The Smart Ocean Sensor Consortium (SOSC) is a group of manufacturers and users dedicated to improving the reliability, utility and cost-effectiveness of hydrographic sensor networks through the adoption, development, and promotion of appropriate standard interfaces and protocols. In particular, the SOSC supports the new Open Geospatial Consortium PUCK Protocol standard.

The SOSC is open to all manufacturers and users of submersible and water-based sensors that share the Consortium goals. Fees may be levied from time to time to cover extraordinary costs as they may arise. Members pledge to offer and use instruments that comply with interfaces and standards designated as "SOSC-approved".

Members can participate in SOSC discussions through the SOSC discussion list.

Please send Consortium membership inquiries to Tom O'Reilly.

Mission statement

List of current members


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The following video demonstrates use of OGC PUCK and other standards to automatically integrate sensors into a network.

Automated installation and operation of sensors