Past Concerts

Images from 2016
Zimbabwe Celebrates Independence Day at the Zimposition Club

Images from past glories 

SOSA-XA! mainly performs for charity events raising funds for African charities or our own projects overseas, festivals and international evenings at local schools where our artists have been  delivering a variety of arts activities. We have also hosted concerts with support from SEMEA alongside some brilliant artists such as Stella Chiweshe. Corporate sponsors have included the Institute of Chartered Accountants in London as part of the Leadership Challenge, Macmillan Publishers as part of the ESOL Conference in Harrogate, and Dig for Fire one of the largest PR company's in the North of England for their function at Magna. Festivals include Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds, Sheffield Chance to Dance and regular appearances at the Bakewell international Day of Dance. Mandla Sibanda also took us into the BBC Choir of the Year competition where we were lauded and awarded by the adjudicators with very high marks for our music (14 out of 15). We were also invited by the BBC to join its Last Choir Standing Festival in Derby. Possibly our largest audience was at Choirs Rock in Leeds, a charitable event at the New Dock Theatre at the Royal Armouries where alongside other choirs we helped to raise £20 000 for cancer research. Check out our Singing for Change project which links to Bulawayo (see link opposite)

Chance to Dance 2007  Chance to dance 2007 in Winter Gardens      Mandla Sibanda conducts   Chance to dance 2004 in Winter Gardens   Sainsbury's fund raiser for Bulawayo

Anwar Suliman Photos -Peace Fair July 2010

The above photos by Anwar Suliman of our show at  the Peace Fair  2010 (see slide show) can be ordered at A4, A3 and full poster size, £10, £15,£25 respectively in either gloss or matt. The photos are in number order left to right. They are available unmounted and mounted. However an original low resolution CD is available for £1.00 with numbered clarity! Order through the choir (see  contact details)

International Events
In 2006  SEMEA organised a three week Southern African workshop tour where members worked alongside a variety of cultural groups from Mbongeni's Ngema's workshop school in Durban, Umuzi Pan dance group in Ulundi, to Sunduza in Bulawayo and Phinda Mzala group in Hwange. It was not exactly a carbon neutral tour but  wildly exciting.

We were also delighted to have been chosen for the all England premiere of Peter Maissan's Poverty Requiem. With support from Oxfam Novib in Holland we launched the concerts in Sheffield alongside 27 other cities led by Mandla and Lungani Sibanda.

Choir Rock Stage, Royal Armouries Theatre
Choirs Rock Stage, Leeds Royal Armouries Theatre