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Founding meeting

On February 11th and 12th, 2009 a group of interested parties representing both manufacturers and users of ocean sensors,  met in Charleston, South Carolina to begin discussion on the development of a specification for interoperable ocean sensors. The Charleston workshop was conceived as a follow on to the Ocean Sensor Interoperability experiment held in St. John's, Canada in October 2008 which demonstrated data compatability in an operational scenario. 

The Workshop first attempted to define an interoperable ocean sensor from the perspective of both the manufacturer and the user.  Existing related specifications including the IEE 1451 specification and  the MBARI PUCK protocol were reviewed as potential models for the creation of an interoperable ocean sensor specification. The discussion also dealt with the practical implementation of issues such as sensor identification and metadata.

The group agreed on a path forward to the creation and adoption of a specification for interoperable ocean sensors.  In this regard,  the group unanimously supported the creation of the Smart Ocean Sensor Consortium (SOSC) to take the lead on this initiative.  Mr. Neil Cater,  representing the Marine Institute of Memorial University was appointed Chair of the SOSC.   The SOSC hopes to have a sponsored specification for submission through the Open Geospatial Consortium approval process in 2009.

Left to Right: Sherry Power, Sam Walker, Dave Murphy, Luis Bermudez, Tom O'Reilly, Frank Johnson, Rob Ellison, Ed King, Graham Jones, Greg Johnson, Vadim Polonichko, Neil Cater, Dan Ramage, Greg Doucette, Jim Fahey

Tom O'Reilly,
Sep 12, 2011, 4:59 PM