q149. Can the Indian legislatures & parliament be equated to the House of commons in England which is considered to be a superior court and court of records ?

Q150. Can the division of powers, namely the legislature, the executive and the Judiciary, be equated to the functioning of the House of commons and House of Lords in England ?

Q151. Can a citizen be said to have committed breach of privilege of the House or court and causing contempt of the house or court by raising the issues of accountability of constitutional functionaries ?

Q152. Can a Legislature or Parliament enact a new law, to circumvent or to nullify the Judicial orders with respect to wrongdoings by peoples representatives & executive ? does not it amount to infringement of Judicial powers & contempt of the court by the House.

Q153. Are the FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES of a citizen more important than constitutional duties of a constitutional functionary or equal in importance to it ?

Q154. Can a constitutional functionary commit crimes, anti-national activities in the name of constitutional duties, behind the legal veil of official's secret act & go unaccountable for his actions and go unpunished by his legal immunity privileges

Q155. Are the Legislators members of parliament, High court & Supreme court Judges and other constitutional functionaries not willing to codify their privileges for the reason that if codified their privileges would be curtailed and their action would be subjected to legal scrutiny. ?

Q156. By votes of citizens Legislators and parliamentarians get seats in the legislature and Parliament out of tax payer's money, they get their pay, perks & lead 5-Star luxurious lifestyles. Hence whether a vote of a citizen is above (More valid) or a seat of legislator or parliamentarian is above or more valid in a democracy ?

Q157. Judges & Constitutional functionaries are indirectly appointed by voters / tax payers. Out of tax payers money, they get their pay, perks & lead 5-star luxurious lifestyles. Hence, whether the vote of a citizen, fundamental duties of a tax payer is above (more valid) or a seat of judge / constitutional functionary is above (more
valid) in a democracy ?

Q158. If there is a vacuum in the Legislature or parliament, who is to fill up that vacuum till such time that the legislature or parliament acts provide a solution by performing its role by enacting proper legislation to cover the field (vacuum) ?

Q159. While it is an unhealthy practice for a Judge to claim to be a Judge in his own cause, is it not worse for the members of the legislature and parliament to be judges in their own cause ?

Q160. Are the Technicalities of the case more important to a judge or Justice to a citizen, protection of fundamental rights of citizen.?

Q161. Why not the constitutional functionaries initiate suo moto action with respect to numerous cases of injustices reported in Media ?

Q162. Why not the Judges admit various cases of Injustices affecting public, as the Public Interest Litigation" ? In some cases, the Public or the person representing them is unable to afford the high cost of the case. Why not free legal aid is given ?.

Q163. What is the criteria for admitting a P.I.L. & giving free legal aid ?

Q164. Communication - free flow of information is the lifeline of a democracy. Why the constitutional functionaries are not honouring the Right to Information of Citizens ?

Q165. Recently , while assuming office as honourable chief justice of Karnataka , justice. P.D.DINAKAR , gave a blanket withdrawal of all internal departmental enquiries against approximately 200 judges , is it just & legal ? give me the names of accused judges & description of charges against them ?

Q166. does it not show that judges are more equal than others ?

Q167. who are involved in PF scam ? what action against guilty judges ?

Q168. Why you did not give information to me as per RTI Act inspite of appeal ? refer. F1/RTI/A91/2007.

Q169. Almost a year ago , in the Karnataka state new chief justice of Karnataka high court honble Mr.Dinakar (now elevated to supreme court of India) just on assuming offices within hours scrapped disciplinary inquiry proceedings against 200+ erring judges. In such a short time no human being can study all the cases in detail , then how come he arrived at this vital decision in such short time? Who are those 200+ judges facing enquiry ?

Q170 .Recently in the Karnataka state , high court found out that a district judge without conducting hearings properly , entering fictious dates of hearings (which happens to be government holidays ) facilitated in exonerating a top politician . has the court enquired into the previous judgements of the accussed judge ? did it find any wrongdoings?

Q171. As per law , while on duty a person should not be drunk , under the influence of alchohol , as it limits the functioning of his senses & brain. That is why the acts & sayings of drunkards , committed / said when they are drunk are not taken seriously. However most of the police officers after evening hours are drunk , in that state only they apprehend many suspects & produce those suspects at the residences of magistrates before magistrate during wee hours / night. Some of of the judges are also drunk during that time. Does the senses of drunken police & judges work properly to do their respective duties in identifying criminals , apprehending them & to issue judicial orders. Are these actions of police & judges in drunken state legal ?


Q172.We do once again offer our conditional  services before the supreme court of India ,  in apprehending criminals. But GOI & GOK are not listening to our offer of service, are not they interested to apprehend criminals ?


Q173.What action has been taken against the guilty , who dishonored our national anthem during the visit of president of India H.E.Dr.Abdul Kalam  to Infosys Mysore Campus ?


Q174.How many unnatural deaths , accidents have taken place at Infosys Mysore campus from day one of construction till date ?


Q175.What action has been take against the  Judges involved in the Mysore Roost Resort Sex Scandal ?



Corporate  fraud is nothing new to india    , satyam company is just a
new addition to it. Satyam co was able to commit such a huge fraud &
keep it under wraps for years goes to prove the honesty , integrity of
our public servants , government officials belonging to SEBI , RBI ,
tax dept , pollution control , labour  depts. , etc & the honesty of
auditors & company secretaries. Ofcourse , still there are few honest
people in public service , auditing & company secretaryship , but
majority of them are hand in gloves with corporate criminals.
Definitely , this fraud will also be brushed under the carpet after
certain time as other frauds happened , afterall these frauds are the
money spinners for political party funding , mafia , underworld &
other criminal activities.

IN INDIA , government reports , records , everything can be bought for
a price. During Karnataka lokayukta raids huge wealth amounting crores
of rupees were found with each of the corrupt government officials
like police , engineers , tax officials ,  etc. How those government
officials with few thousands of salary earn so much , by compromising
with their government duties , by  creating fake government reports ,
records , etc . The government & the courts of justice treat those
government reports , as sacrosanct like TEN COMMANDMENTS DIRECTLY FROM

The CORPORATE CRIMINALS & RICH CRIMINALS buy favourable government
reports , records from the government officials commit bigger crimes ,
escapes from legal prosecution by proving their innocence , honesty
with the aid of BOUGHT GOVERNMENT REPORTS & RECORDS. The courts of
justice lacks broad vision , it has only narrow vision as  a riding
horse's vision is narrowed . courts of justice is only bothered about
technicalities , evidences , records , it lacks the spirit of QUEST
FOR TRUTH , it lacks  truth finding mechanism out of massive reports ,
records , evidences. The rich criminals are in a position to
manipulate , buy out evidences , government reports , so definitely
they will escape from hook. Today , I  can convincingly state that our
legal system is such that , even the terrorists who attacked our
they can fully buyout evidences , reports , etc.

In this backdrop , the corporates technically maintain clean public
image although privately they are frauds , criminals. If anybody makes
a statement of truth against them , those corporate criminals will
slap defamatory & other criminal charges against such persons. The
courts of justice upholds the claims of not the speaker of truth but
the corporate criminals , on the basis of  bought evidences ,
government reports. The courts doesn't go into the truthfulness of
those reports , evidences & sends the speaker of  truth to prison. If
any person has made any complaints of fraud against Satyam Co , two
months back he would have definitely faced criminal prosecution &
jail term. As all the records , auditor reports , company secretary
report  , reports of  ministry of company affairs , reports of tax
departments , everything was in it's favour.  The courts are only
bothered about evidences , records which were all in satyam's favour ,
the courts are least bothered about quest for truth & justice. In this
manner in India , there are hordes of private companies where frauds
have taken place & taking place & wiil be.

Just recently after Ramalinga raju's own statement , does it became
public that the reports of auditor , company secretary , related
governmet records are all false. Base linbe everything was bought. Do
remember that whether it is SATYAM FRAUD , ENRON SCAM or XEROX SCAM ,
those were not found , revealed either by our investigating agencies
or the government. Satyam's Fraud came to light due to pressure
created by the recession , market forces on the company's promoter
Mr.RAMALINGA RAJU & his resultant confession , Enron scam was
unearthed by US investigators in USA during the corse of their
investrigation , It is the same with XEROX Co . till those
revealations , those companies were good , legally abiding cos in govt


In this manner , in India most of the entrpreneurs small shop owners
to big corporates buy out tax officials , labour department
officials , pollution control board officials  , etc & openly indulge
in unfair , illegal trade practices , labour practices , legal
violations , etc , still go unpunished , as as per book , the
government records they are law abiding , persons , corporates.

Entrepreneurs , promoters of big corporations collect public money
either through shares , debentures  , bank loans or all . so ideally
public are also stake holders in such companies . The criminal
entrpreneures , promoters  siphon-off  companies resources in various
ways like selling company assets to their sister cos  at a lesser
value or purchasing assets from sister cos at a higher value , giving
loans to sister cos at low interest rate or taking loans from sister
cos at higher interest rate , etc. in this way they siphon-off
resources of public companies / enterprises with bank loans  to their
own family owned sister cos. We at e-voice of human rights of watch
are ready to catch such corporate criminals & help the government ,
ofcourse subject to conditions , are you ready ?

In india , tax compliance is worse. In our criminal justice system,
there is rigorous imprisonment for a pick-pocketer stealing Rs.10.
even the authorities spend thousands of rupees in legally prosecuting
him & the thief spends a year or more as punishment behind bars. Where
as there is no commensurate investigation nor  legal prosecution nor
punishment  for corporate thieves , evading tax to the tune of crores
of rupees. In contrast, those tax thieves pay a part of that booty to
the ministers & political parties and get crores of rupees tax
exemptions , incentives from the government. Government is rewarding
corporate criminals.

                    The tax officials of central & state governments
are hand in glove with these corporate criminals & traders. For a
price, they are helping corporates & traders in evading tax. Most of
the tax officials are wealthy & leading luxurious  lifestyles , much
beyond the scope of their legal income. The black money thus generated
every year by tax evasion , is many times more than our total annual
budget allocation. As a result, all our fiscal reforms fail &
inflation is soaring. This black money is the source of illegal
funding of political parties , terrorist outfits & underworld. It is a
greater threat to national unity & integrity.

                    Both the central government & karnataka state
government  have failed to collect the full , actual tax dues from
corporates & traders. As a result , the governments don't have enough
money in their coffers  even to provide basic needs like health care ,
education , safe drinking water , etc to the poor & needy. For every
Rs.100 tax evaded , one poor patient is dying without medical care ,
10 poor persons lack education , 100 persons don't get safe drinking
water , 100 persons barely survive on a single piece meal per day , 20
persons starve. Most of The government officials , ministers &
people's representatives who have deliberately failed in their duties
of tax collection & welfare of poor citizens , SHAMELESSLY indulge in
luxurious lifestyle at the expense of poor tax payer . they live in
paltial bungalows , chauffer driven AC cars , all living food expenses
paid by exchequer , dine at 5-star hotels , only drink bottled mineral
water ,  eat non-vegetarian dishes , drink alcohol  sitting before
mahatma gandhi's photograph & preaching mahatma's ideals. Mahatma
preached & practiced simple living , vegetarianism & he was teto
teller , he paid for his expenses from his earnings . these public
servants are parasites , who are making merry at the expense of tax

                    Some non government organisations ( NGO) have
formed trusts and under the aegis of those trusts are running
educational institutions , hospitals , community halls , etc , in the
name of providing free / subsidised services like education , health
care , etc to the poor. It is only in record books , they conduct fake
medical camps , self employment training camps . in practice they are
running these educational  institutions , hospitals & community halls
as commercial enterprises & collecting huge fees. they are not even
remitting full fees collected to the trust account & swindling the
money. no outsider is allowed to become a member of these NGOs , only
their cronies & their family members are in these trusts.

                   Numerous NGOs promoted by religious bodies , mutts
are swindling public & government money to the tune of crores of
rupees. Nobody dares to question  the heads , pontiffs of these
mutts , as at his feet VVIPs , ministers fall down. These religious
bodies are hot beds of fundamentalism , terrorism  & mafia.  Hwere is
the accountability of religious bodies & political parties in  
india ?

                    Inspite of bringing specific cases to the notice
of authorities , they are mum ? hereby , E-VOICE FOR JUSTICE
offers it's services ( subject to conditions ) to the governments of
india & karnataka , in apprehending the criminals – tax evaders. Are
you ready mr. Chidambaram sir & mr.Yediyurappa sir ?

-          An eye opener to irresponsible corporate India & GOI


The recent  public agitation  at singur west Bengal , India against
the TATA NANO project , is nothing but a struggle for survival by the
land loosers. The public of singur are living there since ancestral
times , they fully depend for their livelihood on the vegetables &
other small crops grown there by them. The livelihood , their survival
is at stake. The irresponsible west Bengal government , to favour the
corporate lobby ,  acquired the lands forcibly dirt cheap & gave it
away at dirt cheap price to TATA'S. why such a cheap  , long term
lease period  has been given to TATA'S ? The government literally has
thrown the land loosers on street , it didn't bother about their
survival nor about their proper rehabilitation . Basically , TATA'S is
a business house , their only intention is to make profits , more
money , not the welfare of people. Why not TATA'S acquire land in open
market ? the acquire of lands by state or central government for
public good like for building dams , roads ,  channels  are at least
justified  however the rehabilitation is more important. Other than
for the projects concerning public good , for all the projects of
private enterprises like pay & use roads , airports , industries ,
etc , the lands must be acquired in the open market at market prices .
For some industrialists bid to make riches , lives , livelihood  of
thousands should not be sacrificed. It is not alround development. In
a democracy , the voice of the public , locals should be honoured but
not the diktats of ministers or babus in secretariats. The present
corrupt system in India leading to rise of naxalism , underworld ,
separatist movements are all due to the government policies since
independence till date according to the wisdom (?) of ministers &
babus , totally dishonouring the public voice.

Now , take the case of Graziono CEO mass murder in noida , it is
nothing but  fallout of hire & fire policies. Every human being works
for survival , on his meager salary there will be family dependents ,
all of a sudden if  a person is fired from service , his whole family
will be on streets. O.k , all corporates nowadays preach & breath the
mantra of USA , for everything be it infrastructure , flexible labour
policies , it compares itself  with  those prevailing in the USA.
Now , the corporate India is getting infrastructure at dirt free
prices ( very high in the USA ) , has got hire & fire mechanism by
employing contract labour , very lenient environmental norms , very
lenient food & drugs safety rules , relaxation in Factory Act , ESI &
PF acts , etc add to it the rampant corruption in all govt departments
by which you can get any certificate for a price.

In the USA , of course there is hire & fire policy , however the
minimum wage levels are also very high , so that during good times
workers can save money for their future. Also , there is social
security net to take care of ousted workers , then why not Indian
corporates paying good salary to workers during good times ? why not
corporate India making good contribution to social security net ? in
the USA , there are good  infrastructure facilities they take pride in
paying taxes to the government ,  the corporate India always lobbies
for tax cuts , subsidies , loan waivers , etc. in the USA the
environment norms are very strict , the companies manufacturing
hazardous chemicals which were ousted by the US government have set up
shop in India . Government of USA treats lives of people as precious ,
where as Indian government treats lives of it's people as dispensable.
In the USA , the food safety & drugs , medicines safety standards are
very high , the drugs , high level adulteration food products banned
by Government of USA are sold in the India , this is the difference
between government of USA & India , the way they treat their people's
lives. Loan recovery , investor safety norms are very high in the
USA , where as in India , loan defaulters , share holder swindling ,
Non Performing Assets is very high.  Inspite of  all the strict norms
we have seen enron , Xerox debacles in the USA  & recent bank fallouts
in the USA. In India with such lax norms , only you can guess.
The lesson here for the government of India is , development must be
allround , must not be at the cost of thousands. Listen to the voice
of public but not to the commands of greedy selfish corporates ,
lobbies . Do stop thinking that only babus , IAS officers  & minister
are brilliant knowing all and the public people are fools fit to be
herded by IAS officers. Do remember that India is a democracy not a

The lesson for corporate India , aping the USA intoto  is O.k , but
not by parts & bits , follow corporate USA in every aspect of
corporate duties & responsibilities , transparency.
Final word , when it comes to the question of survival , life  ,
livelihood , it know no bounds . After all STRUGGLE FOR SUVIVAL is a
basic animal instinct , it is a basic human right of every
individual .




New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir government admits that Valmiki community's grouse about not being able to get Schedule Caste certificates is genuine.

The government has now decided to set up a committee to look into the matter just a couple of days CNN-IBN reported that the community was doomed to live as scavengers in Jammu.

"The demands of the Valimikis are genuine. They are not outsiders but adopted ones. Due to Article 370 giving state subject to them is difficult. In order to solve their situation we will form a committee consisting of all party members who can solve their plight soon," says J-K Minister for Relief and Rehabilitation Raman Bhalla.

There are about 500 families of Valmiki Dalits in Jammu, who are forced to become sweepers as the state law does not recognise their community, who are traditionally manual scavengers, as state subjects.

As Valmiki community is not recognised as state subject in Jammu and Kashmir so the community members cannot apply for a scheduled caste certificate or apply for a government job.

The only exception is that they can apply for the post of sweeper.

In 1957 over 70 families of sweepers were relocated in Jammu and Kashmir to fill in for their posts of striking sweepers and ever since they have lived in the state but without basic rights

As per section 35-B of J-K state service rules, only a hereditary state subject can get a government job and the Valmiki community members brought in from Punjab are still treated as migrants, resulting in no government jobs for them.

The community has also approached the J-K government for recognition of their rights.



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