Seyhun Orcan SAKALLI's personal webpage

I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics at the King's Business School, King's College London. Previously, I was a senior FNS researcher (post-doctoral research fellow) at Department of Economics at the HEC - University of Lausanne. I hold a PhD in Economics from Paris School of Economics.

My research focuses on the implications of cross-cultural interactions between different ethnic and religious groups. On the one hand, it investigates the economic determinants of group conflict; on the other hand, it examines the effect of group conflict on economic development. I am also interested in the interaction between socio-economic policies and culture. In particular, I aim to understand the effectiveness of nation-building policies, shedding light on conditions under which they succeed or fail.

Research interests: Political Economy, Economic History, and Development Economics


Economic Growth (2021-2022), undergraduate, King's College London
Applied Econometrics workshop (2021-2022), graduate, King's College London
Mathematics for Accounting & Finance (2020), undergraduate, King's College London
Mathematics for Economists (2019-2022), undergraduate, King's College London
Economic Growth (2016-2019), graduate, University of Lausanne
Economic Policy Seminar (2018) graduate, University of Lausanne

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