Singing for Change

This project was set up to explore the Millennium development Goals as outlined by UNDP. Cooperating with our partners in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe we were able to show the exchange links and some of the capacity building work the trust has been trying to achieve. We thank the British Council, through its global partnerships programme supported by the Department for international Development in enabling this programme to be published. We also thank members of the Geography department-postgraduate  students at the University of Sheffield for their work in helping to outline the issues surrounding the development goals. We also thank Mark Walters head of music at the Henry Fanshawe Dronfield secondary school and students for their contributions to sharing experiences with young people in Zimbabwe. If you wish to get hold of a copy of the full project including the CD and DVD please order from this web site. Some of the events linked to the project proved highly enjoyable. Dale N Le Fevre from New Games showed us how team building in practice to do the linking. John Salway gave a drama workshop around Theatre of the oppressed, Bart Wolfe supported a poetry workshop and  we also had a screening of the film Africa United with the director Debs Gardner Pattison supporting a more detailed insight into how the film was made and how it supports an insight into many of the Millennium Development Goals. Duncan Mbonjani also came from Holland as former chairman and great actor with Zambuko Izibuko Theatre in Harare- a group with a strong socialist ethos. He talked around the portrayal of Zimbabwe in the Western media and raised questions of interpretation being based on very different cultural perspectives on the history of Zimbabwe.

More links to the Millennium goals   about how music can bring about change in communities will be added to this page shortly. Meanwhile why not buy a copy of the project (CD and DVD) to support our work from the online store.

We were delighted to be invited to join this festival as one of only two choirs in the region. Check out the videos of the event .

SOSA-XA at the BBC Last Choir Standing Festival

We have also in the past  performed for the BBC Choir of the year and reached the semi finals with wonderful comments on the music from the presiding judges. We have held our own Electric Challenge festival in Burngreave as a christmas concert and supported the Zambuko/Izibuko Cultural Crossings event in 2010 funded by Burngreave New Deal. This brought cultural workers from all over the UK including film makers Simon Bright and Ingrid Sinclair with several of their documentaries.