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RTI exposes 4-storey apartment built on MUDA’s encroached land


Caption: RTI activist B.N. Nagendra

Mysore, Jan. 8- With the land value in city shooting to the skies, the land mafia continues to encroach upon vacant government lands through dubious means. Despite the land-grabbers encroaching upon the government lands and building multi-storey buildings upon them, the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) and Mysore City Corporation (MCC) authorities are sitting tongue-tied and hands tied, which has further emboldened the land grabbers who are hand in glove with some unscrupulous officials to create fake records.

It has come to light of late that fake documents were created for two MUDA sites in Chikkaharadanahalli (Aravindanagar) First Stage at Chamaraja Mohalla, on which a four-storey building with 12 apartments have been constructed and all of them are occupied now.

The alleged fraud came to light after an RTI activist B.N. Nagendra, resident of Yadavagiri in city, sought information about the building from the MUDA.

The two sites measuring 50x80 ft in Aravindanagar are close to Kuvempunagar. MUDA had formed the layout during 1988-89. At that time, Sites No. 700 and 701 in Chikkaharadanahalli First Stage were not allotted to anyone.

In reply to the Nagendra’s query under the RTI provisions, the MUDA Public Information Officer replied that MUDA had no records or documents to say that the said two sites were not allotted to anyone.

The sites were formed during 1988-89 and the building on it is eight years old. So, does it mean that the MUDA authorities were blind to the encroachment all these years? Or, is it that they are not aware that the sites belong to the MUDA? Or, does it imply that they are involved with the land-grabber?

The MUDA does not have records of allotment, possession certificate, sale deed, Khata-revenue letter or receipts for cash transactions made. However, the City Improvement Trust Board (CITB) ledger shows the names of Chikkathayamma, resident of No. 818, New Kantharaj Urs Road, Mysore, along with Mahadevamma, Lakshmi and N. Shivakumar, residents of No. 555 of the same address, written by hand. The ledger shows that the two sites were purchased for a mere sum of Rs. 39,366 on April 4, 1988; the Khata and revenue have been fixed based on this document alone. The building was constructed by getting the building plan approved in the names of Mahadevamma and Chikkathayamma. The four-storied building is named as Shashank Paradise.

The site and building was inspected this morning by MUDA Superintending Engineer Shivakumar, Zonal Officer of Zone-1 Bhaskar and other MUDA officials. The 12 families residing in the flats are now an anxious lot after realising that they have been cheated and they do not possess relevant documents for the flats they purchased.

Some of the residents of the building whom SOM spoke to said that they had purchased the apartments based on sale agreements and paid Rs. 25 to Rs. 35 lakhs in advance. They confessed that the low prices lured them to buy the apartments as the actual price in that area was much higher. Each apartment has a master-bedroom, another smaller room, a living room, puja room, kitchen and a toilet.

Meanwhile, MUDA Commissioner S. Palaiah told SOM that he will investigate the matter and take suitable action.



Muda Land Encroachment: Criminal Case Booked against Housing Society President


Mysore, Sept. 20- In view of the allegation of encroaching 27 guntas of MUDA land close to Vijayanagar 2nd Stage, the Vijayanagar Police have booked a case against the President of Sri Mahadeshwara House Construction Co-operative Society, R. Shankare Gowda.

A written complaint filed by MUDA Zone 4 Zonal Officer R. Rajashekhar yesterday, following which a case was registered by Sub-Inspector Kumar.

The land is a portion of the land under survey number 120 in Hinkal, measuring 3.25 acres. Out of this, 1.16 acres of land was acquired on June 20, 1974 under LAC 10. Remaining 2.09 acres was acquired by MUDA from one Puttathayamma through mutual agreement on Oct. 31, 1985.

A 1.14 acre land was given to the Karnataka Water Board where a road and park have been developed. The remaining area lies vacant, of which Shankare Gowda allegedly created fake documents to stake claim on 23 guntas of land in the name of the Housing Society.

RTI activist B.N. Nagendra had sought information about the said land under the Right to Information (RTI) Act which brought to light the alleged irregularity.

Response to MLA Vasu’s letter: Chamarajanagar MLA Vasu had written a letter to Urban Development Minister Vinay Kumar Sorake, urging him to probe the irregularities in sites allotment, suspecting the involvement of some MUDA officials.

The Minister directed the Urban Development Department Secretary to probe the matter, who in turn asked the MUDA Commissioner to submit a report regarding the allegations. A directive was issued to the DC too to probe the matter, following which a complaint was lodged against the Housing Society President.


Bid to usurp MUDA corner site using fake documents


With the real estate prices in city skyrocketing, efforts to usurp sites and government land by hook or by crook are on too, despite several precautionary measures taken up by the MUDA.

Here is an incident of a person trying to acquire a corner site in Jayalakshmipuram, measuring 110x120 ft, by not paying a single paisa to MUDA but by merely paying Rs. 27,540 in an auction. The matter came to light when a citizen named B.N. Nagendra applied for information under the Right To Information (RTI) Act. It is said that he took interest in digging out information about the site after an acquaintance of his disclosed about the fraudulent deal.

Thanks to the efforts of MUDA Secretary Basavaraju who made meticulous investigations of the documents, the MUDA property worth several crores was saved from being usurped.

The site is in Jayalakshmipuram, which was formed about 40 years ago. It is a corner site off the road leading to The Green Hotel on Hunsur road. The site bears the number 23/A, having site number 23 towards the east, another site on the north and roads on the western and southern sides.

The fraud was committed by Raju, 60, a resident of Paduvarahalli 2nd Main, Door No. 54. He is said to have forged the signature of MUDA Zone 4 Special Tahasildar Devaraj and also used a duplicate rubber stamp for the fake documents.

The truth is that no auction was held for site no. 23/A. However, the accused Raju is said to have created fake documents that claimed that he had purchased the site in an auction for Rs. 27,540 on Jan. 3, 1979. A title-deed for the site was prepared at Zone 4 office under Form-2 (5) in Kannada dated Jan.2, 2013.

The site, for which fake documents were prepared in January, was registered three months later — that is on Mar. 22, 2013, at 4.30 pm, at the Sub-Registrar’s office in MUDA. It is said that the letter written by Special Tahasildar Devaraj to the Sub-Registrar to get the site registered was also forged.

Soon after the fraudulent deal came to the fore, MUDA Secretary Basavaraju placed a signboard at the site four days ago, stating that the land belonged to the MUDA. A complaint was lodged at the Lakshmipuram Police Station yesterday.

It is surprising that the title-deed for the site was prepared despite any auction conducted by the MUDA, no application submitted, no notes written by the officials concerned and no entry made about cash payment. The Police have launched a hunt for the accused who is at large.


MUDA employees booked for forgery, cheating


Mysore Urban Development Authorities (MUDA) have filed a police complaint against one P Nagaraj son of Puttaswamygowda and two employees of MUDA staff who supported the accused in creating fake documents at Lakshmipuram police station.

MUDA commissioner C G Betsurmath said a site in Gokulam III stage was allotted to one M K Ranganayaki in 1973 through auction and she had obtained title deed in 2002. But in the meantime, the accused Nagaraj has created fake documents about the site and made the authorities believe that he had purchased the said land in 1979 in an auction. Later he has taken title deed for it and then sold it to another party.

But the crime has come to light after the actual owner approached the authorities only recently. When the documents were verified, MUDA authorities found that site number has been forged from 37 to 73.

The commissioner said the title deed of the said site obtained by Nagaraj has been cancelled and we are investigating on this score.

Krishnaraja subdivision ACP A N Prakashgowd said MUDA has given against three persons and we are investigating it.


Fraudster sells government land, dupes MUDA


The Mysore City Corporation almost lost a huge site because of the negligence of the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) before the fraud was discovered in the nick of time.

The accused Krishna had forged documents of 1.13 acres in Survey No 505 in Kesare village and sold it to one Parveez who started constructing a building when it was stopped by MCC officials. The accused had even got an NoC to sell the land from MUDA, which did not bother to find out the real owner. 

Krishna is said to be a relative of the man to whom the land originally belonged before it was acquired by the erstwhile City Improvement Trust Board (CITB) for civic purposes about 58 years ago.

Finding the land vacant for many decades, the accused created fake documents and tried to sell it.

Sources in the MCC said that after obtaining information through RTI about the land, Krishna, along with his relative Chennaiah, obtained an NoC from MUDA and got the Khata made for the land from the taluk office by producing fake documents.

The property was registered in Krishna’s name in 2009.

Krishna then sold the illegal property to Parveez in 2011-12. After realising that he had been cheated, Parveez filed a suit in court, getting a permanent injunction restraining the defendant from interfering with his peaceful possession of the property. 

Revenue Assistant Commissioner R Lokanath said that when he inspected the place, he found that Parveez had occupied the land and even fenced the property that belonged to the Corporation. Upon questioning, he produced the clearances obtained from MUDA, Taluk office and even the court.

After being alerted, MCC officials registered a land grab-cum-cheating complaint against Krishna and Parveez. They have even approached court and the case is pending.



Save  Hebbal  Lake  Save  BEML Quarters Lake  in  Mysore                                                                   –  An  Appeal  to  Honourable Supreme Court of India




   In the  past , Mysore Maharaja & other philanthropists  have donated  their personal lands , properties , built many lakes & ponds in mysore , bangalore  and other places with public concern  ,  public  wellbeing  in their mind . They built  these lakes & ponds  in addition to preserving the natural lakes & ponds.  They  knew  about the importance of ecological balance & environment. The present rulers , IAS & KAS  babus  have even failed to  preserve  the lakes & ponds  built  decades ago , let alone build one.   These  Public servants have extended their tacit  support to building mafia , to   kill these lakes & ponds , to fill those  lakes with industrial effluents ,  sewage  & building  mud wastes. After killing those lakes & ponds , the building mafia encroaches on it  & usurps  that  public property  in turn selling it for crores of rupees.


    In this way , Hootagalli lake was killed  &  encroached by Kaynes Hotel  ( now silent shores hotel) ,  Hebbal Lake  is being  killed & encroached  from all sides by industries  and  the lake infront of BEML Quarters  is being killed  &  land  demarcation for selling those  land has already begun.


The public servants  were totally  indifferent  towards  public outcry against this . The IAS & KAS  babus  who are also magistrates  with judicial authority  have failed  in preserving these lakes & ponds inspite of appeals  to them.  These death of lakes resulting in their encroachments could have been prevented earlier  by DC , Tahsildar , MUDA Commissioner & KIADB Officers. Even I have appealed to them through my web news paper , they didn’t take action at all.  I have made RTI request to those authorities  to give me information regarding status of those lakes  years ago , fearing  truth will come out  they didn’t answer my questions in full , they only gave half truths. When I persisted with  my  RTI request  the Mysore District Magistrate at that time  Mr. P.Manivannan repeatedly called me over phone , abused me & threatened me .  Even threats were made by some policemen  in mufti .  Finally that lake land was allotted to a person  supposed to be close to  the Industries minister at that time.  The courts  are dispassionate & inhuman , while passing eviction orders against poor people , the  police are full of guts  & show their full bravery , valour against these poor land encroachers. Fine , let us appreciate their duty consciousness . However  rich & well connected criminals have illegally encroached upon  public lands , the same  courts  and police are not taking  appropriate action  inspite of repeated appeals , why ?  Even the  Supreme Court of India & Police are Weak & Meek before Land Mafia. Don’t the same Judges & Police have Guts , Bravery , Duty Consciousness & Integrity to take action against such  rich land grabbers ?  The answer lies in the following articles. Once again  we offer our conditional services to Supreme Court of India  , to legally apprehend criminals while the respective public servants have failed to do the same.


Hereby , we request the honourable Supreme Court of India ,

1.      To  initiate criminal prosecution  against  Mysore  district magistrate , Mysore  taluk magistrate , MUDA  Commissioner  , Jurisdictional Police Officers & KIADB Officer  , for making contempt of  Supreme Court of India  Order  applying throughout  india to preserve lakes & ponds.

2.      To evict all encroachers forth with .

3.      To  immediately stop all flow of industrial effluents & sewage  to these lakes & ponds.

4.      To initiate criminal prosecution  against  encroachers of these lakes &  pollters , killers of these lakes.

5.      To  preserve  the said  lakes & ponds  , by recovering cost from encroachers , polluting industries  and the  co-conspirators  Mysore DC , Mysore Tahsildar , MUDA Commissioner , KIADB Officer & Jurisdictional Police Officers.

6.      To protect me , my family members & dependents  from  land mafia & co-conspirators of the crime.

7.      To  order , to issue Writ of Mandamus  to  Mysore District Magistrate , MUDA Commissioner  & KIADB Officer to disclose all the information  sought by me in my RTI request publicly. The copy of my RTI request is reproduced below.


Date : 17.11.2012                                                         Your’s  Sincerely,

Place : Mysore                                                              Nagaraja.M.R.




 Sign  to  Save  Hebbal  Lake  &   BEML  Quarters  Lake  in  Mysore 







 1. how many times since 1987 , MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT has revised / modified the mysore city's comprehensive city development plan ?

2. how many cases of CDP violations were registered by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT since 1987 till date ?

3. how many cases of CDP violations were legalized in the CDP revision / modification by the authorities ?

4. when an application for alienation of land is made to you , say from civic amenity site to commercial , what norms are followed by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT ?

5. how do you provide alternate civic amenity site in the locality , if the area is already full ? do you deprive people of civic amenities ?

6. during such alenation , is the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT collecting market rate difference between civic amenity site & commercial site ? if not why ?

7. in mysore city , many building complexes , buildings have been built fully violating building bye-laws – no set off , no parking space , no emergency fire exit , no earthquake tolerant . what action by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT ?

8. how many cases of building bye-laws violations has been registered by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT since 1987 ? what is the action status report yearwise ?

9. how much of MUDA's / MCC's / GOVERNMENT's lands , sites , buildings & houses have been illegally occupied by criminal tresspassers since 1987 ?

10. has the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT registered criminal cases against each such illegal occupation ? if not why ? provide status report yearwise ?

11. in how many cases of such illegal occupation MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT has legalized , regularized such illegal occupation just through MUDA's / MCC's resolution instead of of reallotting the same through public notification to the next senior most in the waiting list , after giving notice of allotment cancellation to original allottee ? if not done so why ?

12. has the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT followed all legal norms in reallotment of lands , sites , houses , etc to the illegal occupiers ? what is the procedure followed ?

13. in mysore city , numerous housing societies & real estate Developers have mushroomed , Land allotments of how many housing societies , real estate firms among them are legally authorized by MUDA , MCC , GOVERNMENT & how many not ? since 1987 till date ?

14. has the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT filed criminal complaints against such illegal housing societies & illegal real estate firms ? if not why ?

15. what action MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT has initiated against real estate firms & housing societies who have violated MUDA norms , layout plans , etc ? if not why ?

16. the government has framed building bye-laws like width of road , space for civic amenities , parking space , emergency fire exit , etc keeping high in the mind safety of people first. MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT is in the practice of levying a pittance as penalty on the building byelaw violators , layout Development plan violators & legalizing those
violations. Safety of public & amenities of public are totally neglected by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT . When public people die , suffer injuries / accidents – say during a fire tragedy in a complex due to lack of fire exit , when people park vehicles on pavement in front of a business complex as the complex doesn't have a parking space of it's own , the pedestrians going that way are forced to come down on road resulting in accidents , injuries & deaths . is not the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT responsible for those accidents , injuries & deaths ?

17. what is the criteria adopted by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT for out of Turn allotment of Lands , sites , houses to renowned sports persons , judges , journalists , politicians , artists , etc ?

18. how many judges , artists , politicians , journalists , sports persons , etc have benefited from these out of turn allotments by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT ? specific figures yearwise since 1987 ?

19. what action has been taken against developers , housing societies , who have violated MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT norms ?

20. when poor scheduled caste , scheduled tribe people , minority people illegally live On MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT sites building temporary huts , MUDA / AUTHORITIES with the help of police razes down those huts & evicts the poor by brute force. Whereas , when cronies of political bigwigs illegally occupy MUDA , MCC / GOVERNMENT lands worth crores of rupees & build big complexes earning thousands of rupees monthly rent , MUDA or authorities not even files police complaint against them instead regularizes the illegal occupation by levying a pittance as fine. Why this double standard by MUDA / MCC GOVERNMENT ?

21. HOW MANY CASES OF ILLEGAL OCCUPATIONS are regularized by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT since 1987 till date ? yearwise figures ?

22. how much of MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT lands , sites , houses are under illegal occupation ? status report yearwise since 1987 ?

23. how much of those has been recovered ? has the MUDA ,AUTHORITIES recovered the rents earned by illegal occupation ?

24. have you filed police complaints against those criminals – tresspassers ? if not why ?

25. is the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT giving wide publicity & sufficient time to bidders about it's auction schedules ?

26. is the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT giving market value to land loosers ?

27. is the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT exactly using the acquired lands , for the same purpose mentioned in the project plan ?

28. is the MUDA / AUTHORITIES acquiring lands at lower rates from farmers & selling it at a premium , by way making profits just like a real estate agency ?

29. in villages , there are cattle grazing grounds meant for the usage of whole villagers, forest for the usage of whole village , lands belonging to village temples. Some villagers have donated their personal lands to village temples , cattle grazing for the benefit of whole villagers. All the villagers are stake holders , owners of such lands. When MUDA / MCC /
GOVERNMENT acquires such lands to whom does it pay compensation ? what about welfare objectives of those lands ?

30. till date , how many lakes , ponds , how many feeder canals have been closed , filled with mud , developed , sold as sites , etc by MUDA MCC or other land developers ?

31. has the MUDA , MCC taken alternate steps to create new lakes , ponds ? how many are created till date ?

32. in & around mysore city , high tension electric lines are there in busy residential areas . as per Indian electricity act , no permanent structures should be under the HT lines. However there are buildings under it. In some places , HT lines runs in the middle of the road. The authorities Have developed those areas beneath HT lines as parks , rented out
advertisement spaces & built permanent fencing of those areas spending lakhs of taxpayer's money. This fencing obstructs the movement of service personnel of electricity board , to service HT line. Are all these structures under
& surrounding HT lines legal ?

33. till date how many burial grounds are acquired & sold as sites by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT or other developers ? specific figures yearwise since 1987 castewise , religionwise ?

34. in & around mysore city , in how many areas developed by MUDA & private developers , the sewage water generated in those areas is directly let into lake , ponds ?

35. how many tributaries , lakes , ponds are killed in this fashion by MUDA , MCC & other developers , housing societies ?

36. how many business complexes , flats , residential layouts developed by private real estate developers , housing societies are dumping the sewage , / waste generated in their buildings , into unauthorized dumping grounds , lakes , etc . thus disturbing the environment & creating public health hazard ? how the MUDA / MCC is monitoring sewage / waste disposal ? status report yearwise since 1987 till date .

37. how many unauthorized housing layouts are there in & around mysore city ? what action by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT against them ? action taken report yearwise since 1987 till date .

38. around mysore city , vast areas of village farm lands , agricultural lands are acquired by private real estate developers for non agricultural purposes by a single firm or single owner. Are these actions legal ? some of these real estate agents have sold those lands to private industries , multinational companies for crores of rupees. Has the MUDA / MCC /
GOVERNMENT given alienation of land ie conversion from agricultural to industrial usage. Has KIADB given consent to it ?

39. can a single individual / firm can purchase such vast tracts of agricultural lands , is it legal ? is it within the KIADB's
comprehensive industrial area development plan ?

40. has the MUDA / MCC , KIADB given wide publicity , public notice calling for objections before alienation of such lands ?

41. are all those alienations , strictly in conformance to MUDA's / MCC's CDP & KIADB's industrial area development plan ? violations how many ?

42. is the MUDA & KIADB revising / modifying CDP & INDUSTRIAL AREA DEVELOPMENT PLAN , to suit those real estate developers & Private companies ? on what legal grounds ?

43.what action has been taken based on mysore district magistrate mr.T.M.Vijaya Bhaskar's report on land grabbings in mysore ? mysore city , hebbal-hootagalli industrial area , a lake has been destroyed while building kaynes hotel , hinkal lake is shrinking , lake in front of BEML Quarters has been alloted to M/S THRILLER CLOTHING CO, are all these actions legal & in conformance to MUDA's CDP ? if not why ? what action ?

45. while auctioning off the lands of sick industrial unit M/S IDEAL JAWA LTD , was there any pre-qualification to bidders that after purchase of lands only it must be used for industrial use or only industries can participate in the bidding process ?

46.why not it has been clearly mentioned in the tender document that , said land is open for alienation ?

47. about this issue , our publication has even raised it's objections , in it's newspaper . no action , why ? as a result , the government , banks , employees were cheated off their dues & the private firm made huge profits. is this auction & alienation legal ?

48.numerous NGO's , trusts promoted by religious bodies , mutts are allotted prime lands at preferrential rates , for the reason that they will use it for public / social welfare. however many of the trusts are using the whole or part of the land for commercial purposes other than the stated public / social welfare purpose. what action has been taken by MUDA , MCC or government in such cases ? many trusts have violated government norms in this way since 1987 till date? what action taken by MUDA , MCC & government action taken report yearwise since 1987 till date ? many such illegalities / violations by trusts are regularized by MUDA , MCC or authorities , on what legal grounds ? ATR since 1987 till date ?

51.before regularizing such violations have you sought public objections & given media publicity ? if not why ? you are monitoring the net wealth growth of some MUDA / MCC / REVENUE officials & their family members , who have land acquisition / denotifying , land usage conversion authorities ? many trusts , NGOs are allotted prime residential / commercial lands by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT on lease basis , in turn the said trusts , NGOs have sulet it either partly or wholly to others ? many such lease allotments are sold by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT before the expiry of lease period , without public auction ?

55. what are the norms followed by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT for the sale of leased lands to the lessee before the expiry of lease period ?


THE CLOUT OF LAND MAFIA IN INDIA -the governments daring to by-pass judiciary

An appeal ( PIL ) to the honourable supreme court of India


The recent attempts by government of India & other state governments to legalise land grabbings by enacting new land laws in the name of public welfare is farce . while crores of people are without shelter & are living on streets , people in slums , tribal lands are struggling for land rights since decades the governments were mum & deaf. Now , as the rulers themselves & their cronies have built illegal constructions running into crores they are shedding crocodile tears in the name of public welfare. In india, various state governments have enacted " town municipal / city corporation laws & building laws" , to ensure orderly growth of cities & towns , to ensure the safety of buildings & it's occupants , to ensure the safety of pedestrians & road users.


Numerous educated people , ruling elite – ministers , police , government officials , M.Ps , M.L.As , etc knowing fully well about the laws have illegally built bungalows , commercial complexes , throwing to wind all laws. In their greed they have shown utter contempt towards law. They have encroached dried –up lakes , rivulets , rain flow paths , drainages , foot paths , civic amenity sites. In their building there are violations of- lack of fire safety exits , lack of parking space , encroachment of foot paths , conservancy line , drainages , etc.


There is wide spread corruption in the corporation / municipal authorities. For a price officials have converted  CA sites to commercial purposes , authorised deviations / encroachments of public

lands like foot paths , drainages , parking space , set-off , etc. The corporation officials themselves are violating city master plans. Even before authorising the conversions & encroachments of lands , the

corporation officials are not making alternate arrangements. By all these corrupt deeds many of the corporation officilas have become millionaires . however more & more road accidents are taking place , building collapses & fire tragedies are occurring , during heavy rainfalls water is getting  clogged – ALL THESE RESULTING IN LOSS OF HUMAN LIVE & PROPERTIES. In recent days numerous murders have taken place over the real estate issues . THE CRIMINAL LAND GRABBERS MADE DEATH THREATS & FORCED THE PIL APPLICANT IN THE KARNATAKA HIGH COURT ABOUT LAND GRABBINGS IN KORAMANGALA LAYOUT BANGALORE. The government of karnataka instead of protecting the PIL applicant & upholding the law has taken sides with the land grabbers.



The state governments of karnataka & delhi has got M.L.As & officials who have themselves violated building laws & grabbed govt lands. Now , the two govts are contemplating to bring in laws regularising these land grabbing crimes for a pittance as penalty. All to by-pass judiciary. The governments are least bothered about the lives of poor & only too caring towards the land grabbing criminals.  The same governments have not yet given land rights to poor slum dwellers / dalits , land rights to tribals living in forest since centuries , land rights to poor agricultural labourers, where as it is full of concern towards rich & mighty land grabbers – criminals.  Bottom line – whatever be the magnitude of crime if you are rich & mighty law will be bended to suit you , by bad luck if you are a poor folk you are bound to suffer being on the right side of law also.  Hereby , e-voice  urges requests the honourable supreme court of india , to register this as a PIL , to provide protection to the PIL applicant in bangalore & to take appropriate actions against the GOK & GOD nipping at bud their illegal motives to regularise land grabbings.


Instead  of  answering  our  RTI  questions , the  officials  are  giving  half  truths , vague answers  to our questions , some of the serious questions they are not answering at all.  Even  Mr. P. Manivannan past deputy commissioner of Mysore District & Chairman of MUDA , failed to uphold justice . He threatened me for asking truth , but he didn’t answer the  RTI questions. Through media management he has cultivated a clean  public image of demolishing man of illegal structures , whereas during his time only some illegal structures were raised.


Due to Criminal nexus of  Some MUDA officials – Politicians – Police , these  illegal land grabbings are happening , the honest  among MUDA , POLICE  & Politicians must raise to the occasion . They must  save government land , first of all ask MUDA  Chairman / commissioner  to answer the above RTI  Questionnaire publicly.



Hereby , e-voice urges the  concerned authorities  , to answer the following questionnaire about BMIC project by NICE 


Hereby ,e-voice  appeals to honourable supreme court of India , to annul the bid process of government of Karnataka with respect to illegally occupied government lands &  to annul this ordinance of government of Karnataka which seeks to legalize land crimes. Jai hind . vande mataram.



Your's sincerely,




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