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PUCK marketing strategy telecon 12/12/2011

>> Notes from PUCK Marketing Strategy Telecon Dec 12 2011    12:00 pm 
>> - 1:00 pm EST.
>> On the call:
>> Luis
>> Lance
>> Joaquin del Rio - Technical University of Barcelona (UPC)
>> Kent Headley - MBARI
>> Tom O'Reilly - MBARI
>> Joel Reiter firmware engineer - Seabird Electronics
>> We discussed goals and agreed that it would be good to promote PUCK 
>> to the ocean sensors community and also the broader sensors 
>> community.
>> Joaquin suggested it would be good to arrange workshops for 
>> distributors -- many (potentially puck enabled) instrument sales 
>> are managed by integrators but they may not know about puck. 
>> Events: Ocean Sciences, IEEE Oceans, (integrators are sometimes are 
>> in exhibitions but too busy on the floor to attend workshops).
>> At conferences PUCK advocates could have special sessions after 6 
>> pm, invite the integrators and distributors.
>> Tom did this several years ago at AGU. Canadian Manufacturers after 
>> hours reception. Went well
>> MBARI (Kent) put together a fact sheet to hand out to vendors and 
>> potential users. That might be a good approach. Fact sheet would be 
>> good to send to vendors to resend to distributors.
>> Tom will send that to us, but it will need updating.
>> A current barrier: Many manufacturers would implement the protocol, 
>> but they don't see much demand. So the big challenge is to raise 
>> the value for users.         See data sheet for value and benefits. Update 
>> it to reflect connection to OGC standards suite.
>> ACTION: Lance help with the update of the PUCK fact sheet.
>> There are some email lists: SOSC list in particular. 
>> PlugAndWorkConsorium list older with less activity, but a lot of 
>> interested people. LM send announcements to these lists through Tom.
>> ACTIONS: Lance:
>>              - Press release in December 2011
>>              - Articles in Sensors, International Ocean Systems, Marine 
>> Technology, Sea Technology. Articles to involve testimonials and 
>> user stories from PUCK vendors
>>              - Update Geoscience & Environment domain page on OGC website >LM
>> Emphasize how can you id your instrument? Keep it simple to 
>> understand. Keep the concept very simple.  Try not to emphasize 
>> SensorML or IEEE 1451.
>> Puck will have a standards page on OGC website. Link to MBARi's 
>> plug and work web page. Also SOSC web page.
>> Focus on sensor networks? This tech is most beneficial to 
>> organizationss that have a lot of different sensors on a network. 
>> Observatories are ideal candidates. We've had mixed results with 
>> them in RFPs. this morning there is a big telecon for the 
>> observatories. Getting them engaged and interested is important. To 
>> reach them: they have a rep at SOSC. Level of engagement?  Press 
>> release, flyer, and representation at conferences -- all will help. 
>> What specific action for OOI and European efforts?
>> Joaquin: Did demo project at esonet, PUCK was well received. 
>> Necessary for manufacturers to have puck-enabled instruments to 
>> have the standard widely used.
>> In oceanographic sensor market there are maybe 10 companies have 
>> 90% of mkt. Of those, 4 have implemented the protocol in 
>> instruments they provided to MBARI, would sell these sensors to 
>> others who ask. The manufacturers have been engaged for a while and 
>> are looking for pull from the mkt. Mkt is in larger sensor 
>> networks. Establishing that pull is key.
>> Joaquin: EC funded x03 open ocean observatories for deep-sea 
>> observatories. If proposal approved... another place to push puck.
>> Luis: ASLOE meeting, OGC will have puck presentations.
>> Joel: Seabird has a few puck-enabled instruments. Little demand. 
>> Jim Hochstein is marketing guy for Seabird. Doesn't think puck 
>> costs more.
>> OGC's Spain forum focused on geoss. Joaquin will forward 
>> information to them.
>> Tom proposes we think about the conferences, cochairing sessions 
>> and workshops. Demos are impressive.
>> -- End meeting